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  1. Savetype in vba for 128 KB saves is "1 Mbit flash" (1 mega bit = 128 kilobytes)
  2. @Kirzi are your statements regarding only gen 7 or do these mechanics also apply to gen 6?
  3. The source is there, I don't know what triggers avast, but you may check the code (or build by yourself). I used sharpdevelop 5.1.
  4. Since this is a somewhat official statement and this site doesn't endorese piracy, I would add something like "if you modified your savegame and don't want to get banned". I'm just saying because I got the impression the statement was somewhat meant to prevent "cheaters" from being banned, but englsih isn't my mother language so maybe it was just my impression.
  5. Ok, I did not understand the purpose of your questions. OT gender shouldn't matter for the in-game trash bytes. We could technically locate (via memory dumps) where the in-game trash bytes come from, then see what the memory address they come from is used for previous to the name generation and if it falls under a DMA address, but given that I recall in-game catches having apparently random trash the bytes probly depend on what you have done in-game prior to the catch, which shouldn't be much of a concern. In any case, the gender shouldn't affect them (or more like I personally can't think of a reason why it should).
  6. They are just what was in that memory region before it was used to store (then copy to the pokemon) the nickname. It will most likely never be the same, and more given emerald has DMA. In any case there's almost no chance that any in-game generated pokémon will have trash bytes of any event distribution, and if one has, it's mere (extreme) coincidence. Trash bytes for ingame pokemon should be random, and if you are worried about them, you are better off clearing them via colosseum/xd. Besides being obtaines in emulator and rng manipulation, the mew should be totally legitimate either way. I don't get why you want it to look like an event pokemon though, the generation algorythm might have been different from the one used in-game, so any pid/dv combos for in-game mew wouldn't (most likely) apply.
  7. Source: bulbapedia I seem to understand males will only pass HA with ditto. I'm not sure about the same species "Male HA + female no HA", or if "male HA+female HA" has a 100% HA offspring... but if the "male/genderless can only pass ability via ditto" applies, then "Male HA + female no HA" can't output HA and "male HA+female HA" is the same as ""male no HA+female HA".
  8. I forgot to mention that if you are using savestates you'll need a way advance the RNG, otherwise you'll allways get the same PID. Or you could just change OT and SID before generation if you don't care about those so the pokemon is shiny (you can read the rng seed with lua and probably know the pid beforehand, or get the pid, store it and load the savestate). Not sure how much you can acomplish with lua though.
  9. Source: bulbapedia There's no shiny flag.
  10. I will probably try adapting it to stadium 1 jap, since they seem to also have tournament pokemon. I hope they used the same encoding table...
  11. Set 0xA083 to 0x0B to enable the Celebi event. The flag is out of the checksumed regions. For non-japanese, the offset is 0x3E44 (didn't really know where to post this information, this seems the most correct place)
  12. The trash bytes are unique to the device/rom that generates the pokémon, since they are just what lied in memory when the pokémon was generated (from my point of view I don't see a reason why they didn't clear those bytes, but at the same time, I also don't see a reason why they should have cared). What I said about Colo/XD removing them is from this point: OK, we know we can't never do 1:1 replication (since that needs the actual distro device, or a copy of it), but if we throw trash aside and just concentrate on what makes the pokémon unique to that event (PID, TID, OT, OTgender, IV, level, met place...etc) and we can replicate that 1:1 that would still be awesome. If you are using a homebrew app to get them I'd personally still prefer single pk3 files from people who actually got the event. But for personal use? Fun? Gen 4 onwards (since that clears the trash too)? I'd really like to have something like that, albeit I understand the concerns collectors may have, but faking some gen 3 event on gen 4 onwards is really difficult to discern (and many are available anyways). That's just my personal opinion, actually I think the fact that we can't replicate trash is good, because A) Doesn't matter for gameplay/gen 4 onwards B) It's a good way to quickly know if the pk3 file was just generated C) There's a legit way to get rid of the trash bytes so even generated pokémon can be claimed to be fully legal without having trash bytes. ps: I think I finally found a way to tell legal from legit appart (I always confuse the correct word), hope I didn't mix them up. ps2: yes, GF switching to an in-game generation for most events is really nice, gen 1-3 are a nightmare for events....and gen 3 is actually better than those.
  13. Oh, so only that one skin was affected, I understood from the thread that more skins might be affected, sorry for the confusion.
  14. This is a simple program to view the teams in Pocket Monsters Stadium (JAP) and all data relative to the pokémon. It can also export individual pokémon as jpk1 files to use with pkhex. It is worth noting that the teams and trainers from Level 50-55 Tournament are (in theory) copies of the participants and winners of a real tournament that was held in japan. jpk1 code is heavily based on pkhex. Download: Source code: ps: this needs a z64/v64 rom, you can find a converter here: ps2: this is for the japanese only game, not the international Pokémon Stadium 1, you can find an editor for it here:
  15. So, does the gallery currently hold original data? I think it would be somewhat important to make sure all original data is in preserved, but I did not play any of the games at the time so it's not like I can contribute. I did download all what was uploaded to the old gallery, but for what I've read some of those might be "wrong" too.