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  1. If you're on Windows, you can use a program called FAT32 Format (guiformat). It works very well.
  2. Boring? That sounds like something that could be remade! I remember people got DS Download Play working through PC Wi-Fi years ago, this sounds like a similar deal.
  3. Sounds likely. I remember reading that for Gen 7, Local Wireless is just connecting to the internet somehow. I think that was found out during Worlds last year.
  4. Plus we don't know if Japan even had Wireless Distribution carts like North America and Europe had. I'm leaning toward "they didn't" considering their DS Download Stations were internet connected PCs (or something like that).
  5. I remember seeing some DS repros on Etsy that only worked in DS Phat and DS Lite. Could try these in a DSi or 3DS and if they work, they might be legit. Granted, I don't know if there are repros out there that DO work on DSi and 3DS, but I can't think of any other legitimacy tests for these carts.
  6. At least they were willing to share the pk3s.
  7. The distros I'd love to see dumped are the US 10th Anniversary ones (ESPECIALLY Celebi). Of course if the algorithm for them matches the UK 10th Anniversary distro, then an unofficial one would suffice.
  8. You will. But I STRONGLY recommend going to Arm9LoaderHax while you're still able.
  9. I'm wondering why the Mystic Ticket GBAs are connected by link cable considering it was a wireless event. EDIT: I know Japanese FRLG and Emerald used Mystery Gift for e-Reader connectivity, but that was just for the Trainer Tower/Trainer Hill and not events.
  10. Actually, there's a newer version listed in with the source code stuff. CIA Direct Link 3DSX Direct Link
  11. Sounds like ACE is just a convoluted in-game way to replace a GameShark/Action Replay.
  12. I don't think Japan had wireless distro carts (just Slot 2). I know I said it before, but I remember reading that their DS Download Stations were handled by internet connected PCs instead of DS carts (due to being a more internet connected country than the Western ones). It's a safe bet their wireless Pokemon distributions were handled the same way.
  13. It also breaks the rxTools CFW (finally).
  14. What'd be really cool is if they work Crystal's Mobile Data Center into the 3DS's online, but that'd mean altering things for the non-Japanese release.
  15. Considering you can buy Rare Candies with Battle Points (and get a bunch of Battle Points from Bank), I don't see that being something they'd ban for.