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  1. About the shiny ho-oh. I wonder if it is to be received by Nintendo Zone.
  2. Thanks for your explanation. I just saw the discussions about pokemon center events in previous pages and it seems that PC events are not region-locked. So, is it possible to receive the gift distributed in PC now using the software? And, Is there any current NZ events for Japanese and US software? Thank you very much.
  3. Nice work. Thank you very much. By the way, is Nintendo Zone gift region-locked? For example, can japanese software receive a gift from Spain Nintendo Zone? And is it possible to receive pokemon center gift? Thanks.
  4. While using PkHEX to change some items, it seems that we often mistakenly change items that we didn't want to change. For example, when we roll the mouse or the scroll bar, it is quite possible to change an item by mistake if the focus is on this item. Sometimes, that will result in multiple entries of an item even though I don't know if this would lead to the corruption or illegitimacy of the save data. Is it possible to add some features to avoid this case? Thank you.
  5. PKhex seems to display characteristics incorrectly. For example, I set my pokemon's IV as 31-31-31-31-31-0 (HP,atk,def,spa,spd,spe), but the characteristics is displayed as alert to sound. I think the program mistakenly treat SPA and SPE.
  6. Hi, guys. Since it is extremely time-consuming to capture IVs-perfect legendary pokemons, I want to use pkhex to modify their IVs. What do I need to do? Just modify their IVs? or do I also need to reroll their PID and make additional modification for passing the legality detection? If I just modify these pokemons' IVs (or EVs), can these pokemon pass the legality detection (online battle and VGC)? Is there any way to detect if I modified a pokemon's IVs? I don't want my pokemons to be detected as hacked in any case. I'm a beginner and I'll appreciate your helps. Thank you.
  7. Yes, it is the problem with the "1", which should be full-width. Anyway, thank you for verifying the legality of Tohoku Jirachi. I'm looking forward to the wondercard of sixth generation.
  8. I'd like to say that the the distro comments of Gratitude Shaymin of Japanese Version is not correct. Please check and revise. Thanks. In addition, I want to ask whether the pgf file of Tohoku Jirachi distributed in Tohoku Pokecenter is legal because I don't find the photos proving its legality in this thread.
  9. No, I think I didn't check the wrong one. I found that there may be something with wondercard receiving dates. Right?
  10. I just checked MD5 of my singing Eevee pgf file. But I find that MD5 of my Eevee pgf file is different with that of Eevee pgf file on this site. Is it normal? Why?
  11. Oh, thanks. Another question is if all pgf files in the gallery are confirmed to be legal. It is said that some of pgf files are not comfired.....
  12. I just want to if shiny palkia and shiny giratina are really officially distributed. As far as i know, these two pokemon have not been distributed officially yet but where the pgf of the events come from? Is it legal?
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