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  1. I have them all made. My FC is in my signature and I should be on tomorrow night around 6-8pm est.
  2. I have them done, but which game are you wanting them for?
  3. I kinda lost interest but I am planning to give it another go soon.
  4. Can you upload the pkm file? Also, what game did you send it to?
  5. If they are all legit then I will give it a try sometime this week.
  6. Pokegen is not the problem. Please post in the appropriate section and I'm sure someone will help you out.
  7. I am unable to get on wifi at the moment but if you go to http://www.pokecheck.org/ you can upload the pkm file I put up and send it to your game via GTS.
  8. Please post your request in this thread in the appropriate format and I will make it.
  9. When your are done editing the sav open up desmume and click on file then click on where it says import backup memory. If you have anymore questions just PM me.
  10. ....not sure if your joking or not but Ferrothorn is a 5th Gen pokemon... So the egg obtained part would be day care couple and hatched would need to be a anywhere in B/W.
  11. Yes I am still working on them at the moment. Gen I and II should be done in a week or so.
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