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ΩR/αS - Pokemon Center Psyduck and Shiny Ho-oh


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Pokemon: Psyduck

Gender: Male

Level: 20

OT: マスダ

ID: 02276

Ability: Cloud Nine

Nature: Lax




Psych Up


Item: None

Pokeball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Event Ribbon

Location: GAME FREAK

Dates: March 5th, March 19th, March 20th, April 16th, April 17th.

Game Distribution: ΩR/αS

Distribution Type: Local wireless

Distribution Location: PC Mega Tokyo, PC Hiroshima, PC Fukuoka, PC Yokohama, PC Nagoya.


Pokemon Japan



Pokemon: Ho-oh

Gender: Genderless

Level: 50

OT: PCキョウト

ID: 03166

Ability: Pressure

Nature: Random


Sacred Fire

Brave Bird



Item: Sacred Ash

Pokeball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Souvenir Ribbon

Location: A Pokémon Center

Dates: March 16th until May 8th.

Game Distribution: ΩR/αS

Distribution Type: Local

Distribution Location: All PCs in Japan.


Pokemon Japan


These Pokemon will be given out to celebrate the opening of Pokemon Center Kyoto. Psyduck will also have an April distribution. Details unknown. The Ho-oh is shiny but it has not been confirmed whether it has it's HA.

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