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  1. [GEN 3] Mystery Event/Gift Research

    Is the name on that one formatted "AURORA TICKET" with a month and year or "AURORATICKET" with no date specified? Because the former is the one used in America.
  2. [GEN 3] Mystery Event/Gift Research

    The American Aurora Ticket distro is also incompatible with ANY Emerald version. English Emerald told me that the gift couldn't be received while Japanese Emerald ignored the signal altogether.
  3. [GEN 3] Mystery Event/Gift Research

    Now THIS is something I'd love to see!
  4. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    So far I'm not banned. I only used Freeshop to get Trip World (since it never got put on North America eShop) and GB Tetris (since it got delisted thanks to Ubisoft). This was last year and all three have since been deleted. The rest of my game installs have been from carts I dumped myself. I tend to use FBI, JKSM and Luma Updater. Just to be safe, I did withdraw all of my Pokemon from Bank that I don't already have backups of and cashed in my Battle Points on Moon.
  5. I thought only Scizor had a set gender.
  6. Besides, I'm sure such NDAs have expired. And if this NDA isn't from Nintendo, then it's invalid considering we're dealing with Nintendo's stolen property. Also, that's a good point involving the NWC carts.
  7. [GEN 3] Mystery Event/Gift Research

    @suloku It'd be nice to have Japanese Eon Ticket saves for the Japanese Card e-Reader+ (one for R/S and one for Emerald), but if working with the English e-Reader's easier for you, that's fine. Also, it figures how Emerald's hardcoded Eon Ticket script only got use in Japan.
  8. We also don't know if the San Diego Comic Con Mystic Ticket had its own header. Though considering we collected one that doesn't specify a date or event, maybe it didn't.
  9. Really? I had one of the missing Mews all along? Holy crap, I'm GLAD I had the foresight to back it up UNTOUCHED (thank you, GBA Action Replay!). Plus it looks like Emerald's cloning glitch preserves trash bytes, which is good to know considering I ABUSED that glitch back in the day. And yes, I did get it from the event myself.
  10. Nice! And since you said it matches sample0519.bin, then that means we just need to figure out how to use these multiboots.
  11. Just wondering, is the Negaiboshi Jirachi distribution limited to one per save like WISHMAKR/Channel or is it unlimited like Shiny Zigzagoon and the various 10th Anniversary events?
  12. So basically, use different system and copy just for editing in items and trade them to your main game. Or edit the Pokemon then Bank them if you don't have a second system.