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PKSM is not able to automatically legalize my shiny Lv 100 Quilava


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It was traded to me in-person years ago. perfect iv's. Ability: Blaze. Item: none. Level: 100. Moves: Flamethrower and Flamewheel. Nature: Timid. And quilava CAN be shiny. I can't change the egg year for some reason, and this is what I get when trying to legalize it automatically in pksm:

"Unable to match an encounter from origin game." when the met level is 5 and location is New Bark Town, met year is 2011, while origin game is SoulSilver,

"OT name too long" it's only 7 letters,

and "Encounter type does not match encounter" Idk what this could mean.

I don't know what a legal combination of Ability, Item, ect. would be, as I've looked it up and gotten nowhere and I'm at a complete loss as to what to do to make the Quilava legal, and if there's any other changes like with stats that I need to make (Maybe the stats aren't equaling a perfect iv while it says that it has 6, for some reason? idk). It transfered fine, until it was in pokemon Black. Any help would be most appreciated.

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