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  1. I stand corrected.
  2. I thought only Scizor had a set gender.
  3. Besides, I'm sure such NDAs have expired. And if this NDA isn't from Nintendo, then it's invalid considering we're dealing with Nintendo's stolen property. Also, that's a good point involving the NWC carts.
  4. @suloku It'd be nice to have Japanese Eon Ticket saves for the Japanese Card e-Reader+ (one for R/S and one for Emerald), but if working with the English e-Reader's easier for you, that's fine. Also, it figures how Emerald's hardcoded Eon Ticket script only got use in Japan.
  5. We also don't know if the San Diego Comic Con Mystic Ticket had its own header. Though considering we collected one that doesn't specify a date or event, maybe it didn't.
  6. Really? I had one of the missing Mews all along? Holy crap, I'm GLAD I had the foresight to back it up UNTOUCHED (thank you, GBA Action Replay!). Plus it looks like Emerald's cloning glitch preserves trash bytes, which is good to know considering I ABUSED that glitch back in the day. And yes, I did get it from the event myself.
  7. Nice! And since you said it matches sample0519.bin, then that means we just need to figure out how to use these multiboots.
  8. Just wondering, is the Negaiboshi Jirachi distribution limited to one per save like WISHMAKR/Channel or is it unlimited like Shiny Zigzagoon and the various 10th Anniversary events?
  9. So basically, use different system and copy just for editing in items and trade them to your main game. Or edit the Pokemon then Bank them if you don't have a second system.
  10. That's what I meant by "as legit as possible" earlier. A perfectly replicated algorithm + multiboot = events that are indeed as legit as they can possibly be when ignoring factors like trash bytes and the fact that the multiboot ROM isn't from an official distro cart or disc. If anything, it'd be a great way to replace the likes of the US 10 ANNIV events, Festa/ROCKS Metang (provided they used the 10 ANNIV/10 ANIV algorithm as early as 2005), SPACE C Deoxys (which I bet was from a distro cart considering it was distributed for almost three months) and the US 10 ANIV events. As for events with variable trash bytes, I wouldn't even bother adding them to a homebrew distro ROM.
  11. Wouldn't the algorithm generate the trash bytes if it's generating via GBA multiboot? Or are the trash bytes a product of the official distro cart/ROM (or disc/ISO in the case of Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon, Ageto Celebi, WISHMAKR Jirachi and CHANNEL Jirachi)? Ignore that, I didn't see the post above this one. Ugh, these damn trash bytes are starting to make me think an open source multiboot ROM is only worth it for people who don't care about them. And at that point, just gen. Ok, I apologize for that. I've had time to calm down. I was just frustrated at seeing "yeah, but the trash bytes" for the millionth time. I get why they're important, but they're still frustrating. Makes me glad GameFreak fully embraced Wonder Cards in Gen 4 and have kept them every since. They make life so much easier. Besides, the people hoarding events just because they're rare frustrate me even more. But that's a rant for another time.
  12. Thinking about it, I'd be fine with a GC/Wii homebrew program that can handle every Gen 3 event we have the algorithms for (or can figure out). I'd prefer a GBA or DS one for the portability, but I'd be fine with anything. Like I said, I'm only suggesting this so we can replace distros that are lost forever (like the US 10 ANNIV). I personally feel as long as the event Pokemon is generated the EXACT same way it was originally, it'd still be legit even if it was from a homebrew distro.
  13. That's a good thought on being to cover other generation algorithms with a custom ROM. It'd make distributing the likes of Ageto Celebi And WISHMAKR/CHANNEL Jirachi a lot easier (and portable). Plus you could remove the "one Pokemon per file" limit if you wanted.