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  1. Yes it is stealing. The party stolen from would have been compensated for it in that situation but someone would have taken another person's property without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. It doesn't matter if the property owner doesn't intend to use it or if they intend to destroy it, they still have rights over it. It isn't a grey area at all.
  2. Thanks! In the future, you should post Wondercards in this thread.
  3. Sorry about how long it took. If anyone still needs a second save for anything then here it is. sav.dat 151 - MEW - E4BE.pk1
  4. No one has contributed them yet.
  5. Missed your question just then. Unfortunately, I did put it into the PC before saving.
  6. While I didn't manage to win any tickets I turned up to the event anyway and managed to bullshit my way through the Bouncers and Nintendo employees. So I managed to get a Mew which has identical stats and ID/OT to the one posted above. Unfortunately, I stupidly forgot to charge my main 3DS so I had to use my second one which isn't hacked and is on the newest firmware. Luckily I believe you only need the Homebrew Launcher to extract save files and thus PKX files and I have OoT and a Powersaves device so I can install the Homebrew Launcher even on 11.2. However they are on the other side of the country right now so I won't be able to do so for a week or two. Anyway, here are some images of the Mew and from the event. Hopefully they are good enough proof. Glad Project Pokemon is back.
  7. Pretty sure non-Alolan forms of Pokemon which have Alolan forms are unobtainable in SM, you have to transfer one from an older game when Bank support for SM comes out in January.
  8. Eurogamer is giving away 30 pairs of tickets. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-11-07-win-tickets-to-nintendos-pokemon-sun-and-moon-launch-event Nintendo Life is also giving away 30 pairs of tickets. http://www.nintendolife.com/competitions/win_tickets_to_an_exclusive_uk_pokemon_sun_and_pokemon_moon_launch_event I entered the Eurogamer one but didn't find out about the Nintendo Life one until entry was already closed.
  9. I've entered the draw for the fifty tickets. Some people seem to be under the impression that there will only be 50 tickets though. If you read the source, it says that this is only the first of a few different distributions of the tickets. I'll enter any that I can.
  10. Sun/Moon demo releases Oct. 18. You can obtain Ash-Greninja in it which you can then transfer to the full game. Presumably by something like Pokémon Link. http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sun_and_Moon_starter_evolutions,_Special_Demo_Version
  11. Very quick look, this is what I spotted. Most are obvious hacks. For the ones that were not it is likely that when you turned them shiny you didn't edit other values such as the PID or IVs so that it would be legally shiny. 144: Unsure. 150: Illegal. Mewtwo cannot be caught in Colosseum or . 151: Illegal. Mew cannot be caught in Colosseum or . 493: Illegal. TRU Arceus are shiny locked. 494: Unsure. 643: Illegal. Reshiram caught in-game in Gen 5 cannot be shiny. 644: Illegal. Zekrom caught in-game in Gen 5 cannot be shiny. 646: Unsure. 647: Illegal. All Gen V Keldeo events were shiny locked. 648: Illegal. All Gen V Meloetta events were shiny locked.
  12. Codes are "POKEMONXYZ" for Yveltal and "ZYGARDE" for Zygarde according to Reddit. Will update OP later. Also Zygarde is slightly different to the previous one in that it has a ribbon and a different SID.
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