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  1. You may try to contact your ISP and asking them why its not working when your ports are open. They maybe occur that.
  2. Read what l wrtoe above sry for the confusing that is for non pub distro.
  3. Ok try restart the Shiny GTS and check in the taskbar to right with a arrow up make sure you closed all shinyGTS.exe then start it up again and use www.portforward.com to obtain external IP.
  4. Hmm try use your local IP if you don't want anyone else to connect to it (also only you) You can find your local IP on Windows by go Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Click on your connection (below the internet globe) > Details > use IPv4 Adress
  5. Party Pokemon is it you selected? Do you want to make a public distro or a private for you only?
  6. Oh yeah but l find PokeGen as the most simple and user friendly program but whichever you prefer to use. Bytes yes.
  7. Well then download PokeGen 3.0b24 http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6424-Download-link-and-information and open the pkm file with it and then save the file as 236 Kb
  8. l just tried myself and its working fine, Well HyperGTS only works for 4th Gen and ShinyGTS works for both generation depend on which you have set but make sure your .pkm files is 236 kilobyte (5th Gen Party Pokemon Files) try running 4th gen files with 5th gen mode won't work. If you need to convert your files to 5th Gen download this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14371-Pok%E9-Transfer&highlight=Poke+Transfer
  9. Ok, Try run a connection test from the settings and make sure the DNS is on and GTS aswell on the program. If its not working then may you posted a screenshot when you run port 80 and 53 in the port checker and l can see what l can do about it. Edit: Also make sure you run no Skype or any other program that block port 80.
  10. Well the IP you have on ShinyGTS should be on your primary DNS on the WiFi DS settings too either it won't find your DNS server. Other question "Could the portchecker ping your ports?"
  11. Let me ask a few questions Do you have any .pkm files in your Gen V folder? Do you have set the IP same on DS as in the Shiny GTS? Do you have a firewall on? Note: It looks like the port 80 is open but to make sure 53 and 80 is open for traffic, use this port checker; http://portforward.com/help/portcheck.htm
  12. l see, that is a good idea PM me a link and l be more than happy to support users of ShinyGTS.
  13. Hi, formlessless4 l just installed the Python and IR-gts working fine would it be possible for us to try again and run it on my iMac l think it should work now in the terminal. Hit me up through the chat or tell me when you're on. Thanks in advance
  14. Do you have msn/yahoo? if so l could help you out with direct support. Either its kinda hard to explain... My msn: frille-95@hotmail.com
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