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  1. Nintendo can easily "block" MenuHax users with a system update too, so the current best option is install Ironhax while the 1.0 version is still available through the Old eShop homebrew app.
  2. Actually, the program keeps saying "Not Responding"... even if I left it running through hours (I made it last night, left the program running overnight, and when I awoke, it's on the same screen). It's the only randomizer function that doesn't work for me; all the others, even taking a while, runs properly. *EDIT* If I unckeck the three boxes at the Evolution window, pk3DS crashes but shows a error message (inside the spoiler tag). Most in Portuguese, though:
  3. Hi, just a question. When using the Evolution Editor, it is supposed to take a lot of time to process? When I just click in "Randomize All", keeping the three checkboxes marked, the program seems to stop, apparently... I'm using it on Y version, if this info is necessary. Thanks in advance for any answers.
  4. I didn't tried this ORAS hack yet, but these steps worked with me so far, for Pokémon Neo Y and CTGP-7 (Mario Kart 7 mod). I changed the instructions from the looks of this ORAS mod download pack: 1) Before everything, open your game through HANS and mark their titleid. 2) Dump your game with BrainDumps 3) Download the PackHack kit, available here: http://pastebin.com/A1s8cmsD 4) Extract it, open RomFS Extractor and choose your romfs.bin dumped from your original game. A folder named romfs_ should appear at the end 5) Download this ORAS pack according to your desired game, extract it. Look for the folder "a" inside the "romfs" folder. Copy the "a" folder 6) Now open the "romfs_" generated on Step 4, and paste the "a" folder. When you're asked to overwrite files, say "Yes". 7) After that, open the PackHack kit again, open the RomFS Builder, and repack the "romfs_" folder. At the end, you will be asked to save this file: use the format "titleid.romfs" for saving this file. 8) Now, open HxD ( http://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ ). Select the Hex bytes since the beginning, until the 0xFFF line (doing that, you will see the number "1000" on the foot of the program. Click to enlarge this example pic) 9) Delete these selected Hex bytes, then save. 10) Place this edited titleid.romfs on the "hans" folder on your SD Card, boot the 3DS, then HANS through HBL. 11) Just set the ROMFS option to "Yes", then boot your game. It should work.
  5. OK, this is really interesting: https://twitter.com/smealum/status/656947650999156736 "if your only reason for updating is eshop access : DONT. not yet anyway. help is on the way for 9.3-10.1 users !" Although I already updated my main unit into 10.2, this is promising. Maybe can extend to 10.2, when a future system update appears
  6. I think even with a retail version of OoT, you can use it to access the Homebrew Channel, then exchange for other retail cart to use with Save Manager, as an example. It's the same with Cubic Ninja (only Japan had a digital version of this game). The only advantage of the digital version is the convenience of not having to keep switching game cards, in the end.
  7. By the way, smea confirmed that OotHax/NinjHax/IronHax users can update to 10.2; the 10.1 payloads work without problems. But THemeHax/BrowserHax are really dead. He said the 10.2 payloads will come with Hax 2.5, so likely soon. https://twitter.com/smealum/status/656565816435933184
  8. As hacks said, if you update your 3DS, then ThemeHax and BrowserHax will be blocked as TubeHax. Smealum said on Twitter that Ninjhax (through Cubic Ninja), OoTHax (Ocarina of Time 3D) and IronHax (through IronFall's old version) must work, but he suggested to wait for updated payloads for the last two. So I'm waiting for that - I have IronHax and OoTHax on my 3DSXL, just in case. But for my 2DS, it's game over if I update, since I don't have any other Hax method on it (my OoT copy is digital and stay on the 3DS XL, so I can't share it). So I'll keep it with wifi off.
  9. If I remember correctly, Waitress_Tsubame, you're a TubeHax user, right? I suggest you to install BrowserHax, and then, ThemeHax ASAP (so you don't need to access internet, or changing DNS). There's a good tutorial on GBATemp -> http://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-the-homebrew-launcher-and-custom-themes-all-in-one-noobs-guide.395652/
  10. And now, TubeHax is somehow patched too. There's a new update for the Youtube app on the eShop, and even if you try to launch the Youtube app without updating, the system won't allow you to enter the Homebrew Channel. Some kind of DNS/IP check, perhaps? Considering there's a big maintenance on next Monday, for all online services on Nintendo systems, looks like a new system update is iminent too. For the time being, about TubeHax users, guess the best options are HomeMenuHax and BrowserHax.
  11. Yikes, and just needed ONE people using unreleased Pokémon in a competition... and the chaos begun. The NA leaderboards are filled with Palkias and Dittos now... Surely, Nintendo will work to fully close this entrypoint ASAP... I'm not worried about Shuffle, but with everything that we can use through Ironhax/Tubehax (emulators, save editing, etc)
  12. As far as you have the Youtube app to run TubeHax, yes, it should work with any 3DS version between 9.0->10.1, either American, European or Japanese.
  13. Waitress_Tsubame, maybe you can try this method: https://twitter.com/smealum/status/643874942849818624 @smea: "for people having trouble changing firmware for tubehax : hold START until it crashes, then try again."
  14. https://twitter.com/smealum/status/643914493123166209 OK, now IronHax and Ninjhax can be used at system version too - delete your current Ironhax save on Ironfall - download the new installer and put it on the homebrew folder on your 3DS' SD - Open through TubeHax, access the HomeBrew Channel, then the new installer - Install the new Ironhax save - Now you can update your system version without problems.
  15. I didn't updated my 2DS yet, but when I use Tubehax, I keep pressing the button on the lower screen that says "Firmware Version". Then now I'm able to choose firmware now, if I want. Since my 2DS isn't updated , choosing that option don't launch the Homebrew Channel. If/when I update the system, I'm assuming just choosing that option will be enough. For the other Hax methods (Ironhax, OoThax, Smashhax), I need to wait until Smealum update their payloads.
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