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Pokemon Gen VI Save Decrypter


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I made a tool that takes your save1keystream.bin and a matching Powersaves .bin from the same game, then generates a completely decrypted save file that you can open up and edit freely in PKHeX.

You can download the binary release here. If it says something about a missing DLL, please tell me what it is, preferrably in PM!

If the binary release doesn't work for you, download the source code here. You'll need to install Qt5 for it to compile and run.


Update 2015-01-04: ORAS support added!

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Great, thanks for posting this!

3:04:23 PM <spiffy> Should I put the whole project directory or just the source code in the Github? Compiled languages are so weird :P

I would definitely advise you use only the source code files. As for the required binaries, I would suggest you use the GitHub Releases feature to package the compiled application along with its required DLLs. Anyone who wants to build from source will need Qt anyway, so no need to provide them along with the source files. :-)</spiffy>

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Can you do one for Pokemon ORAS? It seems like I cant even get the keystream for ORAS

Once the keystream is obtainable, I'll either add support for ORAS or write an ORAS-compatible version.

Since the save1keystream is still required, doesn't that mean that this program has the exact same functionality as the XORPad program found here?

That program's output and my program's output can both be opened in PKHeX, but my program's output can be used with a Gateway copy of XY or handled with the Cyber Save Editor.

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Why i need now the Qt? Can you make as compilier version? I Hate really those programms that i later not use and this programm is a trial. Sorry for my bad english and this is just anonying to need a Programm that later not working no more because trial and want to buy it.

You can use the community version of Qt for free. If you don't want to install Qt, you can try the binary release. If it says it's missing a DLL, PM me.

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Hello is there anyway you can encrypt the save back from being decrypted? Also with PKHex it won't save the file for some odd reason.

I don't know how to resign saves, but you can use the decrypted and possibly modified save with your Gateway or Cyber Saves Editor. If you want to save a save with PKHeX, you have to click the SAV tab, then click Export SAV.

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Hi, I tried today but while it says "Save decrypted" I obtain a 400 Ko file which cannot be read on PkHex "attempted to load an unsuported file".

I precise that I can read my sav on PkHex but while the sav is not fully decrypted (but not save the changes of course)

Did you make sure your save1keystream.bin was generated properly?

Guide to getting your save file open in PKHeX:

Make a backup with Powersaves.

Make a copy of that backup, and replace all of the bytes in the copy past 0x9C with FF: http://i.snag.gy/lem0O.jpg

Next, download my Datel checksum corrector ( http://www.mediafire.com/download/kn2am0u4ae66s21/Datel_Checksum_Fixer.zip ). Open it up and open the edited copy, then hit save. (Remove the " - [fixed]" from the savename so that powersaves will see it.).

Now, open powersaves, and restore the edited FF save file. (You should see two saves with identical names, it's the second one.).

Put your cartridge into your 3ds, and go to the main menu. Then, close the game and put the cartridge back in the powersaves dongle.

In powersaves, apply the "Slot 1 x999 modifier code." After doing that, remove your cart from the powersaves dongle, then stick it back in. Now make a backup of your cartridge's save file.

At this point, you can restore your original save file backup.

The backup you just made after applying the code, removing the cart, and putting it back in has garbage default data in SAVE2, but a completely blank SAVE1 -- this means it is just your xorpad for save1.

At this point, make a copy of the backup you just made and rename it save1keystream.bin for easy remembering ability.

You can now use this to open a save in PKHeX! If you want to open a save, XOR save1keystream.bin with the powersaves backup of whatever save you want to check out (I recommend http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/xorfiles.html ), and then delete the first 0x9C bytes in a hex editor (I use HxD). Save the file with the 0x9C header removed, and you can open it in PKHeX totally fine: http://i.snag.gy/x2jJ8.jpg

My program lets you do the last step without wrestling with a hex editor.

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