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What's Wrong With This Statement

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It's an easy game. There are 2 teams:

Red Team


Green Team

It's simple, if your username starts with # -M, you are on the Red Team, if your username starts with N-Z, you are on the Green Team.

One person has to make a statement and another person from another team has to say what's wrong with it.

eg. "Houndour is a legendary"

"No, it isn't"

The problem could also be a grammarical or spelling mistake

eg. "Houndour is not an legendary"

"No. Houndour is not a legendary"

See, easy!


Every time a player from a team catches a mistake within 1 day, they get 1 point.


The statements have to be Pokemon related.

You cannot catch a mistake of a player on your own team

If a mod cathces a mistake, his/her team gets 5 points





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