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This is the Hoopa Café where you can discuss topics, have a coffee and relax. And Debate on what you want to talk about
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  2. my favourite Legendary pokemon is mew because i like the shiny Pokemon to mew and that it can learn a lot of moves
  3. @CorniFan my favorite legendary Pokemon is got to be genesect because i like the shiny Pokemon of it and that you can add different items to it making it more of a better Pokemon to have. and that the typing of genesect is really good as well i like it. i also think that shaymin is a good legendary because it is very cute Pokemon and that i like that it has different forms to it as well.
  4. I relised how i wrote it was....confusing o.o;;; and might of made me look like i wasn't keen on homosexual couples in real life? which isn't true at all. Re-read what i edited if you like. Sorry I confused you all! ?
  5. thanks for the file @CorniFan i really like it thanks so much.
  6. What a nice looking shiny Butterfree has!! :3 Thanks for showing me this EDIT: Oh, wow, i found out that the shinies are mentioned in your sig XD How do I give myself a sig? o.o Also, Lilipup is soooo cute^^ Its name is really cute too Great choice!
  7. i think in my opinion kittens are really cute i would like to have a few kittens in the future like this one
  8. i think if i wanted to become a Pokemon i think i would like to become a lillipup because it is so cute in the anime of Pokemon Black and white series. and that it evolves into Stoutland and it becomes really strong.
  9. i think clefairy is better because it is bulky in defense and special defense as well but Jigglypuff i do not think many people use that Pokemon so it is not that great that is my opinion thanks @CorniFan for the question
    That was supposed to be an image....
  10. Version 1.0.0


    I may add mostly legendary images to this club but here's a snoozing pikachu for the sake of cute :3
  11. Thanks for your opinion :) Lucario is a very good Pokemon to use in battle. His typing is amazing too. Fighting/Steel! Thats pretty lethal xD
  12. i would like Lucario to win the battle because it is very strong pokemon whereas pikachu has weak defenses that is my own opinion
  13. In this thread we talk about kittens and post pictures of kittens lol
  14. I like them both but lately i've been more of a Jigglypuff fan :3 Though I think Clefairy is better in battles overall.
  15. Who would you want to win? I really like both of these Pokemon :3 However, if the Lucario was Korrina's Lucario....i'm voting for Lucario all the way!!! Cuz I love Korrina a tonz and I don't wanna see her lose to anyone ?
  16. Fun. Legendaries are super powerful, and can be fun to train! They can be really mysterious, and it's so weird how so many don't have genders, isn't it? My favorite legendaries include Jirachi, Mew, Shaymin, Celebi, Victini, Cresselia, Keldeo, Latias.....of all those, my top fav is likely Jirachi. So nostalgic Have you made up legendaries too? Feel free to share if you have in this thread! Seriously, just talk anything you want about legendary pokemon in this thread. But please be nice! As always!
  17. Seriously! You are now a pokemon. What Pokemon did you choose to be when you entered this thread? I wanna be an Eevee, so I can have access to 8 possible evolutions. Also, Eevee is cute :3
  18. Seriously, she is just SO pretty! And hot and sexy and lovely! And I love her just so much. And I don't care if it's weird. I LOVE HER!!!! She makes me feel happy she's just so beautiful I wanna snuggle her...and be her best battle buddy......and go out with her. Nnnnnnn please no mean comments! >_<;;; We all have our quirks, okay? And, for anyone who gives me slack about 'certain things' about her (i'm mainly talking about if she's 'under age'. i don't think it matters what gender she is if she's real or not at all :P), remember that Korrina is a work of fiction...I have all my rights in the world to have a crush on her, i'm sure it hurts no one..... (feel free to fan boy or fan girl if you agree with me that she's a total cutie pie!!! ^w^)
  19. My favourite Pokemon is pokemon Sword of Justices becuase it is a lot fun where Keledo trains with terrakion cobalion virizion and tries to fight with with Kyurem and that he finds Ash and his friends. He then helps Keledo to be brave and fight Kyurem the 2 second time. Very fun and enjoyable to watch i do recommend you people of Project Pokemon to watch this movie
  20. if you are wondering what is my favourite Pokemon Movie is Arcues and the Jewel of life i Chose this because Ash, Dawn, and Brock travel to Michina Town, where they discover the Mythical Pokémon Arceus. Is upset over the town betraying it years ago. When Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina cannot hold it back, the heroes are sent back in time to change the past and present. that is why i like this movie it has a lot of adventure to it and like when Ash goes back it time to help Arceus , Giratina, Palkia and Dialga to fix present time
  21. please tell me what is your favourite Pokemon movie it could be any Pokemon Movie you like and also tell me what character do you like best or Pokemon in the Movie please comment below i would like to know if you have any thank you very much if i missed any movies please put it down below
  22. @evandixon gave me the idea to use the portraits from PSMD and I've never used another one since, I think it looks very clean and nice.

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