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  1. My spanish-eur Feraligatr is marked as English (anyways, is marked as legal): The problem comes if we take a look to an egg: Afaik, Language is not stored in Gen II .pkm files. Why is this tab shown?
  2. What I found it's not a bug (I think), but might be useful for someone: When you transfer a Pokémon from Colosseum to GBA (in this case, japanese Scizor) using this tool, the Trash Bytes in the name are filled with FF's instead of 00's. Here are some pictures of what I mean: Trigger's PC An emulated transfer with Dolphin + VBA Both are exactly the same Pokémon, but migrated to GBA using two different methods.
  3. The Pokémon from 3rd gen don't have OT friendship memory because that is only from 6th gen. A legit Pokémon from past gens should look like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13818[/ATTACH] But I'm confused with the value of the OT Friendship, because my Faraway Island Mew and my Colosseum Bonus Disc Celebi (both japanese) have 100, but my japanese Ditto has 70. My spanish Togepi has also 70 as the japanese Ditto, so I can't find the reason why Pokémon Bank gives that value. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  4. I reported that issue. The Faraway island Mew doesn't lose it's fateful encounter flag. I have a question: The starter Eevee from Pokémon has a fateful encounter flag when trading it to Emerald? Every Pokémon from have this flag, but when I open my save file with PkmGCSaveEditor and look into this Eevee it's not shown (this also happens with the Miror B's Nosepass)
  5. Thank you so much! I also found a post of this site that has a complete collection of the obtainable Pokémon in Colosseum and . As you said, Eevee has the fateful encounter flag and it's a bug of PkmGCSaveEditor. https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?54-Archived-Sticky-Distant-Land-collection-project
  6. Most of the Pokémon related sites says that every Pokémon obtained in Pokemon : Gale of Darkness have a Fateful encounter mark (except Eevee and other special Pokémon). Yesterday I completed this game, and after looking into my save file with -save-editor'>PkmGCSaveEditor I found that the Miror B. Nosepass doesn't have the Fateful encounter mark. I also downloaded other save files to check it and they also has a Non-Fateful encounter Nosepass. The rest of the Pokémon have this mark, so my question is: Which Pokémon in Pokémon : Gale of Darkness don't have this mark and why? Thank you so much and sorry for my english, I'm a new spanish user in the community :redface:
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