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  1. How did you go about decrypting it or unshuffling it?
  2. How did you guys make the program to read the hex files, I am trying to do it for another game that I am playing but could not figure it out. I have a hex editor, but it is encoded in a very weird way.
  3. ok. but can't you write to the csv file the text for an excel function to show an image and for the people who convert the csv file into an xls file they would see pictures instead of words.
  4. Could you make it when we export our boxes to a csv file with the box data report that when we open it with excel there are images instead of just System.something...?
  5. Yes but could I make it all into a .exe file so that I do not have to load it through Visual Studios?
  6. I mainly use pkhex to know the data about my pokemon and until recently the levels weren't reported in the box data report, however it came to my attention that 13 days ago a commit was pushed to report that, yet there is no new version to download that I can find. Is there a new exe download? Because the next step I took was downloading the master branch from github, but I do not know how to make it into an exe file in order to be able to run it. Is there a way to convert the files into an exe file? Thank you!
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