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  1. OK, apparently my internet provider blocks port 80. is there any way to change what port the program connects to?
  2. Does this program send Pokemon only to games outside of the same network because I cant seem to connect to it. I keep getting a 52100 connection error.
  3. hey i cant get this to work. when ever i try to connect i get a communication error. Ive tried changing the ip address but that didn't work
  4. that makes sense. thanks for the info. so this pokemon should be usable after march 30
  5. Im trying to create a Landorus with the Hidden ability Sheer Force. For some reason i cant use it on random wifi battle i have made pokemon before and the have worked on random battle does anyone know what im doing wrong?
  6. delano

    Action Replay Ds EZ

    get Action replay DSi
  7. when you click generate it automatically saves to the computers clip board, after you do that follow this video
  8. you could take this with a grain of salt. i was wondering if there was any way you could update pokegen 2.312 to where you could select a pokemons hidden power and it would automatically write the correct IVs. if you could do this i might suggest you put it in the same place as the PID finder Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  9. Does no help. Please be more specific.
  10. Exactly how does the Pokedex updater work in version 3.0b8? I think I'm doing something wrong because my pokedex wont update when i add a Pokemon i have never seen/caught. I'm using it to make action replay codes and not to change a save file. Please help.
  11. If i add a Pokemon to my box in HG using an action replay is it added to my pokedex?
  12. ::Celebi :::Go to your box 1 slot 1 to collect your PKMN 94000130 FCFF0000 62111880 00000000 B2111880 00000000 E000F710 00000088 685C0014 462A0000 4E640300 3DCD98AA E5015248 2C45A57E EBADFB57 A259F359 97EE7D12 50622E14 9DB56C71 F1FC5532 3A497C7D 6E52011A C66C9B7A 9B76815D 373D2D40 8C545892 B553198B 0B0D2667 E2073D3F F46B6618 F83DC582 70E5862B B095DA94 89DF3F1B C8BEEC3C 00F02AA2 5EF4424D 2DBA035F 60A585DF DF5D19B2 08D64730 334C5371 D2000000 00000000 this is not the official celebi but does activate the event
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