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  1. Would it be possible to edit a Pokemon to change the record of how many vitamins (calcium, carbos. . .) it's taken? This is because it doesn't let Pokemon take more than 10 vitamins per stat, for 100 Evs, even though this is not the ev max.
  2. Hi. I want to request 4 features 1: First of all, the Pokemon Listing by Pokedex Number. (maybe let people choose if they want by pokedex number or alphabetical order). 2: All ITEMS, like it used to be in pokesav. All items by category, such as key, medicine etc. 3: When a pokemon is initially loaded without any move, maybe load 2-3 of moves that into its moveset that it can learn normally (relates to 4) 4: Make A LEGIT mode, so if a pokemon knows a move that it shoudnt learn, automatically replace it with a random move that it normally learns. Make a "LEGAL ONLY" mode option? Which will allow people to make legal only pokemons and that way the illegal moves get automatically replaced. These are features that will help me out a lot but obviously not completely necessary. Just makes things easier.
  3. Hello, I would like to request a feature where we can copy all the data in the Met and OT/Misc tab and paste it to multiple pokemons at the same time. Because sometimes we may want to make our other pokemons have the same met locations, origin game, TID, SID, OT, etc. Example when you downloaded a box full of pokemon that someone made for you and they put the wrong TID, SID, etc. to all of them, it will take too long to edit all of the pokemons data if you have to do it one by one. That is all what I wanted to say. I hope you I helped you
  4. Hello, (I don't like the Title "feature REQUEST", it's just an idea/question) First, I'd like to point out some troubles with the move "Wish" (and "Healing Wish") in French : the move is called "Vœu" (and "Vœu soin"), with that special character "œ" which nobody knows how to do with a keyboard (Alt+0156 btw). When I type "voeu" (with normal o and e), type completion thinks it knows that move but fails and gives me something like "voeuෆ濰l谀rvහ濰\" (the characters at the end seem random as they change each time). It gives me a red textbox (unknown move). Long story short, the only way to set the move "Vœu" for us frenchies is to type "v" and then search type completion to find it (which then is recognised just fine). Would it be possible to make it so that PKHex recognises "Voeu" as the move "Vœu", or at least that type completion does ? Then, my first idea would be to add some kind of database with all teachable moves for all pokemons, in order to simplify the creation of legit pokemons in PKHex' "safe" mode (not PKHax). Maybe you could use a color warning to tell us when we set an incorrect move (like the red color when we mistyped) ? I don't know if it's possible to do so while keeping PKHex a simple, lightweight .exe file. Finally , would it be possible to copy "Current moves" fields to the "Relearn moves" fields, by clicking on the "Relearn Moves" label for example. Maybe PKHex could even calculate the proper settings for those fields (hatch moves, egg moves and special moves in the correct order), but I'm pretty sure that's too much work for the little improvement^^. Well, that's all I wanted to say for now. I hope I helped you.:grog:
  5. Could you add something like : Delete All Pokemon in Box 1 Delete All Pokemon in Box 2 It's just for avoid : Click-Delete - Click-Delete - Click-Delete... x)
  6. Greetings, Im organizing a tournament in my city and i would like to lock the battlebox like VGC championships. Its that possible ?
  7. Currently you have to select (to delete/etc) one Pokemon at a time. It makes clearing boxes kind of... tedious, doing it one at a time. It'd be cool if there was a feature to highlight all of the Pokemon at a time then delete them, or something.
  8. Every time I launch the software, I need to choose the my preferred language, which is not very convenient. I hope that PKHEX can save the language preference setting in future. Thank you.
  9. Hello, At first I just wanted to know if there was a way to use the "seed" in PKHex daycare tab ? Is it possible to see the pokemon it will give or is everything set only when the egg is redeemed? Then, I thought of something : would it be possible to use the daycare tab to "simulate" daycare ? I mean being able to put 2 mons in there, then have a seed generated so the corresponding pokemon can be edited in PKHex. This would give something like this, using Ctrl+clic on the baby's preview to open it in PKHex "editing tab" (mon shown in an egg I guess, as the seed doesn't contain any information about hatching datas) : Just tell me if it's not possible (or you don't want to), it's just an idea I got which I thought I should share :bidoof:
  10. Hi, I've translated PKHeX to Portuguese (Portugal). I'm not sure if it is possible to add it, since I've seen that PokeGen had a limit on how many languages it can have, if I'm not mistaken. I translated everything I could, while still making sense, since some things don't translate well into portuguese, or they are simply better understood like they are in the games. Here is the txt file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/110528063/lang_pt.txt You might see a lot of interrogation marks, but after downloading the file, they're not there. It's something to do with how the browser displays some special characters (accents).
  11. I'm going through the entire program by pressing Tab and I think some improvements can be made. I will list them below: I think it's a fairly small feature request but here goes: We can control+click on for example "Randomize IVs" to max them. We can (once tabbed to) press the enter key to randomize IVs regurly We can NOT control+enter to max the IVs Would love it if the latter option would be added all across. I'm one of those extremely lazy people that likes to use macro's, and doing so is a lot easier if we can control+enter. (The macro would send a couple of Tab's, enters, digits etc) When the current selected is on "Main" we have to tab key all the way through the Main tab to get to the "Make Shiny" button. It would be appreciated if this one can be sorted after the "reroll" button (which is the one selected after pressing Tab once coming from Main) To continue the same idea as above; the "Met Location" comes after the "As Egg" rather than after the "Origin Game". Resorting those would make some more sense there When in Ribbons/Medals section it is not possible to select the checkboxes by pressing the enter key When opening the Memory / Amie Editor (again through pressing enter obviously) it defaults to "Fullness". If possible it would be much appreciated for it to start on "Friendship" then go down in the following order: Friendship Affection Memory Type Area Intensity Feeling Fullness Enjoyment That's about it I think. Hope to see these in a future release. I would kiiindaaa love to see a "notification" when the changes are committed on the git buuutt... not mandatory if that is too much asked. (I am asking this because as I study informatics I got a full license of Visual Studio 2012 so using the source on the Git I can build my own release before a release is posted on here)
  12. I was wondering if it would be possible for PKHeX to edit any current Friend Safari Pokemon and Types for Pokemon X/Y? Of course, the option would be exclusive to only the X/Y games, I was just wondering if it could be possible. Now, I'm not saying that the Safaris should have just anything, but just the legit Friend Safari types and the Pokemon that reside in them. For example, changing a Rock-type Safari (Dwebble, Rhydon, Barbaracle) to a different type and Pokemon list, like Fairy-type (Dedenne, Clefairy, Blue Flower Floette) You see where I'm going with this, right? That way, people won't need to worry about adding random passerby's or Acquaintances, just to get a certain Friend Safari.
  13. Title says it all. For as far as I can tell this is not yet possible... but eh... a 1 in over 4 billion chance to randomize it on the PID isn't quite worth it guys.. we need a spot modifier :bidoof:! Quote from bulbapedia:
  14. Could you make it when we export our boxes to a csv file with the box data report that when we open it with excel there are images instead of just System.something...?
  15. It would be cool if you could copy and paste showdown teams and directly put em into your boxes because this would be much faster then doing manually
  16. Hi there I was just using the box data report feature to speed up my event spreadsheeting, and i noticed that there is no "level" column and only "met_level" Would it be possible to add this feature in the future, and if so, roughly how long will that take? Not trying to be pushy, i know you are busy and many other things are more important :tongue: Its just so i know whether to be lazy and wait or update level column in my spreadsheet myself hehe
  17. A way to edit the Super Contest Paintings, just like the Hall of Fame, and if possible, the Battle Institute results.
  18. Hello, I'd like a feature in which we can edit Secret Bases's items, just like ordinary items. I clicked on "Give all decorations", but now I don't want to have 25 of each ones, it doesn't seem legit ^^" Thank you for adding this feature and sorry for my english EDIT : Finally, I have set the Secret Base decorations myself, by hex-editing the ramsav.bin file. But it was pretty easy (if i did it myself, it means it was veeeery easy ^^" ), so I don't think it will be that much hard to add this feature Again thank you for adding this feature and sorry for my english
  19. I don't think this has been requested, but I'll do so. I'd like to see a Battle Institute log modifier introduced for PKHeX to modify your score in the Battle Institute in X/Y/OR/AS and the Pokemons you used to get that score if possible.
  20. This was a very useful feature in Pokegen, so I was wondering if it would return to PKHex.
  21. In pokegen on Ot section you could insert your OT and SID from the save easily , now it has to be done manually If you could bring it back would be nice
  22. Hello! At first, I would thank all of you for your efforts with PKHeX. I'm using it with Ram2Sav, and works like a charm. However, I have a question, but I don't know if this is the right place to ask... Since now we can edit much aspects from our save files through PKHeX and reinject them through Ram2Sav, I was wondering about one thing, it's a minor detail, I know. In online battles, we can set the music that will play; but since Ho-Oh and Lugia have their exclusive battle themes, an Omega Ruby player can't use the Lugia theme in online battles (since Lugia isn't obtainable in OR) - the same for Alpha Sapphire players that can't use the Ho-Oh theme. Precisely, these tracks are Music 12 - Battle! Ho-Oh (Omega Ruby Only); & Music 13 - Battle! Lugia (Alpha Sapphire Only). Assuming both themes are encoded in both versions, maybe it would be possible to just unlock these themes through PkHeX in some way (so OR players could choose Music 13 too, and AR players could choose Music 12)? Just a silly question, I know. Thanks in advance to everyone. And sorry for my English mistakes.
  23. Would it be possible to add a feature to insert multiple pokemon into boxes all at once? I've been downloading packs of Pokemon, and it can be tedious inserting 600 of them one by one... Also, would it be possible to apply changes to all pokemon in a box or boxes at once? Maybe have a new window pop up with all the edit options, and fields that are left blank aren't modified, while fields filled out are applied to all pokemon? It would be great for making them all perfect IV, shiny, and changing the trainer info.
  24. Greetings, Doing a converter between both saves would be great for those who already have JPN and US / EUR cartidges of Pokemon so we can migrate our data to another cartridge of the same version but different regions. Im trying to migrate but only im getting a black screen even if i use cybergadget to inject a ramsav save maybe because its filesize are very different. Thanks so much !
  25. Could you possibly make it so that the moves list only shows moves that are legal for the Species and Origin Game that have been selected?
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