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  1. Thanks and I'm looking into more of these file sharing services and google drive is looking good too.
  2. Thanks Zoroark, but it seems the white link was already removed from your mediafire (though the black link works fine). Try filedropper.com, they keep the file in the system forever as long it has at least one download in 30 days(forever, regardless of amount of downloads if you have a premium account). Think since people are gonna be downloading these patches like crazy, a free account should do fine.
  3. Just wanted to post saying that the link for the v4 patch on the first post has been taken down it seems; Mediafire has really been hard arse lately on files...Please re-upload once you guys get a chance, thanks.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks to all those involved in the project for Black and White 2. Wish I had the time to actually contribute like I did for Black and White 1 but keep up the good work, you guys are impressive, as always.
  5. You should always patch using a clean ROM to avoid issues which means do the Rodolph EXP patch and then the update.
  6. To update people, this is pretty much all that has been translated for the game thus far: Story is about 95% English(as far as randomspot555 has said). Some random npcs show their text in English(mainly the npcs in the first few cities) The battle stuff(i.e. Attacks, items, pokeballs, stuff in the bag, pokedex info, attack effects) are translated(since this originally seemed to start as a "battle patch"). Names of the Pokemon. Pokemon Center(Nurse Joy, Pokemart workers, PC) should be in English. Start screen. Bulletin board info. Think that covers most of it. Thanks again to everyone else who helped in the project so far. I suggest using R4 Wood v1.14 firmware; I've been using it since I've started playing it from these patches and have had no errors on my end that were the firmware's or patch's fault(though a few of my own errors). It has been suggested many times to use R4 Wood firmware many times between the 3 threads this project spans. Also, make sure your patching with Rudolph's EXP patch and then try the MOST RECENT patch(v5) on the same nds you patched which you should be able to find at the bottom of the first post.
  7. Glad to see this is still going Finally worked it onto my R4 the other day and I'm actually enjoying playing it. Thanks again to all the other contributors.
  8. If it needed to be reupped, the file wouldn't even be on mediafire anymore, it says it something with the mediafire servers; Best thing I can tell you is to either wait for it to start working again or see if someone else will mirror it for you(I would but I play Black not White)
  9. That seems to be something with mediafire; Think it will fix itself shortly. Probably Kaasoru and Kazo.
  10. The no exp patch is for a rom that already has the exp patch(with a japanese rom of pokemon black, you need the exp patch or your pokemon will NOT gain any levels) and the exp patch has the translations along with the exp patch for those of us who are using a CLEAN rom without the exp patch patched in.
  11. There should be a option in-game to switch it from English to Kanji in the options menu, see if changing that works(Should be the 5th option down).
  12. Ah thanks for the correction then, should be fixed soon then(this is what betas are for ;D)
  13. Things that should be translated: -Item names(and their effects) -Pokemon Names(in Pokedex, Battle Screen, and Change Pokemon Screen) -Attacks(as well as their elemental type) -Attack effects -Basically anything you need to battle -Route Names -Town Names -Random Key Items Note: For the people will stuff still in Romaji, open the options menu in-game, go down to the 5th option and select the other option it has there, should fix the Romaji Please remember guys, this is a BETA patch meaning that there will probably be quite a few patches before a v1 patch comes out. As for the storyline, the would be a lot more complicated to translate since they are sentences longer than just 4-5 words(which is why its going to most likely be the last thing to be translated) and since in Japanese, they use the name before the subject so in English we would have "Lets go to Curisu's house for a party!" but if it was Japanese it would be more like "Curisu's lets go house party!" so the sentence structure is what makes translating the story a bit harder since we can't just google translate the whole dang thing lol.
  14. Might have to do with the fact you guys are playing it on cards and most of us are using emulators to play; Another person posted this so iunno what to tell ya but read this:
  15. "Some error thing" doesn't give us much detail. A screenshot or exactly what the message said would help but don't expect the help to come from me(because I don't know exactly how to help) but if the error is "The application failed to initialize properly" you just need microsoft frameworks 3.5 which you can get from this link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=ab99342f-5d1a-413d-8319-81da479ab0d7 Hope that helps a bit.
  16. Would help if you gave us the exact error than just an error. That should of been solved with the beta v2 patch(fixed it for me)
  17. From what I've had to do(this was on DeSmuME emulator), when I loaded an old saved game from the newly beta v1 english patched rom, whenever you interacted with anything(talking to someone, changing screens, ect) it crashed me. I had to restart the game completely which wasn't a big deal since I was only 44 mins into the game and it loaded save states and .sav data fine. Some people here have reported that simply renaming your old save file to the name of the patched rom(Example: patched rom was called Pokemonblack_patched.nds, your .sav file was named Pokemonblack.sav, just rename Pokemonblack.sav to Pokemonblack_patched.sav)
  18. One little text bug I've found was the Pokemon that the 3rd Pokemon trainer you fight(in the storyline), the Pokemon is named with ASCII symbols. Nothing else wrong so far. You need to use "xDelta GUI", not "xdelta". Once you have "xDelta GUI", open the program, select the PATCH in the top box, select the ROM in the bottom box, then click "Apply Patch".
  19. Ah, well there's your problem, I tried it with an old save file and yes, it crashed me whenever I changed the screen even after renaming the file. When I tried loading everything straight from the ROM itself(saving with the "Save" option, not saving the state) it works fine. Hope that helps. And for the people crashing during evolution, its a known issue which is being looked into.
  20. I tried entering buildings in the first town and I was just fine along with messing with the C-gear. You must of done it wrong because it translated the attacks, items, and some other stuff, look here for a picture: http://curisu.tumblr.com/photo/1280/1176710054/1/tumblr_l98dklzi2r1qdds8k
  21. Use DeSmuME emulator and just save state in the patched game. If your talking about your old save files, I've heard renaming it to the name of the patched file works but haven't been able to make that work on my end. Normal save works just fine for me, going to test PepsiLoverx32's claim from his vid now. Try downloading it from this site, has the tools all in the file: http://kazowar.pbworks.com/
  22. If you guys have trouble download the zip from here, try digidog08's site: http://kazowar.pbworks.com/
  23. Well it does work, make sure that you download all the file (should be about 1.6 MBs), if your net messes up for any reason, the download will read as corrupted. EDIT:Everything in that zip is working except for the black.patch file for some reason; If you cannot download it here, try digidog08's site: http://kazowar.pbworks.com/
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