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  1. Than how do I know which Class to put?
  2. What does this option in the generate menu does? What I need to do with this?
  3. So I was like creating 2 pokes. Than I transfered the Save File to my flashcart. Both of my Platinum and Pearl save files are gone, Erased. The damn points are: ~NO$GBA 2.6 recognizes both Save files ~Pokesav recognizes both Save files either ~When I erased the current Save File form the flashcart- the DS opened me the previous Save File, that I just erased. Help?
  4. I'm having problems with this. I tried to sav me some pokes but it still won't recognize it. What am i doing wrong I make them as legal as possible, as I can.
  5. 116 HP/176 Def/216 Speed use this spread for Gliscor, it's much better. Also if you are not using a MixedFlygon Skarmory and Forretress blocks you, even scizor. And I forgot the STAB on Flygon, use Outrage over Stone Edge.
  6. Met in Place: make it Route 210 [25] Egg Hatched it: DayCare Couple [2000] Hidden Hex Values: 44h: D0 45h: 07 46h: 18 47h: 00 85h: 00 If it's homwtown is in Pearl or Diamond all the hidden values should be 00.
  7. i have used the guide, and i made them as legal as possible. to give you a picture? also if you are able keep folowing this therad, i think i know where i did my mistake. EDIT: i have made them as legal as possible, and it doesn't works.
  8. If you are using a ScarfGon~ Flygon@Choice Scarf 60 HP/252 Attack/172 Speed/24 SpA Lonely Nature ~Earthquake ~U-Turn ~Stone Edge ~Fire Blast 24 SpA allows you to 2HKO Standard Skarmory, not much to tell. If you are using a Gliscor~ Gliscor@Leftovers 116 HP/176 Def/216 Speed ~Earthquake ~Taunt ~Fire Fang ~Roost allows you to Outrun Jolly max Speed lucario and to OHKO with EQ.
  9. Kinda cool team it's true. Metagross~ You don't know how you want EQ over MM/Bullet Punch and Occa Berry. It's your only way to face Infernape and Heatran leads. Also I don't get how does those EVs work, and why you are not using the 252 HP/236 Attack/12 Def/4 Speed, but meh. Scizor~ I think that the bulky or not-bulky CBScizor will be better: Scizor@Choice Band 176 HP/100 Attack/176 SpD/88 Def/8 Speed [bulky] OR 92 HP/252 Attack/164 Speed [Not-Bulky] ~Bullet Punch ~U-Turn ~Superpower ~Pursuit Jirachi~ Good IMO. Salamence~ Again, it's good though there are better Mence sets I
  10. 24 hours bump. now i have PID question. does it matters which PID i choose from the list? also yesterday i saved my self a team. i have edited my team like 3-2 times. today, when i'm trying to edit it in the 5-4 time- the save file won't be edited. suggests?
  11. it works thanks! EDIT: now i have PID question. does it matters which PID i choose from the list?
  12. so after i haven't solved my Platinum Sav problem [i'm changing the save but it won't recognizes it (i'm using Ninjapass X9 and English Plat rom)], i decided to try it on DP sav. i'm coming to open my PKM files but nothing. Help please? (to the first problem and the second if you can, and if i need to convert please tell me to which type i need to convert)
  13. I don't think it's about that my .sav file is downloaded, though it can be it..
  14. Yep, it's just won't recognize my changes not the save... It's not starting my adventure from the begining.,
  15. 1) No. 2) 09. 3) Platinum: Level 20 | Diamond and Pearl: Level 15 Good luck.
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