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    PKHeX 17.11.17

    By evandixon, in News,


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    Version 17.11.17 of PKHeX has been released, adding the much-anticipated support for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

    Change log:


    17/11/17 - New Update:
     - Added: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Support
     - - Legality: Complete detection & validation.
     - - Added: Added all new US/UM content (Species, Moves, etc). Thanks SciresM & wwwwwwzx!
     - - Changed: All existing Sun & Moon editors work with US/UM.
     - Added: Complete sticker location listing. Thanks pokecal & ReignOfComputer!
     - Added: >50 respawn/settings event flags for US/UM. Thanks sora10pls & pokecal!
     - Added: Fashion Unlock cheats for US/UM to unlock all accessories. Thanks Holla!
     - Added: US/UM specific Trainer Stat Records. Thanks Holla!
     - Added: Map FlyTo location unlocking for Generation 7 saves. Thanks pokecal!
     - Added: Mantine Surf score editing via Trainer Info editor. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Added: Early Z-Move unlock flag next to the existing Early Mega Evolution unlock.
     - Fixed: Pokédex seen/captured flags for Generation 7 saves now correctly mimic the games. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Legality:
     - - Added: US/UM wild encounter and static encounter data. Thanks to all who identified the locations!
     - - Changed: Updated internal logic to handle US/UM content & oddities like Kantonian evolution methods.
     - - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
     - - Added: Ingame Trade OT/Nickname checks. Thanks sora10pls!
     - - Added: Ingame Trade PID checks. Thanks sora10pls!
     - - Fixed: Gen4 EncounterType detection reworked for cleanliness and accuracy.
     - - Fixed: Colosseum Starter PIDIV checks now detect gender lock skipping (no more false flags).
     - - Fixed: Added more Colosseum/XD ingame snag locations.
     - - Fixed: Gen1/2 -> Gen7 transfers are now checked for met locations.
     - Added: Misc safeguards for setting PKM data not obtainable in the save file's origin game. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Added: Gen5 BP editing. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Added: Can now load Mystery Gift pkm QR images to the Main Window tabs (same as importing PKM QRs).
     - Changed: Internal string resource fetch mechanism speed improved. Thanks evandixon!
     - Changed: Gen1/2 -> Gen7 transfer language detection improved for special characters in certain languages (German).
     - Fixed: Zygarde 50%-C showdown set importing. Thanks architdate!
     - Fixed: Gen1 Pikachu starter now saves correctly (doesn't remove Light Ball). Thanks Dunsparce!
     - Fixed: Gen2 TimeOfDay values now are editable in the PKMEditor (nobody noticed for so long!)
     - Fixed: Gen2 Korean encoding documentation errors fixed; strings now decode correctly. Thanks host1126!
     - Fixed: Gen3 Roamer edits now save correctly. Thanks TheRealAlphA!
     - - ~6 commits per day average over the last month. Big thanks to all who have contributed & provided feedback!



    Release: SPICA

    By Cecillia, in News,


    On November 13 2017 fellow Project Pokémon member @Reisyukaku announced a release of SPICA, a tool they work on together with gdkchan. This specific tool is meant to be a replacement for the well known Ohana, also known as Ohana3DS. Reisyukaku stated that it's better because "the BCH (de)serializer has been completely rewritten, giving maximum flexibility and better BCH support". 

    This application can import multiple file types such as BCH and SMD and it exports SMD and DAE, among other files. Also it can export texture files, it can batch export files and it can merge files. Besides these features there are new features planned that will get added soon. The current planned ones are GFModel exporting and a fully implemented animation player. 

    Official announcement:


    Here's another BCH tool that I helped work on with gdkchan to replace Ohana.


    How is this better?:

    The BCH (de)serializer has been completely rewritten, giving maximum flexibility and better BCH support.



    - Imports BCH, SMD, GFModel formats

    - Exports BCH, SMD, DAE formats

    - Batch/Single texture export in PNG or GFTexture formats

    - Batch model export to SMD or DAE

    - Merge multiple models to the scene


    Upcoming features:

    - GFModel export

    - Fully implemented animation player



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    Source: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/42362-spica-model-tool/?tab=comments#comment-222825