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Shiny GTS [Now with Gen V support!] (Now announcing Shiny DTS!)

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Formlesstree4/Shiny Jirachi Presents...

ShinyDTS & ShinyGTS

What are these programs?

ShinyGTS [and DTS] are simple Global Trade Emulators for Generation IV [Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, & SoulSilver] and Generation V [black & White] games. These programs allow you [yes you] to send and receive Pokemon to and from your game from your computer! The interfaces are simple to follow and make transferring Pokemon extremely simple!

How can I use them?

Step 1) Make sure no programs are currently running that can block Port 80 [TCP] AND Port 53 [uDP]

Step 2) Now, make sure your Router has the two ports listed in Step 1 forwarded to your local IP. This is crucial if you want to do public distributions. [if you don't want to do public distributions, you can skip this step].

Step 3) Make sure any active firewalls have an exception for either ShinyDTS and/or ShinyGTS on both ports listed in Step 1.

Step 4) Run either program and follow the interface instructions.

Step 5) On your DS [in either game], be sure to change your first connection properties [which is your active one] ONLY! Do not create a new connection for this. You need to change "Auto-Obtain DNS" to "No", and change the "Primary DNS" slot to the IP address that ShinyDTS and/or ShinyGTS display in the textbox on the program. [if you skipped Step 2, then you must use your local IP address assigned to your computer by your router, no exceptions].

Step 6) You can now send or receive Pokemon!

Where are the download links?

They are on the second line of this post, however, you can download them below!

Click here to download ShinyDTS!

Click here to download ShinyGTS!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post in the support thread!

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It doesn't seem to be working for me. I have started the DNS Server, begun the GTS Service sending a single valid 5th Gen .pkm file, forwarded Port 80 on both TCP and UDP, and then told someone outside of my network to try connecting using the IP that Shiny GTS displays next to "Get IP" (which I also clicked to ensure was current).

Everyone who tried - all of whom are outside my network - received the Error 52100.

Are there any other Ports I should forward, or anything else I can test, to get this program working?

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Pokemon Black Version: I am running Vista Home Edition x64. I have ran the Global Trade System Emulator, set Step 1 to Gen V, set step 2 to Individual Pokemon Sending, and set Step 3 to my .pkm file on my desktop. I then clicked start DNS, followed by start gts. I set my DS dns to, which is my PCs address on the network. I only assume this is right because an older program for gen IV tried to use this same address. Using it i get a response from the emulator:

GTS System: Setting up the Generation V GTS Server

GTS Initializing on port 80 complete

DNS System: *** DNS Server Initialized ***

Incoming Data from: requesting conntest.nintendowifi.net

Data sent to

it continues to bounce information back and forth before giving me a communication error: 13275

I know there is a working program since i have recieved some pokemon online. i am not sure what i am doing wrong, but help would be greatly appreciated

Firewall is turned off

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having this problem.

i get this in the GTS system part:

Setting up the generation V GTS server

There was a problem starting the server


am I doing something wrong? or is there something I have forgotten to do? always when I go on-line I get the error code 52100 or something like that.

all help appreciated


ok so i figured out the problem to the above situation, turns out something was wrong with my NET 4.0 framework or something like that, re-installed it and it runs fine (so if anyone else has had this problem try this)

new problem:

error code 52100, everything look like its running correctly on the shiny GTS it initializes to port 80 successfully, everything looks fine but when i put the DNS (the box next to get IP) in my DS and go into the GTS i just get the error code 52100.

earlier today someone else hosted a distro event and it worked perfectly, so i dont know whats wrong with mine

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is there someone working on the recieve functionality of this program or another one that includes it?

I can't figure out Black and White. The code for Generation IV is there, technically, but something is wrong with it.

EDIT: You can use the old version of HyperGTS, which should work, OR IR-GTS for Gen V.

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More information, yay.
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So apparently my ISP blocks port 80, which is preventing me from doing one of these...is there any way I could get around this and still host a distro? :< I've been looking and I don't think I can but I figure it can't hurt to ask anyway.

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