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Found 34 results

  1. I've managed to make a patch for the Battle Subway for BW & BW2. The list with changes made by me are at this link: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jcp91l58n9pyrz7 Here's what the patch does: -Increase number of Pokemon in database to 1612 -All trainers in Normal line have a huge Pokemon roster -Few Super Line Pokemon were edited in terms of moveset, items and EV spread -Partner Pokemon roster is 464 (310 in Attack and 154 in Defense) NOTE: If you already have a patched rom, such as BlazeBlack2... don't worry. Use the NitroExplorer to extract the narcs from the clean rom that's been patched for the Battle Subway and reinsert them in the rom you're currently playing. Leave feedback and any suggestions of who should I fix in the Super Line and enjoy fighting in the ultimate Battle Subway. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/io1214wdgsufxad/BattleSubwayPatch.zip
  2. Hi I am really bored by Pokemon games difficulties and since i have noone to play with online, i want to pump up the games challenge mode (whose existance actually gave me this idea), makeing alle the gyms and post game encounters and the elite 4 a much of a challenge as I can (becuase lets face it the actual challenge mode is only slightly more of a challenge) So what i need are a few pointers to what tools to use and how to compile a proper patch, and how i might find the adresses of the trainers pokemon stats for the challenge mode key (because i would like to keep the on and off option to make it a bit more professional), doesnt need to be too indepht, im thankful for everything you can give me, so dont mind posting as few as you know, its still better than nothing. Im sure many would like this, but even if not id apreciate the infos. Thanks and greetings, john
  3. Hey, all! My name's Aninymouse and I've been dabbling in Pokemon ROM hacking for quite some time. Though I've edited all the way from Gen 2 to the present, I've never yet seen a project come to completion and release. However, this time I plan on finishing what I've started. I don't have any fancy graphics to show you yet, or even any YouTube videos, but I'm going to show you my vision for my version of Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2. The goal of True White 2 & Ideal Black 2 is to simply offer a more robust experience overall, while retaining the basic gameplay of Black 2 & White 2 that we all enjoy. Think about prominent projects of the past, like "Perfect Platinum"; this project will have a similar scope. Below, I'll outline my initial desires for this hack. Things might get added on later if I learn more tricks or get some help! CHANGES >Pokemon >>Availability - My goal is to have the only version exclusives to be Black or White Kyurem. All 649 Pokemon should be here. >>Types & Stats - Some Pokemon will be of different types. Base stats will most likely stay the same unless I have a good reason to change them. >>Abilities - Many Pokemon will have different abilities, some will more easily be found with better ones. >>Moves - Each Pokemon family will have at least one new attack to use. Some moves will be improved or altered. >>Hidden Hollow & Dream World - Expect these Pokemon to sometimes be very surprising. >>Evolutions - All Pokemon can evolve without trading. You won't be left out in the cold if you have trouble finding other players! >>Wild Held Items - Many rare items will be at your disposal. >>Miscellaneous - Some gender ratios and other information will be altered. >Towns & Maps - Many shops will carry a wider variety of items to use. >Storyline - While the bulk of the story will remain unchanged for now, some dialogue will be changed. >>Trainers - Trainers will generally have more Pokemon, and of higher levels and higher difficulty. >>Gym Leaders - The Leaders will definitely be much more rewarding. Far too easy on Normal Mode in B2W2. >>Pokemon World Tournament - Most teams here will recieve tweaks to keep things interesting. Regional divisions will remain reasonably easy to allow for BP grinding, while the World Leaders, Champion League, and Type Masters divisions will all be fairly challenging! >Other Changes >>Items - TMs and other items might change location to ease pokemon raising, or what have you. >>TM & HM - Several relatively useless TMs may change; for instance: Ally Switch, Incinerate, etc. >>Types - I think two to five changes to the "Type Chart" will vastly improve competitive balance and spice things up! >>Challenge & Assist - I'm wanting to research ways that Challenge & Assist Mode Keys can be allowed from the start without infrared. If RAM editing & AR codes are the only way, well, so be it. This is just my starting list. Feel free to suggest changes! I love hearing other people's ideas! If you'd like to partner up and get involved in a growing project, just contact me on the forums or email me at aninymouse@hotmail.com. Obviously, I'd like to use the USA version of the game for this, but until October there are a lot of things that can be done on the Japanese version in the meantime!
  4. Well, I don't know if it's possible, but this crossed through my mind after a joke thread involving a fanart made by a pixiv artist named cosmo (hence the name). The point of this request is to take any of the BW2 games and change the starter Pokemons (Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott) for Lv1 Tangela, Grimer and Magikarp respectively, mainly to use it for nuzlocke challenges. Here a little screencap I edited in PS: And the fanart made by cosmo:
  5. Hey there. New here. Looking for feedback/suggestions, etc. [EDIT] Apparently at some point a Gen IV mod came out called Sun & Moon. So now maybe I need to change the names? You snooze for nine years, you lose, I guess. The sun and moon are actually hugely central to my plotline, so for now the working titles are Solar & Lunar. I've been sitting on an idea for a ROM mod since shortly after Gen III came out, but priorities changed and I left it in the dust until I picked up Pokemon Y recently and started playing again. So here's a quick rundown of my goals: Remake/retell the original Pokémon games with a cohesive and compelling story Present Team Rocket as a credible threat with believable motives Establish an internal cosmology using legendary and mythical pokémon as narrative focus [*]Add/redesign cities and landmarks in Kanto to accommodate a total of 18 gyms One for each type [*]Gradually ramp up difficulty to surpass traditional Pokémon games without starting at an increased difficulty level [*]Include a higher-than-usual but not complete list of catchable pokémon A complete list would be available between Sun and Moon, using breeding and evolution Evolution would include simulated in-game trades [*]Utilize day-night cycle dynamic Early versions of this plan had one game set in day and the other at night, (guess which was which!) because GBA emulators couldn't simulate a real-time clock At the time I originally conceived this, I was only planning to have 17 gyms, as Fairy didn't exist. There's also over 300 more pokémon now. Those pokémon don't serve any purpose for my narrative, but many of them have unique type combinations that could add some satisfying depth to the gameplay without further hacks that might be less intuitive to players. So my questions here today boil down to: Is Black 2/White 2 the best choice to mod from? There seem to be an abundance of resources available, with people making progress on 721 and Fairy imports. Will people be satisfied if I cherry-pick pokémon from across the generations, or will they expect commitment to either 386 or 721? My original plan was 386, but now there's a Ghost/Steel pokémon and that is SO COOL. Is there still enough interest in Gen III mods and enough supported resources to justify abandoning the expanded features of DS emulation? What do people consider excessive in terms of options? How much is too much for a mod to present to players? Can we emulate clocks now? I'm so behind the times! Thanks for your time. I'm looking forward to some feedback before I start cracking hexes open on this little pet project of mine.
  6. Hey everyone! I've been trying for weeks to get Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 to look 2D thanks to camera cheats but this seems worthless. Here is the cheat : By hacking the game's maps in SDSME and exporting the models of the maps or buildings to Blender, I discovered the orthogonal perspective which shows a a perfect 2D view (as in HGSS because the 2D view is possible in those games thanks to AR cheats). The only problem in Blender is that the models look blurry and it's impossible to obtain a perfect size of the models without the blurring. That's what I mean : So I wanted to know if someone is willing to try to look into the roms and deactivate the current perspective to make the game look 2D. As a graphist and as a game creator (I'm the creator of the fangames Pokemon Cinder & Foam), I'm really interested by the graphic style of the games and it will be a really good opportunity to study the game's graphics.
  7. The first post will be the patch and instructions and the second will be a look into how I managed to do this. Using this will be a little bit complex for now until the new version of Kazo's trainer editor shows up. I don't know if he'll be doing it or if I'll be doing it, but it will be available at some point soon-ish. Until then, there are basic instructions in the text file and obviously you can ask questions in here. So what we've got here is the first implementable hack for 5th gen Rom hacks. For now it will just be for B2W2, but will eventually be for BW as well. As the title states, it lets you pick the nature for opposing trainers' pokes. http://hack.thundaga.com/trainer_nature.7z Also, here's a pic of what I was talking about in the text file: The red square is byte 0x4B, the one you're supposed to edit.
  8. It's been a couple of weeks since BW has been out in English, so it's time to release the new Project Pokemon ROM Editor. This version includes a heavy amount of Pokemon and Move editing as well as Trainer editing. In addition, Map editing has been improved with overworlds incorporated and a full 3D editor. Sprites can be edited too. Example of the map edit screen: Download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2030539/ppre/V/ppre-v_b04.exe
  9. Heres My Tools Re uploaded Guys And Girls Pokemon Black And White Version 2 Tools Re Uploaded Note. These Tools Were Intended For The End User To Improve Their Own Games. They Will Not Effect Online Play If Gamefreak Wishes These Tools To Be Removed Then i Will Remove These Tools Even Though These Tools Need The Roms Of The Games To Work The User Must Dump Their Own Rom Of The Game I Do Not Encourage The Use Of Illegal Roms
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