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  1. It's crazy how far this hack has pushed Sky hacking, all the way since psycommando and evandixon's first divings. I never thought I'd see screenshots like these back when I was asking for Exp multiplier codes for BRT here as moumous4 years ago That hype for 2.0 man!! Feels like the wait for RTDX. And in many ways Alpha 2.0 sounds like a Sky Remake, with much thought put to please beginners and challengers alike. The most ambitious upcoming release in PMD hacking, for sure. And the most anticipated so forget about not looking for clout, too late it's there already Good luck for what's left on the todo list
  2. Mystaldi is currently doing a Red Rescue Team randomizer let's play on his channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cfs89Rsy_A). You can learn how to do the same by joining their discord server.
  3. Ok found a fix! We can't recruit Moltres and other birds because we don't have their Friend Areas. Normally they are supposed to be unlocked when recruiting them, but here their recruitment rates seem to stay way below zero, even with a Friend Bow. To fix it just use this Action Replay code to unlock all Friends Areas (EU version): F33629547245 4C4D48020B29 Now recruiting them is possible, but that problem with recruitment rates being extremely low is still there. Fully evolved Pokémon have the same problem. The only fix I've found is to use this 100% Recruit Code 0BC70DF4764D 97978AF6722B IN CONJUNCTION with a Friend Bow. Without the Friend Bow you can recruit any Pokémon who didn't have their recruitment rates modified, but to recruit legendaries and fully evolved Pokémon (and any previously impossible to recruit Pokémon), you'll need to combine this code with the Friend Bow. You have to activate this code BEFORE climbing the stairs, else it won't work. You will then be directly led to the room which contain the stairs, which sucks, but everything will be 100% recruitable on that floor. So I recommend activating it only before climbing the stairs where lies the Pokémon you want, if you don't want the game to become too easy. So yeah, we go from a 0% rate to 100% but thats the best tradeoff available now since this hack seems unfortunately abandonned.
  4. @ZappedAmpharos Ok, I just tried with a 100% Recruit code: the code works but I can only recruit Pokémon who were previously recruitable. No effect on fully evolved Pokémon nor on Moltres so I guess something went wrong when you changed their recruitment rates. Could you check? Edit: sorry for double post
  5. Can't seem to be able to recruit Moltres after 6 tries with a lvl 70 and Friend Bow… Same with previously unrecruitable Pokémon.
  6. @ZappedAmpharosDo you have the full list of pokemon encounters by dungeon in case we want to recruit them all? Being able to recruit fully evolved Pokés is a very nice addition :)
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