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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13501[/ATTACH] Hello everyone. I haven't used my account in a while so I thought I would show what Im doing on the temp. Today I have started work on a rom hack of OR\AS called Pokémon Inverted. The main Feature is that most pokemon will be able to "invert" into other Pokémon (EX holding your 3ds upside down will evolve Ditto into Mew... Yes this actually works, try it when this gets released.). The starter Pokémon are also different. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13497[/ATTACH] As of now the rival's starter Pokemon is determined by what gender you choose (EX: Male gives you Eevee as the rival's starter and female gives you ditto) Some Pokemon can mega invert, boosting their stats or giving them different properties (EX: Ditto holding a metronome gives you a stronger ditto) The levels of wild pokemon have also been raised and you have a 1% chance of encountering a legendary pokemon in every route. The normal starters can also be caught in the wild. ScreenShots Check List Title screen 50% ( Need a better logo image, also want to change the background. Heard it was possible) Model/Texture Swap 0% ( Will do as soon as I figure out Ohana3ds. Model swaps and questionable character proportions are planned) Inverts 10% (Very rough estimate, almost every pokemon is planned to invert at one point. New type Chart 50% ( small edits are being made, like normal being weak to dragon and fairy being not very effective on bug) Move changes 100% ( Changed transform to "Forced Invert" and made it dark type) Battle Text 99% (Need to change transform in the battle dialogue to "Forced Invert") OV Text 1% (Will mainly be small edits, like edgy memes and reworded text) Icon and banner 100% ( Not much to say here, The banner is 2d for now) Download When the release comes there will be a patch for hans, .3ds, and .cia. The cia build had already been tested to work, It was derived from a romfs, which was made into a .3ds so I can assume those work as well. The .cia and 3ds will be released on that iso site.[ATTACH=CONFIG]13500[/ATTACH]
  2. Hello all. I am new to the forum and overall usage of pkhex. Before buying the equipment and everything I wanted to make sure this does work on 10.7 with home brew and with ORAS. It had me update ORAS so I wanted to make sure this still worked. Thanks in advance
  3. The intent of this is to make a number of Pokemon more viable for use for the entire game, intended for the Neo XY & RR/SS mods. The only changes are to stats & abilities, so the Pokemon can easily be loaded as regular legal mons (all else being equal) simply by loading the game without Hans (using an Ability capsule). The distribution will be the files for stats & moves. The RR/SS patch will begin with the RR/SS hold item changes. The current set of changes are as follows: [b]Move Changes:[/b] [list=1] [*]name: Mystical Fire; Power: 80; PP: 10; other changes: Heal 50% damage dealt (fire destroys & creates (Phoenix force FTW)) [*]name: Noble Roar; 80: 90; PP: 10; other changes: Physical Sound Move. 10% chance of increasing each SA, Att, Speed (separately). 27.1% of at least one [*]name: Tri Attack; 90: 27; : 3; other changes: 8% per hit. 22.1312% 'total'. [/list] [b]Pokemon Changes:[/b] [list=1] [*]name: Arbok; Ability2: Strong Jaw; Type2: Dark; Att: 105; Def: 79; SA: 95; Spd: 115; BST: 533; Or. BST: 438 [*]name: Delphox; Ability1: Magician; Ability2: Trace; Def: 80; Spd: 120; BST: 558; Or. BST: 534 [*]name: Electivire; Ability2: Sheer Force; Type2: Fighting; Def: 75; BST: 552; Or. BST: 540 [*]name: Florges; Type2: Grass [*]name: Magmortar; Ability1: Flash Fire; Ability2: Trace; Type2: Psychic; Att: 72; Def: 95; Spd: 90; BST: 552; Or. BST: 540 [*]name: Mega-Camerupt; Ability1: Desolate Land; Ability2: Desolate Land [*]name: Meganium; Ability1: Pixilate; Ability2: Pixilate; Type2: Fairy [*]name: Mega-Steelix; Ability1: Magic Bounce; Ability2: Magic Bounce; Def: 200; SA: 95; Spd: 20; BST: 610; Or. BST: 610 [*]name: Mega-Tyranitar; Ability1: Solid Rock; Ability2: Sheer Force [*]name: Porygon Z; Type2: Ghost; HP: 105; Att: 60; Def: 100; SA: 125; SD: 105; Spd: 80; BST: 575; Or. BST: 535 [*]name: Pyroar; Ability1: Fur Coat; Ability2: Serene Grace; Att: 109; SD: 72; BST: 554; Or. BST: 507 [*]name: Tyranitar; Ability2: Solid Rock [*]name: Weezing; Type2: Fire; SA: 115; SD: 80; BST: 530; Or. BST: 490; Notes: Poison/Dark also makes sense, but… [/list] If you have any suggestions for any changes, please post. EDIT: You can view the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CK-FvFG0qj5oF4hn7kEpvb3y3mOWDS3XCRyGwmbUeGE/edit?usp=sharing It seems this forum doesn't support the Google spreadsheet [gs] embedding...
  4. Hi all, this is my first post here and I would like to make a request! I would like to say thanks in advance to anyone who offers help. I can give my friend code to anyone who needs it to trade. Zekrom @ Life Orb Ability: Teravolt EVs: 104 HP / 148 Atk / 252 SpA / 4 Spe Lonely Nature - Bolt Strike - Draco Meteor - Outrage - Focus Blast Arceus @ Life Orb Ability: Multitype EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Extreme Speed - Shadow Claw - Earthquake - Swords Dance Genesect @ Choice Scarf Ability: Download EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Rash Nature - U-turn - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam - Flamethrower Thanks again!
  5. Because there is already a Pokemon Alpha Sapphire only hack called GBAlpha Sapphire. I decided to create a hack only for Omega Ruby called Nuclear Ruby. The hack is going to have: new mega (They are going to replace some forms of pokemon that change form with abilities) all moves are randomized all encounters are randomized all trainers are randomized and are harder to defeat no trade evolutions 1 super strong hidden mega edited trainer sprites and models random TM and move tutors randomized level-up moves some Pokemon evolve into Pokemon they should evolve into (but Gamefreak didn't do that) better marts I'm still working on the models and the game text. When you wanna help me just send me a message.
  6. Lately I have been messing with the ORAS demo, with RSWE, RSTE, and Ohana. I have managed to do some pretty interesting things, enough to make a public hack. But I don't know what exactly should I change. So the question is, what kind of romhack should I make for the ORAS Demo? I'm thinking of making some Pokemon ORAS: Funky Demo Version where everyone looks like a popstar, lol. See, I have bad ideas, so that's why I am asking the community.
  7. While I was transferring my save data from my old 3DS to the new 3DS XL, an unfortunate event happened that caused the 3DS XL to not load any of the previous saves located in the SD card I was previously using, this includes Pokemon Omega ruby, the game I had most of my competitive Pokemon in. What I want to know is if there's a way to recover those Pokémon from the .sav file and bring them back to the game trough injection, the problem is, I only have the Encrypted .sav file and have no idea how to Decrypt it to make it editable on PKHeX, if it's possible, please let me know, I would really appreciate it. I attached the .sav file to this post, maybe it'll help. 00000001.sav
  8. Why don't we mod Pokemon ORAS and put Mega-Flygon into it? (Maybe because he doesn't have another sprite...) Sounds like a funny thing to you?
  9. Hello, I would like to modify sprites intros vs trainers face and their background but I can not find their location in the ROM. Where are they ? How should I do to get png files?
  10. Hello, I'm french, I try to make a rom hack for my friends. I have questions. It's possible to get Ho-Oh on Sapphire or Lugia on Rubis if i give a clear bell or a tidell bell with a NPC?
  11. Hello! I am searching for a way to get a Manaphy. I don't see any on GTS. None of the guides I have read say anything other than trade from another game - and the game I had one on was stolen along with my original 3ds. I suspect that finding a new Pokemon Ranger game, never played, is cost prohibitive. Is there a way that, if I were to buy a used Pokemon Ranger game, I would be able to reset it so that I could get an egg? If so, I do have access to a DSi as well as my replacement 3DS XL - would I be able to transfer the egg from the Pokemon Ranger to a copy of Pokemon Diamond, then from Diamond to get the Manaphy somehow into my Omega Ruby? If that is unlikely to work, t am wondering whether there is a way using a 3ds XL running the latest updates as well as Omega Ruby with the latest updates to create a Manaphy. If that is unlikely, then is there a web site that provides the ability to generate one? If that is unlikely, then are there other players on the internet who could generate a Manaphy for me? Thank you!
  12. We all love pokemon.....Started playing oras 4weeks now because of a girl ..now it can't seem to beat her in any battles she has everything and won't give me any of her pokemon to even the score...and that's y I need help with 3 pokemon if u have a extra one..... darkrai, hoopa and if possible a (sturdy shedinja) my code is 0748-4949-2403 leave you code in the comments I'll add u back thanks ....
  13. Anyone with their full wallpaper collection unlocked could lend me a screenshot of their Box Layout window in PKHex? I somehow while figuring out what i was doing I messed up my wallpapers, now I only have 4 of the 8 special unlocked ones. Would appreciate the help, thanks in advance. I just want a screenshot like this so I can know what flag I should change in my file:
  14. the type effectiveness table is in DllBattle.cro @ 0xDB428
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