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  1. Attack Sounds from Game Boy, GBA, NDS up to 3DS! Over 4500 SFX! Download on ItchIO/Dropbox: Bellblitzking.itch.io/pokemon-sound-collection Watch All Attack SFX on Youtube, every Generation This took some major effort, using emulator tools to HD capture every attack. It is a great blast of nostalgia. What were some of the most memorable sounds you recognize instantly? Hyperbeam, Psychic and haunted Celadon city sounds I can never forget.
  2. Pokemon Attack Moves Sound Effects Pack! Gen 1 to Gen 7! Get over 3,200 SFX featuring attack moves from GB, GBA & NDS games! MP3's Crossing Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos and Unova! Tagged with metadata, cleaned and edited, directly recorded with emulator tools. Download: https://bellblitzking.itch.io/pokemon-sound-collection/#download Watch all on YouTube: SFX Attack Moves Collection Playlist
  3. PROMO VIDEO: Pokemon Attack Sound Effects Collection Released! 4,500 SFX! Download Pack on ItchIO/Google Drive: Bellblitzking.itch.io/pokemonasciiversion#download SFX in WAV & MP3 formats---4500 sounds in high quality from Gameboy, GBA, DS & 3DS!
  4. PROMO VIDEO: PokeRap ASCII Version on YouTube! Get all ASCII Art HD Backgrounds: https://bellblitzking.itch.io/pokemonasciiversion/#download Over 900 Pokemon in full text-art form plus exclusive HD backgrounds from PokeWalls! Includes artists from DeviantArt, Steam, Gamespot, ASCII Art Online, Train.Board8 & Gamefaqs
  5. Relive the sights and sounds of First-gen Pokémon in this classic text-based Battle Game! All 151 Pokémon to play, with four Ranks to master! Download Game and Source Code: https://bellblitzking.itch.io/pokemonasciiversion/#download Choose your Character then Start your journey: Use Pikachu, Charizard, and Eevee all the way up to the rare legendaries: Zapdos, Mew and Mewtwo---all here in full HD text-art glory. Fight using over 300 attacks in intense 1-on-1 battles with full sounds effects for every single move---Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic and more types to un
  6. Glad to share my games, assets and resources with the community! I'm interested in providing assets to help others maximize their fangames and creations.

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