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  1. GBAlpha Sapphire and Gamebomega Ruby? :redface: This seems to have potential, good luck! Offtopic: Have you tried overwriting the GBAlpha Sapphire romfs to the Omega Ruby one? OR and AS have the same file structure, right?
  2. Actually seems like a good-ish storyline. It should be for GBA, because we don't have those kind of tools for the NDS/3DS.
  3. Lately I have been messing with the ORAS demo, with RSWE, RSTE, and Ohana. I have managed to do some pretty interesting things, enough to make a public hack. But I don't know what exactly should I change. So the question is, what kind of romhack should I make for the ORAS Demo? I'm thinking of making some Pokemon ORAS: Funky Demo Version where everyone looks like a popstar, lol. See, I have bad ideas, so that's why I am asking the community.
  4. How do you expect to get the ORAS trainer battle/overworld models working in XY? Or are you making your own?
  5. This works to an extent with the ORAS Demo(but obviously most encounters have the unown model because they are unused in the demo), just to confirm I guess.
  6. Which game do you prefer? The originals or the remakes?
  7. Powersaves can only edit saves, not the rom. If you only want to look at the game's romfs, you could just dump the game with braindump and extract the romfs with romfs extractor. Or just get the game from a rom site and decrypt it.
  8. Just checked it out, it's real, but not very fun. I guess that last part is just a matter of opinion, though. My personal favorite Pokemon MMO is PokeMMO. You should try that, too. EDIT: Pokemon Pets is actually pretty fun, now that I have caught some more Pokemon :cool::biggrin:
  9. If you have a backup of your nand when it was on 9.2-9.5, you could get a hardmod(either sending your 3DS to someone to do it or doing one yourself) and restore that backup. If you never made a backup, then your only option is to get another 3DS.
  10. Well, this place seems neat. :cool: I started messing with the ORAS demo rom the other day, and it got me back into Pokemon. I plan to make some fancy romhacks. The only 3DS Pokemon game that I have is the ORAS Demo, but I have the NDS games. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I'm Alerdy, more commonly known as Jwiz33 on GBATemp. I am learning LUA and am using lpp-3ds and LovePotion to make some pretty cool 3DS homebrew. These include a Breakout clone, a Pong like game(with a twist), and some other stuff. I am 14 years of age and am a native English speaker. My favorite(and first) Pokemon game is Sapphire, and I hope to play the remake soon. If I happen to make any romhacks, they will probably be for the 3DS. Thanks! :redface:
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