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  1. This might affect how Shiny2 and ShinyGTS function; they do pass information through every now and then to the official Nintendo servers. This might take out GTS abusing for those programs; it just depends.
  2. That's an ASP.net error message. I'll talk to willaien and let him know about this thread.
  3. I have not tested this on 3ds, like I mentioned earlier. There might be additional steps to make this function on the 3ds that I am not aware of.
  4. I have no 3DS for which to check this out with. Maybe RoC can assist you some. Sorry
  5. I could see this working if you had your 3DS connect to your PC like how the DS did via the USB dongle, then say, your host file could redirect all requests to the Nintendo domains to could then be handled. Maybe. But I don't think the 3DS has a USB dongle connector, does it?
  6. Major thanks to RoC for patching up Shiny2. I had long since abandoned it because it's just such a mess and needed to be redone.
  7. ...which I'm pretty sure are somewhat encrypted. All the flash files do, as has been stated, are just show what the server side data is doing. I do not think we have the time, nor the capacity, to truly understand what all is going on inside the server to fully replicate it to the point where people can continue to use it.
  8. The GTS was able to be spoofed in Gen IV & V for a variety of reasons. As of the new games, it's not so easy anymore, especially since everything is encrypted and, as evandixon said, we'd have to basically ignore the law when breaking things now.
  9. If anybody is interested in working on making a GTS clone of sorts, I'd be willing to get some time thrown at it. The idea of not being tied down to Nintendo if/when they decide to pull the plug is valuable IMHO.
  10. As evandixon said, communications are encrypted so that makes the situation that much harder. While there is always a possibility of decrypting and figuring it out, I do not have the time to work on that by myself nor the knowledge to do so. As for the DNS issue, I have no clue sorry
  11. Holy cow, hi everyone If there's enough of a draw, I will release a 3rd version of this program. I remember, at one point, asking for ideas for v3. Please post any. Also, Astro, I -think- I posted a reply to a thread you started. If you're still watching the threads, please let me know anything else, such as reproducible steps; that would be awesome
  12. Hi there, I'm the author of Shiny2. Can you post the steps to reproduce your problem? Thank you.
  13. Use Shiny2 instead; it might work better for you. At this point, however, I can't tell you if there's something wrong or not without knowing a bit about your system configuration. Typically speaking, I still use the value that's granted to me by the Get IP button even if it's just a private distribution.
  14. *nix compatibility is more likely than changing of ports. The DS game itself mandates those ports are the required ones. I can't do anything about that.
  15. 2) I get how to add the text, just wondering how detailed/flexible you think it should be. 4) Easy enough. But what the heck do I [or should I] do with it? 5) Not an issue [if the DS is on the same address as their Desktop] 6) Local IP detection is not that big of a deal, but...eh, it shouldn't matter. I'll investigate it. 7) I have an idea how to implement the voting. 10) The functionality exists, I just had bugs in it so I think I just flat out disabled it.
  16. 1) CSV logging is no problem. 2) I'd need to see an example of this. 3) I don't know how to read a .pkm file properly (yet), it's coming though. 4) I don't like doing send+receive simultaneously. How do I know when to do either of them? 5) Last pokemon received by that IP address? 6) Why? 7) Possible, but again, why? 8) Not a problem. 9) see 8 10) What do you mean DNS Recursion?
  17. Hey there guys. I'll be working on updating my GTS system to a new version and would like to take this time to ask the public forum what kind of features they would be interested in seeing/using. Granted, the popularity of this has dropped some (I think), but I'm still open to coding in updates. So, please, ask for anything you could possibly want to see.
  18. I can't recall if a 12374 is Nintendo's problem or not. It might be.
  19. Hey Dragonite! There should be a mode that sends them out in alphabetical order. If you are having issues, just let me know.
  20. It would make sense; if the connection were to be suddenly lost for whatever reason, or an exception raised, it would be terrible to lose the Pokémon.
  21. Either you don't have permissions [run program as administrator] or something -is- using Port 80.
  22. It should print out an exception for initializing. Make sure you log to file, and then post the log here please.
  23. Next time, please post this in the Miscellaneous section of the forum so I can find it. I was linked to this by a friend, hence the late reply. To make Shiny2 work, you need to set your Primary DNS IP to the IP of your computer. Let's say, your router is; it'll assign your PC an IP address of like..., for example. You set the DNS IP in Shiny2 to that IP address, and then you set your Primary DNS Address in your 3ds to the same IP address as your PC. I cannot stress that enough. Once done, make sure no firewalls are blocking the ports, and no programs (like Skype) are running that take up Port 80, and then you can use Shiny2!
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