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  1. Heres Darkrai tested in GTS for legality.. had connection problem thats why it took so long. DArkrai'.pkm
  2. Heres a Cressselia lvl 100 shiny best move set in my opinion. Legal tested in random battle and gts..Cresselia (3).pkm
  3. iSins if you want im great at making .pkm files i can make you some?
  4. Gen 5, level 100 modest nature Moveset: Recover, Psychic, Ice beam, lunar dance. OT ASH ID 55082 please and thank you
  5. Hello everyone I have been trying to get a Cresselia that is shiny and legal. I can't get it to work if anyone can make a .pkm for me that is legal all will be appreciated. Please and thank you.
  6. I have some but not on black or any DS version of pokemon games.. Only legit 100 i have on Black is Mewtwo will post in 5 mins EDIT: enjoy Mewtwo caught and trained legit http://www.mediafire.com/?95ra0fs8cz89wbv
  7. I havent found one and old legality checkers wont work. Im sure there are.
  8. yeah mine wont work tho:| and had hope:D
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