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PPSE Feature List


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Here I will list as many features as I can remember about PokeMod, when at final release. The betas will probably NOT include alot of these features.

Pokemon Editing:

  • Select how a pokemon was acquired and restrict options respectively.
  • Create/Edit any part of an individual pokemon.
  • Automatically applies trash sequences accordingly.
  • One-touch evolve a pokemon.
  • Add/Remove/Modify Mail

Party Pokemon:

  • Add/Edit/Remove any pokemon in the party.
  • Party slots automatically adjust when pokemon are edited.
  • Move a pokemon from a storage box, daycare center, or pal park to the party or vice versa.

Legality Checking:

  • Highlight all parts of a pokemon that are not legal.
  • One-touch make the pokemon 100% legal if in-game encountered or in-game encountered then pal parked.
  • Automatically checks trash sequences for legality.
  • Generate a report about the pokemon, including origins, trash bytes, check sums, legality, and PV->IV algorithm where applicable.
  • Legality of various attributes in the save file

Storage Boxes:

  • Save (as a file) a storage box of pokemon.
  • Load (from a file) a storage box of pokemon.
  • Edit the background or name of the storage box.
  • Visually sort or edit any pokemon in a storage box.
  • Move a pokemon from the party, daycare center, or pal park to a storage box or vice versa.

Generating Pokemon:

  • Generate a wild pokemon by location, pokemon id, and method.
  • Generate an egg by breeding two compatible pokemon from storage boxes or loaded files.
  • One-touch hatch a pokemon in an egg and make it 100% legal.

Daycare Center:

  • Load (from a file) a pokemon to the daycare center.
  • Save (to a file) a pokemon from the daycare center.
  • Edit a pokemon from the daycare center.
  • Move a pokemon from the daycare center to a storage box, pal park, party, or vice versa.
  • Edit/Add/Remove the PV of the egg waiting at the daycare center.

Roaming Pokemon:

  • Enable/Disable 2 roaming slots in Diamond/Pearl
  • Enable/Disable 5 roaming slots in Platinum
  • Edit the Pokemon, PV, IVs, and battle status of a roaming pokemon

Pal Parked Pokemon:

  • Load (from a file) a GBA pokemon into the pal park.
  • Load (from a file) a D/P pokemon into the pal park.
  • Save (from a file) a pokemon from the pal park.
  • Reset last pal park date.
  • Change last GBA game that was pal parked with.

Mystery Gift/Wondercards:

  • Load (from a file) a mystery gift/wondercard.
  • Save (to a file) a mystery gift/wondercard.
  • Edit a mystery gift or wondercard.
  • Generate a pokemon from a loaded mystery gift.

Friend Codes:

  • Save (to a file) a contact, or list of contacts from the pal pad.
  • Load (from a file) a contact, or list of contacts to the pal pad.
  • Save (to a file) your friend code and NDS wifi-code.
  • Load (from a file) your friend code and NDS wifi-code.
  • Add/Edit/Remove contacts in your pal pad.

In-game Events:

  • Mesprit Event
  • Cresselia Event
  • Rotom Event
  • Arceus Event (including Flute)
  • Azelf Event
  • Giratina Event
  • Heatran Event (will work, unlike Pokesav)
  • Spiritomb Event (will work, unlike Pokesav)
  • Uxie Event
  • Shaymin Event
  • Darkrai Event
  • Regigigas Event
  • Dialga/Palkia Event
  • Various Egg Events
  • Beat the Elite 4

Daily Events:

  • Today's Swarm Pokemon
  • Today's 6 Safari Zone Pokemon
  • Today's Trophy Garden Pokemon
  • Yesterday's Trophy Garden Pokemon
  • Today's Lotto Number

Honey Tree Pokemon:

  • Last honey tree slathered
  • Minutes remaining for each honey tree
  • Pokemon on the tree
  • Munchlax legality
  • Amount of shaking


  • 128 Berry Locations
  • Plant stage
  • Type of berry
  • Countdown timer
  • Previous mature plants
  • Base berry count
  • Water Level
  • # of berries to pick

Pokedex Editing:

    Full visual pokedex editing for every pokemon, or all at once.
  • Enable/Disable National Dex
  • Toggle whether a pokemon has been seen and/or caught.
  • Toggle alternate forms, languages, and genders for certain Pokemon.

Journal Editing:

  • Date of each entry
  • Type of each entry
  • Names/parameters of each entry
  • Number/Order of entries

Elite 4 Hall of Fame:

  • 30 entries total
  • Modify each of the 6 Pokemon used to defeat the Elite 4
  • Modify the PV, TID, SID, OTName, and Pokemon name for each of the 6
  • Modify the date of the entry

GTS Information (PLATINUM ONLY):

  • GTS Maps
  • GTS Country/Area


  • Adding/Editing/Removing Seals in the Seal Case
  • Creating a capsule with seals
  • Editing the placement and seals on a capsules
  • Removing seal from a capsule
  • Adding a seal capsule to a pokemon


  • Change all in-game encountered pokemon to a specific trainer name, id, and secret id.
  • Automatically make all in-game encountered or pal parked pokemon 100% legal.
  • Generate an exportable/printable report of the legality and full information of selected pokemon.
  • Reroll selected pokemon to randomize their personality value, nature, shinyness, gender, ability, and ivs.

PKM File Manager (Think iTunes for Pokemon):

  • Sort/Filter Pokemon by:
    • Origin
    • Species
    • Trainer
    • Met Date
    • Legality
    • Nickname
    • ID Number

    [*]Rate Pokemon (1-5 stars)

    [*]Note how obtained

    [*]Import into SAV file

    [*]Export from SAV file

    [*]Backup/Restore as collection

    [*]Generate various reports (HTML/XML or RSS/TXT)

    [*]Upload to the book

    [*]Download from the book

    [*]public/private sharing

    [*]Batch editing

Misc Features:

  • Edit the following:
    • Name, Traner ID, Secret ID, Rival Name, Money, Score, Playtime, Start Date, Location, Records, Repel Steps
    • Items, Poffins, Poketech, Accessories, Traps, Spheres, Treasures, and Goods

    [*]Symbol Table

    [*]Bad Egg Remover Action-Replay Code

    [*]Enable or Disable the 8 hidden pokemon box wallpapers.

    [*]Pokemon Battle Revolution Legality

    [*]Secret Base

    [*]Always a Pokemon on honey trees Action-Replay Code

    [*]Find my Feebas

    [*]Pokedar recharge steps

    [*]Which starter pokemon (Legally, only Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup)

Supported SAV Formats:

  • FlashCart .0/.1/.2/.SAV
  • M3 Simply .DAT
  • No$GBA Uncompressed .SAV (GBA/NDS)
  • Visual Boy Advanced .SAV (GBA ONLY)
  • GameShark Snapshot .SPS
  • GameShark DS Snapshot GSV
  • Action Replay Max/DUO .DUC/.DSS

Supported PKM Formats:

  • PokeSav
  • Unencrypted PKM file
  • PokeSav
  • Encrypted PKM file (Mystery Gift)
  • PokeMaker
  • GBA.PKM File (GBA Only)
  • PokeMod
  • Encrypted GBA.PKM File
  • PokeMod
  • Encrypted NDS.PKM File

Supported CheatCode Import Formats:

  • CodeBreaker (GameShark Type 5/8) (GBA Only)
  • GameShark v1, v2, v3 (GBA Only)
  • Action Replay v1, v2, v3 (GBA Only)
  • Visual Boy Advanced (GBA Only)
  • GameShark DS
  • Action Replay DS
  • Raw 80bytes (GBA Only)
  • Raw 136/236bytes

Supported CheatCode Export Formats:

  • GameShark DS (XML, Text, Binary)
  • Action Replay DS (XML, Text, Binary, Clipboard)
  • Action Replay Max/DUO

Seed Support

  • Seed for individual Pokemon
  • Seed for hatched Pokemon as ARDS
  • Seed for Safari Zone Pokemon
  • Seed for Date/Time functions as ARDS
  • Seed for Wondercards


  • Support for both proper IVs and bugged IVs for GBA Roaming pokemon.
  • Supports smeargle's post-sketch move for one of the move slots.
  • Supports post-pal park evolution trash byte changes.
  • Supports Gen III Egg/Level/TMs, xD Purify/Tutor, & Emerald tutor moves for pal parked pokemon in addition to Gen IV Move restrictions.
  • Supports ABCD, ABDE, ABCE, ABCF, ABDF, ABEF, BACD, BACE, BADE, BACF, BADF, BAEF psuedo-random PV-IV relationships.

ROM Editing:

  • Save (to a file) a sprite, or list of sprites.
  • Load (from a file) a sprite, or list of sprites.
  • Edit Wild Pokemon Locations
  • Edit Pokemon stats/movelist/tms.
  • Edit Daily Trophy Garden Pokemon
  • Edit Safari Zone Pokemon
  • Edit Starter Pokemon
  • Edit Honey Tree Pokemon
  • Edit World Event Scripts
  • Edit ROM Text
  • Edit Music/Sounds

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So, is Pokemod intended to replace Pokesav one day?

Also, Serebii... Be prepared to be mistaken for someone else like, 90% of the time.

and I'm still FREAKIN OUT.

Yep. Pretty soon hopefully. But don't bug Sabersite about it. The more you bug the more he waits ;)

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Its really sad though, that with all these features to add, it would probably take at least a year before even a Beta comes out, with Sabresite busy with his life and dilemmas and all.

Edited by ZMaster
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I also look forward to people helping me. Possibly Codemonkey or Angel may want to step in and take over a few portions of the program. I am happy to share the load.

Ah, yeah. There's no way I can effectively learn C# in time to help you, unless you are willing to accept VB. Also, it's been an admittedly long time (a few weeks anyway) since I worked on anything programming related, at least outside of class.

But go ahead and PM me with whatever it is you need. Unless it's the GUI, in which case, please just take it. I know that's your weak point. :P


Like a Bidoof. If that Bidoof were shiny, of course.

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"Supports ABCD, ABDE, ABCE, ABCF, ABDF, ABEF, BACD, BACE, BADE, BACF, BADF, BAEF psuedo-random PV-IV relationships."

Just wondering, what's this? Does it have to do with GBA Event Pokemon?

Most likely. My Infernape is BACE or something when I put it through legal checker.

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I have been wondering this for a while, but is there going to be sprites implemented into Pokemod? For example, you are editing what items you have, would a sprite of the item show up? I know from the one picture you have released, there will be sprites when editing Pokemon, but I was not sure about everything else.

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