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  1. the fixed pokedex (not the delete pokemon in pokedex) does not get rid of error. tested on White
  2. i've always enjoyed the wifi music when going on wifi in diamond and pearl... is there a code that makes the pokemon center music to the wifi room music when on wifi? i don't know if this a sort of a request but i figured a code could be arranged.. thanks in advance.
  3. hmm... thats odd. it worked on mine. your sure your start and select buttons work? i'm guessing they do but i'm just checking
  4. i've been a converter for a few years now. but it was for the game Super mario 64 DS v1.0 to v1.1 and vice versa. think you cuould find the code and/or link to code?
  5. what do you mean by that? you have a trainer toolkit or something? if you are really serious, then your telling me that all of my effort working on this was a waste of time. thanks a lot.
  6. since i have converted the Motion 3D code to platinum, i've been trying to convert the Crazy Zoom v1.2 since then.. i've done so many tests but no luck so i stopped testing for a while. Today i got in the mood to start again since i had nothing else to do. i have found the camera address code for platinum! If you want to help, make sure you already know advance things about the Action Replay from my motion 3D code i was trying to figure out the address of the code line that is the camera address itself but it wasn't possible because it had the watch address so you could change the value through the calculator. while looking through the D/P Crazy Zoom code i found the D/P camera code address in it. let me explain. here is the Motion 3D code i have converted to work: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=29129 see any similarities to the two? Motion3D [D/P (U)] Motion3D [Platinum (U)] look at the only bolded parts of the 2 codes. this is the usual main code in most codes for that game. now look at the itatlic line in the DP code, this never needs to be in the Platinum codes. now look at the only underlined part of the 2 codes. not sure why, but these are part of the camera code address. lastly look at the Bolded and underlined address and vaule, this is the watch calculator code that allows you to activate the camera with the vaule you put in. this is also acting as the camera value control instead of using the actual address which was unknown for platinum. now look below. Crazy Zoom 1.2 D/P this code gives a lot of control to the camera but doesn't use the calculator. this means the rest of the camera address is in here somewhere. I bolded it to make things easier. thats the DP camera address and i confirmed this by noticing its the only code on the left column that begins with a 0, 1, or 2 which is a register address to place the value as. so finally here's the thing i need help with, i'm very close to converting the code, but there's just one more address that i'm not sure what to convert to (they are bolded) Crazy zoom (platinum US) IN TESTING that address is the only thing left that i can't figure out how to convert. everything else should be fine. the things i underlined i am positive are right through testing. anything else i believe doesn't need to be touched for reasons that are just about impossible to explain and for studying every other differences in the 2 types of games (i coulted D and P as one type) Any help would really be appreciated!! once this is done, its complete!! anyone that converts it correctly will get half the credit for finishing the code!! oh boy oh boy oh boy!! i'm getting too excited!!!
  7. [YOUTUBE]meB0cfC5hBU[/YOUTUBE] By the way that is me but since it's on youtube i didn't want to show my face just in case! I really did hit the corner though.
  8. Your close but Jahooze is my catchphrase lol. My friend Chris and I made it up because he said something about a jacuzzi and all of a sudden i thought of the word jahooze! i made it something i say a lot because its a word that entertains me somehow! interesting huh?
  9. Before anyone asks what my username means i will explain. first of all its pronounced rellding. the ll i replaed with 11 because its more unique. Anyway, as the title says, I'm re11ding! I'm also a friendly member of the DS Ultimate Forums! I'm a hacker with the Action Replay DS and the Homebrew Channel on the Wii. I can't make codes for either of them because i don't have trainer tool kit or USBGecko. Instead i am a Action Replay DS Converter. I'm mostly good when it comes to converting codes to work on a newer version of a game or a similar game! I'm not much a help with the Homebrew channel though. I'm hyper most of the time so don't be surprised if i'm a little weird. I'm very friendly and I'll accept all friend requests! I'll try to be the best of help i can be! Jahooze!
  10. Man. 83 tests of trying to covert that Crazysoom and absolutly no success at all. There's the 121CED48 00000000 part of the CrazyZoomv1.2 that has to be converted but i can't find the correct offset to work for platinum.. can anyone help plz?
  11. actually it isn't as hard as it looks! I'm a converter on DS Ultimate for Super Mario 64 DS v1.0, v1.1, and PAL. you just use offsets! now heres one problem i'm having trying to convert the crazy zoom v1.2 to platinum and thats trying to figure out what i'm converting in the code. the other code was easy cause the code is small but this is all i know thats correct on my conversion on this code: things i need to figure out: 1. What part executes the code when the button is pressed 2. if that line i noted needs to be converted 3. to try to figure out what the offset for B21C59A4 is if needed too be converted and if so, why does it have a different offset that B21C4D28 things i know: 1. B0000000 00000004 can be removed from the code 2. B21C4D28 00000000 has to be B2101D40 00000000 If anyone could help me complete this, i would appreciate it!
  12. this should soon be on the main Action replay DS Platinum (U) codes soon when the Mod gets my message. this code has the same controls as the D/P code. I have tested these and it works fine! this was the D/P code: ___________________________________________________ My next step is to convert the Crazy Zoom v1.2 code from D/P (U) to Platinum (U) and i would like all the help i can get please!
  13. didn't see it suggested yet but this code was for D/P to change the camera: is there anyway to change it to platinum? that's my request please.
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