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  1. Luma's region emulation only changes language setting, the 3DS is reported as the actual region and subregion. That's why I have a regionchanged japanese emunand. Luma allows to receive other region events, but if you get the pokémon, it'll have wrong region data (but correct language).
  2. Well, pokémon link was more powerful than wondercards, but I think they realized they weren't using it as much. Pokémon link could provide at the same time: 6 pokémon, 6 items, battlepoints and pokémilles. The pokémon themselves were quite similar to wondercard, and they could also be locked to only be received once (as seen in ORAS demo and only there). Don't get me wrong, I think that they realized they weren't really using it and decided to use the space for more wondercards and kind of change wondercards so they can provide multiple things at once is a good improvement. But now I wonder if pokébank will still reward battle points...I've been saving them for like 2 years, and receiving in SUMO seems quite right (all those expensive stones...).
  3. Unboxing keeps it as "86 85 00 00 00 00 00 50 89 80 82". Now I'm wondering if trading over VC will make that 0x50 appear again. I have a friend's 3DS, so I might as well go ahead and try it. EDIT: I made some trades between english red and yellow and the terminator from the distribution is gone for good, so misteries... I guess we could find the answer at pokémon red disassemby:
  4. Yes, makes no difference visually. I'll test what happens when unboxing tonight.
  5. I went and boxed your mew on my 3DS, got the same as HMM's, so that settles it (I didn't know this happened, I should check how trash bytes are handled in the different games and generations, best case scenario would be that some stadium game erases them completely...). We have 3 different saves and all 3 mews are the same, alongside the fact that they used savestates (and with it, they were distributing cloned Mews), but still I'm sure someone would appreaciate a 100% confirmation of different distro consoles providing the very same Mew. Now, when is that pokebank update coming? ps: RupeeClock, I was refering not to the dump method itself, but if he had done another trade before dumping the savegame, as I was thinking that maybe trading again was what changed the trash bytes.
  6. Is the mew pk1 file you attached comming from your sav.dat? I'm asking because the one in the sav.dat is a little different, more precisely OT name: Your sav.dat: 86 85 00 00 00 00 00 50 89 80 82 RupeeClock's: 86 85 50 00 00 00 00 50 89 80 82 scottishdanstfu*: 86 85 50 00 00 00 00 50 89 80 82 *scottishdanstfu kindly shared his savegame with me to check the mew, it's 100% the same as RupeeClock's @HMM, did you directly dump your savegame with the new entrypoint (soundhax) or did you trade it to your already homebrew enabled 3DS? I'm gonna see if boxing RupeeClocks's Mew produces this result, I'm kinda puzzled right now. EDIT: Nevermind, I tested RupeeClock's savegame and boxed the mew: it converted to 86 85 00 00 00 00 00 50 89 80 82 (same as HMM's) so it was really due to boxing. I guess there's no doubt now about them being all the same (we were pretty much sure anyways).
  7. It would be better if you could upload your full savefile from your 3DS. If you don't want to make it public, you might send it via private messaging and I'll check the mew against the other one uploaded. (For anyone wondering, full savefile is better just in case pkhex bugs out and modifies the pokemon while creating the pk1 file). Also, you are right, the link at first post is down (yet another link to repair in the new forums), here you have an alternative download (I hope this is not considered spam):
  8. The first post has a link to a legit mew (untouched level 5), and here are another 14 that Tripred kindly uploaded for the community to enjoy (most untouched at level 5): We discussed the UK event mew on another thread, we are mostly certain all of them are exactly the same mew, but if you could upload yours for confirmation that would be great.
  9. Can someone gess the Mew level? I'd like to try and see if for any chance the DV can be calculated (maybe they distributed it at high level with 0 EV), but it doesn't seem to be at level 50 or 100.
  10. I don't think I kept it, but that Mew is nothing special (random DV and the tackle/growl moveset) and is completely illegal, so you might as well just make it with pkhex?
  11. You need to have hatched at least 20 eggs for the judge to unlock the function, so maybe there's a check for hatched egg count?
  12. If X D really removes trash bytes, I'd say with the information available now, it would be far more interesting to get working (open source) code that allows to reconstruct gen 3 event pokémon as pkm files, and I'm not talking about mew, but all those other events that share the generation code. Of course every single person will have his own view on the "legality" terms, for me that would only be acceptable if we are sure they are correctly generated. I myself don't have that much interest in having the event pokémon or moving them onto further generations, but I think it would be a nice option for anyone wanting to get those event pokémon in conditions similar to distribution (ramdom, but somewhat legit). Of course, this is just my point of view and I'm only stating it because it's something I'd like to see as a reality at some point. There's always HaxHaras and InsaneNutter's project for those who want the most "pure" version of the event pokémon.
  13. They can be used in local battles, so I though they might be worth keeping, since they are a game-related file not in-game that we won't be able to download anymore once they decide to shut down the servers (I know there's still some years before that happens but...). Of course they are not as important as event pokémon, but for example in generation 5 skins, tournaments and others were preserved, so I think these rules are worth preserving. Another interesting thing would be to create custom rules, but that's another matter.
  14. A version with some minor improvements can be found here: Added savegame auto-detection (just drag and drop) Program asks to modify the savegame's Mirage Value to match that of the first pokémon in the party (f you select yes a new save with the new seed is created).
  15. He noticed the first mews generated from each batch of 5 share the same trash bytes, hence assing that will be the case for the missing ones. Also yes, I wonder what was in the paety too... I doubt any employee that held the distribution remembers that detail tough.