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  1. Yeah, but I'm thinking Japanese FRLG would ignore the English distro as well.
  2. I did try the recently released Aurora Ticket distro ROM with my Japanese Emerald, which didn't even detect the signal. I don't have a Japanese FR or LG to test, though.
  3. Considering this has expanded to researching all the Gen 3 generation algorithms, I decided to rename the topic to reflect that.
  4. They were afraid bootlegs would get out. Of course, it doesn't matter now. As for that Jirachi, I have no idea where it comes from. People have found multiboot distros hidden in plenty of other games (and distros).
  5. I always figured it WAS meant to be given out, but Nintendo of America decided push up the start date for the Gen 4 Celebi event which meant they needed new carts.
  6. I think it's permanent. I should gen a Pokemon, then PKHeX some Bottle Caps in and test that.
  7. Yes, as long as they weren't banned Pokemon to begin with. So no Ho-Oh, Luigia, Celebi or Deoxys (there was a period in 2006 where it was given away at Space Center Houston). Also, I believe Bottle Caps ARE a permanent increase to stats, but they leave the IVs alone. I assume it was done that way so you couldn't just Bottle Cap a Ditto and breed, and also for Hidden Power.
  8. IVs won't matter once Bank gets updated for Sun and Moon thanks to Bottle Caps. You'd only need to worry about Natures.
  9. I can see the uses. Look at the people who managed to get emulators working with Colosseum's e-Reader functionality.
  10. With all the BS you guys have had getting this thing to work with emulators, I'll stick to actual hardware.
  11. He might be showing that the 10ANNIV generation method (or at least the multiboot ROM interface) is older than we think.
  12. ROCKS Metang would be cool (considering it ties into Gale of Darkness, easily my favorite of the console games), but if it isn't generated the exact same way as the 10th Anniversary Pokemon, then I wouldn't modify this ROM to distribute that. And that's provided we can modify the ROM. If that's the case, then I'd be fine with an unofficial tool. Just make versions for GBA, DS and GameCube/Wii as well.
  13. I'm mainly interested just in case we can't get any more 10th Anniversary distro ROMs. And since it looks like all 10th Anniversary distro carts generate Pokemon the exact same way (regardless of the various OTs, IDs and hold items), we might not need other 10th Anniversary distro ROMs. Plus having an all-in-one 10th Anniversay distro ROM would be amazing.
  14. I'm still wondering if the UK 10ANNIV cart generates Pokemon in the EXACT same way as the other 10th Anniversary carts no matter what differences there are in OT, ID and hold item (or lack thereof). If it does, then all we'd need to do is modify it to distribute the US 10 ANIV events (and others like UK Aura Mew, but there's a chance that ROM will be released).