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  1. Oh okay I getcha, I guess we'll see if it bears any significance moving forward probably not if they are moving to the Switch next after USUM
  2. I saw it when double checking my brother's OT ID and TSV is it supposed to be a placeholder TSV generated by the Gen 7 ID?
  3. I have had large numbers 800-900 of most items you can have multiples of even the Apriballs and my save wasn't affected I use the Game Sync constantly though lately I've dialed back the use of PkHex to just minor fixes to mons (Nature, Shiny, movesets, etc. ) all with in legal parameters. I also used Genned mons in both past competitions but they were perfectly legal sets and didn't even have perfect IVs and only a few were Hyper Trained because they were the only ones that needed it. Hope this helps. I also don't mess with the BP anymore after they announced the Global Mission, since now they can track how it is received, and I'm not sure how PkHex increases are registered so I might get banned later on but I can farm the Battle Tree and Bank for BP if I must
  4. Just wondering would there be any reason to be getting a communication error when trying to use PCout. It worked fine earlier that day but now nothing
  5. Is there anything you know that would yield a communication error. I haven't updated the firmware or anything. It worked earlier today but now nothing
  6. I sort of fixed the problem though I'll just use my second non-updated 3DS for genning rather than my main one it's not that big of a deal
  7. It still crashes it does still only say 9.5.0-22 The website loads and crashes the browser but the pcdata I load on the pkhex gives me old data that was there previously and not the new data
  8. Just wondering the PCout code doesnt' seem to be working anymore but my Firmware hasn't updated past 9.5.0-22, I do still have a newer 3DS 9.2 Firmware but most of my stuff is saved on the bigger memory card of my first 3DS so would you recommend I just use that one
  9. Damn oh well, I'm just wondering why there are people who say people are hacking? Is it possible yet?
  10. Just out of curiosity is Infinite recursion or someone been working on a GTS program/script for the new generation I know it's probably gonna be a while before that happens if at all
  11. Tried it nothing first time it gave me the correct pokemon cannot be offered for trade error message on my DS but not ShinyGTS. Then again with the blue screen
  12. oh you mean deposit a Junk poke in the real GTS and then try again right?
  13. So okay here's the thing Sunday I uploaded my Bouffalant just fine but now I try today no settings have changed and I don't use Skype nor do I have any other programs save Chrome but that was running before too. but now all I get is the "Connection Error. Turn off power" blue screen. And I tried the port forwarding and disabling my firewalls. Nothing worked. Can someone please help
  14. I tried leaving it blank and that didn't seem to work either
  15. kaph is there a way for it to have the right PID and keep the ablitity class that i want?
  16. you could try the same hours I don't know if had it work on and off usually it tends not to work in the early afternoon and thats what Infinite Recursion the guy that made the IRGTS posted in his thread that 13275 is a problem with Nintendo's servers which may or may not be reliable at certain hours of the day, given their current predicament with their reactors
  17. if its Error Code 13275 then try again at another time Infinite Recursion said that cant be helped as your DS gam still needs to connect to Nintendos Servers so since the EQ/Tsunami hit their servers have been kind of iffy especially with the amount of traffic they get so be patient
  18. im using IR's now but i was hoping to find something a bit more convienent o well
  19. is there someone working on the recieve functionality of this program or another one that includes it?
  20. having trouble sending pkms it cancels out the script without when i type the name and I it wont let me drag and drop
  21. it wont connect you to NFC as its using your computer as a fake GTS server so your not really connecting to NWFC it tricks the game to thinking that when you go to the GTS it wont show up when you try connect in th NWFC menu
  22. thats the feature I'm really waiting for because otherwise I have to ask someone to send my the .pkm file via e-mail rather than me doing it myself.
  23. I knew it seemed suspicious ,but it does seem to show the significant amount of progress you all have made good job hope to see it up and running soon. Keep up the good work I'm sure everyone appreciates what you all are doing
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