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  1. There hasnt been any new posts in almost a week? Just Wondering whats happining. Is this thread done?
  2. Which Pokemon are Water/ Ice? All I can think of is Sealeo and Walrein.
  3. Water/Fire Would also be cool. What about seeing a Water/Ice type, also?
  4. I would like a fire/ice pokemon. It would be pretty cool! (or hot!)
  5. What about doing Oshawott like this? (o-shi-ya-wa-to) I took Japanese in my first 2 years of High School, so this may work. You could also do Tepig like this (ta-pi-gu) or Snivy like this (sa-ni-bi)
  6. No, I've played it and sorry no English Starters or Unova. Hopefully they will be in V8.
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