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  1. theSLAYER

    tool PGO: Generation 8 Pokémon

    810 810 811 811 812 812 813 813 814 814 815 815 816 816 817 817 818 818 819 819 820 820 821 821 822 822 823 823 824 824 825 825 826 826 827 827 828 828 829 829 830 830 831 831 832 832 833 833 834 834 835 835 836 836 837 837 838 838 839 839 840 840 841 841 842 842 843 843 844 844 845 845 846 846 847 847 848 848 849 849 850 850 851 851 852 852 853 853 854 854 855 855 856 856 857 857 858 858 859 859 860 860 861 861 864 864 866 866 867 867 868 868 869 869 870 870 871 871 872 872 873 873 874 874 875 875 876 876 877 877 878 878 879 879 880 880 881 881 882 882 883 883 884 884 885 885 886 886 887 887 888 888 889 889 890 890 Source: https://github.com/ZeChrales/PogoAssets
  2. Download link Pokémon White Deluxe [version 1.0] Special thanks General & Tools | MeroMero | Kaphotics | SCV | KazoWAR | Drayano | Andibad | Abacus | Pedro250 Graphics | X-5-4-3-2 | Litera-Sure | Segesi | Eli-Eli76 | Serafin-Adamana | OceansLugiaSpirit | Tahayarkhan Music | FL.Remix
  3. Pokémon Blaze Black | Pokémon Volt White Current Version: 3.1 Last Updated: 24th December, 2011 THERE IS NO "NORMAL" OR "LEGENDARY" VERSION ANYMORE. THE DOWNLOADS OFFERED HAVE ALL 649. Click the banner for a video playlist of the hack. Summary Pokémon Blaze Black and Pokémon Volt White are edits of the regular Pokémon Black and White versions which self-contain all 649 Pokémon, allowing a player a large amount of variety. In addition, BB/VW also have edited trainers, an increased difficulty level, improvements to many Pokémon and more. They are the spiritual successor of my two other hacks, Pokémon Fire Red Omega and Pokémon Spirit Gold. Blaze Black and Volt White were also - with one minor exception - the first of their kind to be made. I should mention that with the exception of things normally different between Black and White such as Black City, White Forest, the legendary focus and the appearance of Opelucid City, the two games are identical. Specific Features As aforementioned, the hack allows you to catch all 649 Pokémon in some way or another. This is unaffected by the version chosen to play; encounters are the same in both. Every single trainer in the game has had their Pokémon edited, fitting a new level curve and increasing the difficulty overall. While not mind crushingly tough, they're sure to provide more of a challenge than the original games were able to. The level curve takes full advantage of the new experience system in Black and White. A vast number of Pokémon have had certain statistics about them edited. This can be a number of things, including experience rate, typing, base stats and abilities. A lot of Pokémon have been given their Dream World abilities as an option, where applicable and/or useful. Pokémon have also had additions to their moveset, including additions or alterations to their level up movesets as well as TM and HM compatibility. Level up movesets in particular have been edited for 600+ Pokémon. There has also been editing of many evolutions, generally involving those Pokémon who generally had to be traded to be evolved. Blaze Black and Volt White are entirely self-contained; no outside contact is required for anything. Items found in the field have been changed considerably, to include TMs, evolution items and fossils previously only found post-League. The items have been adjusted in such a way that makes it convenient for the game's progress. Where applicable, text has also been changed to reflect these changes. Multiples of certain items, such as the evolution stones, the Lucky Egg and the EXP Share are also given out, all in the name of convenience. It isn't just trainers and wild Pokémon who have had their levels changed; event Pokémon such as Reshiram and Zekrom have also had their levels changed, ensuring that they don't become useless due to the sharp increase in levels. All five in-game trades have also been edited, giving you new possibilities for your team. A small number of attacks have also been changed to make them more useful, generally in terms of power (and rarely, type). A number of documents are included with the download that allow you to see any and all changes made. Wondering what's new? Where to find something? Consult the guides! Why play Blaze Black and/or Volt White? With the extra amounts of Black and White hacks cropping up now, Blaze Black and Volt White has lost its main edge in being the only hack of its kind. I'd like to say that it being the first means something, but unfortunately it really doesn't in the long run. The main reason for playing Blaze Black and Volt White would be its dedication to the original games; with one or two exceptions the main Pokémon of a Gym Leader or Elite Four member does NOT change, and themes (including type and general appearance) are kept as best as possible. Things must make some degree of sense, or they won't be found in this hack. Most of the time. These two also offer some "what ifs?" What if Flareon got Flare Blitz? What if Delibird actually had some stats? What if Weavile was given Technician? What if Gallade had kept Trace? What if the Gothitelle line actually had a Dark-typing? Just how broken would a Dragon-type Serperior with Contrary be? How about a Samurott with Shell Smash? (Between you and me, they are broken as hell!) The game also tries to have as many Pokémon available early as possible, while still keeping them in appropriate places. There's a couple odd balls that are late such as Torkoal or Stunfisk as they were tough to place, but the majority are available before the sixth badge is up, and the majority of them are available at Nimbasa City or prior. Blaze Black and Volt White also offer a 'clean' version, which is a relatively blank slate, keeping the 649 hack but eliminating all of the Pokémon changes. This is useful for the purist, and it's something no other hack has, as far as I'm aware. If you're looking for a challenge designed by someone who thinks they know the Pokémon games in and out (and considering my ridiculous amount of knowledge about them and my three walkthroughs, I certainly hope I do!) then this is the hack to try. If you're looking for an incredibly difficult challenge... I'd recommend a different one. Although this one has its fair share of annoyances, too. Can I see some screenshots of the hack? Certainly. Open the spoiler below to see them. These mostly just show some of the first bits; you'll have to play it to see the rest! Credits and Gratitude elementking: It was thanks to him that I even got to start hacking B/W fully in the first place. Without him I probably wouldn't have discovered anything post Wild Pokemon editing. Project Pokémon Forums: The ROM editing help section is a great way to find out if certain ideas are possible, and if so, how. Numerous people on there (as well as being found in other places) have made or stated discoveries that this hack uses, including Andibad, kaphotics and KazoWAR. Kazo in particular can also be thanked for the 1.1a incarnation of the trainer editor, a key tool for making this hack. twistedfatal: His tools help to simplify things significantly, cutting down on the amount of hex editing required. neltazero: His tools are also very helpful and quite easy to use, making Wild Pokemon and trainer editing that much easier. SegNin: It's thanks to him we have the current .bat patching system for this, and by extension for Pitch Black and Pure White. knivez69: The banner up top is his incredible work. Various Members of GBAtemp and GameFAQs: For ideas on additions/changes to make. Bugs, Changelog, Version Clarification and Download Links Bugs Changelog Version Clarification The Full version of the hack is the whole thing; the Wild changes, the trainer changes, the Pokemon changes, the item changes, absolutely everything. The Clean version takes out some of the content, so that the actual Pokemon, their level up moves and attacks are left unchanged. Trainers are edited from their Full version counterparts to clear up any inconsistencies done through adding new techniques in the Full version. Download You will need a ROM of Black or White to use the patches found in the downloads, which you will have to find on your own. It must be either English European or American, though.
  4. Pokémon Black X | Pokémon White X Base Game: Pokémon Black (U) | Pokémon White (U) Last Updated: Last Year Summary: Pokemon Black and White X are hacks brought to you by me(Dan Firan), cataboy123, Drayano, Oxnite, Pedro250, KazoWAR, Aninymouse, Andibad, Neltazero, SugarBaby, Kaphotics, My best friend Blaxe and of course Nintendo. The main purpose of this hack is to give the players a new experience with improved Pokémon and new battles. How far will you go to get all 649 Pokémon? This hack allows you to catch all 649 known Pokémon. This may not be a good hack at all. But it isn't my job to judge, it's yours. Credits: cataboy123: He helped me to re-start my project by inspiring me. Drayano: He started all of this. Without him this hack wouldn't've seen the light of day. Oxnite: His OxATTACK tool helped me, it might be small, but its worth mentioning. Pedro250: His EVOLUTION EDITOR really helped, it might be small, but its worth mentioning. KazoWAR: .........................*speechless*. He was the one that helped me most. Replacing OW sprites, MUGS, and battle sprites were all possible 'cause of him. Also the Wild editing and Trainer Editing were possible because of him. Aninymouse: VERY inspring person here. Andibad: Andi's tools and his inspiring words really helped me. Nintendo: Of course, without these guys, the game itself wouldn't exist. SugarBaby: He replied to my PM, even though he wouldn't've been able to help with my hack. Kaphotics: And of course, Kaph. Without him the interaction levels would've stayed the way they normally are. And to you my good reader: for playing the hack or reading this thread. Screenshots: Progress: Trainer editing: 99.9% Pokémon modifications: 99.9% Move-set mods: 100% Move mods: 100% Interaction Levels: 100% Items: 100% Text: 25.4% Trade Data: 100% Overall: 90.7% Known bugs: I haven't heard of any bugs yet. But be sure to report to this thread if you find out a bug.
  5. [OVRSPRITE]004 [/OVRSPRITE]Pokemon KJ Remake [OVRSPRITE]152[/OVRSPRITE] Pokèmon (I have no title ideas) Version ______________________ Pokemon pink is a Kanto Johto remake... You're a young trainer who has just been given, along with your two friends, their first pokemon as their 13 birthday present... your glad to begin your journey untill a new syndicate by the name of team Rocket begins to steal pokemon from trainers. You meet a young red head boy who seems to hate weak pokemon. you have a hunch he is related to the Rockets yet your not so sure... This will be the first successful Gen V remake --------------------characters: 62% player:red leaf 100% Friends: green yellow 100% Champion: Gary 100% Rival: Silver 100% Antagonist: team rocket 50% ----------------------Pokemon:95% introducing the new pokemon Pinx! 70% female torchic have their beta design 100% Honoguma 100% starters are bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle 100% Alpha Pokemon like HONOGUMA make an appearance! wild kanto/johto pokemon 100% ----------------------music: 90% ----------------------story/aestetics:85% Story 90% Grapics/Aestetics 100% Screenshots: Videos: Downloads (go to the youtube page): Support:
  6. Awesome title concept made by PEDRO12! About the game: This a hack...Or a modification, if you will, of Pokemon Black & White. Meaning, just your oridnary 649 Pokemon hack. But...To make the game feel a bit different there's a few other things added to keep it feeling fresh. Just read the long, long, long ass post to see what I'm talking about, yeah! Something about Flashcard: I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO GET THEM TO WORK ON FLASHCARD OR ON OTHER STUFF OF THAT NATURE. So, please don't ask me how. It's not that I'm being mean or anything, it's just because I have no idea how those devices work; I just don't use those types of things. I only tested these on my No$gba emulator, and they worked flawlessly on mine. But, not to worry, I'm sure someone will find a way to get this to work on one... The links and Mod info are below: Rom Intel: Pokemon Yin Black & Pokemon Yang White (Version 3.0) Language: US and Europe Current Main Link 1: Pokemon Yin Black/Yang White: Version 3.0 Version Intel: This mod; which is actually Version 3 goes all the way up, till you beat the Pokemon League both times. I didn't edited the post-game Relic Castle part, so there's no point in going there after beating the Pokemon League, since everything in their will basically be the same. Everything else, however, has been changed. Patching Information: Like per usual, these patches are Gui Type...Meaning, you'll need to have Microsoft .Net Framework install in your computer to patch with a xdelta patcher. Here's the link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=19 Document Information: Included in the download are several documents. Each document contain a certain guide...Here they are. There's a guide for every Pokemon location. Also, included are a guides on all important trainer battles encountered. And a guide for where to find all the new items I placed around Unova. Added to Version 3 are guides to the Pokemon movest and the Pokemon base stats; which all has been increased. Also, a guide on all the Pokemon attacks that has been edit. ...Here's a small log for this version's changes. Pokemon Changes: First, I would like to say if you've played any of my mods from the past, then you'll know what to expect when concerning the prevously gen Pokemon stats and ablities and even some of their attacks...Well, if you think it's still the same on Yin Black and Yang White...Then you're partially right. While some Pokemon have their same ablitites from Neo SoulSilver and Sol Platinum like Seviper, some have new one; like Dodrio with Defiant and Moxie. Obviously, some Pokemon will have their Dream World ablites; just not the starters. No starter Pokemon have their Dream World abilities; with the exception of Blaziken with Speed Boost, but rest have abilities I thought suit them... Also, even tho, at this point I think it's obvious, all starters will have two abilities. I just saying, just don't expect to see a Snivy with Contrary or anything on this mod...Sorry. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, there's also a few 5th gen Pokemon with new secondary type. Like Acceglor being part Dark-Type or Eelekrik and Eelektross both being part Water-Type...That's not including the Type changes from previously mods I made. All those type changes are on there. Move Effect Changes: Some Pokemon attacks have new second effect; like Leaf Tornado now confusing the target instead of reducing their accuracy and Wing Attack having a 20% chance rasing yer Pokes attack stat. Also, there's more, like Hydro Pump harshly lowering the foes Sp. Def. The old secondary effect from Neo Soulsilver are still on here, like Hyper Voice still lowering Sp. Def (It now harshly lowers the Sp. Def) And Slam lowering the Defense stat. They're still all on here. On Version 3, however, even more move has been edited like Meditate boosting both Attack and Sp. Atk or Stone Edge and Power Gem now hitting both Pokemon. Just like how I previously stated, there's more...but these are the only moves I'm only gonna cover. I know I said this already, but I'm gonna say it again...Pokemon can learn TMs/HM that they usually couldn't learn on the regular game; for example: Beartic is now capatible with Earthquake and Xatu is capatible with Energy Ball, there's many more Pokemon in the game they have new compatibility with different TMs/HMs. It's up to you to find which is which. Added on Version 3 are TMs with new attack data. I already mentioned a few of the TM changes, so there's no reason me to repeat myself for the 14th of time, ya think? But I can say, the two new TMs I did mention...That's just touching the surface. There's more new TMs out there, it's just up to you to find them. But I can tell you this, folks. Some of your favorite TMs from the 4th gen Pokemon games; including moves that you could get from BP from the Battle Frontier, can be found inside those TMs on this hack. And trust me folks, it was a BITCH matching each new TMs I made with the Pokemon. Very, VERY time-consuming. Mostly the reason why it took me so long to update Also, before I forget...Cuz, I'm really forgetful...I would like to thank elementking for teaching me how to edited the TM/HM data in the game. This was pretty much the main theme in this hack. Pokemon with increased Moveset: Majority of all Pokemon can learn a max of 22 moves...Well, that with the exception of legendaries or Pokemon in their pre-evolutionary stage. Just so you know, 22 moves is the max attack a Pokemon can learn. Also Pokemon like Burmy, Magikarp, Beldum and even Tynamo can learn a few attacks up, till their evolution. I even gave Pokemon like Combee/Tyrouge their own mini-moveset. Also; tho I think that this is kinda obvious, I gave all stone Pokemon their very own moveset pool...They all learn a max of 22 attacks. So, I guess there's no need for waiting on just the right level to make Pikachu evolve...or Growlithe... Anyways, that pretty much covers all of the Pokemon moveset edit. Don't forget to collect Heart Scales. There's always a Pokemon with a good re-learned move out there. All fully evolved Pokemon have at least one. Field Pokemon: I've edited mostly every Pokemon that can be encountered in the grass, the sea...Well, basically anywhere a Pokemon can be found and captured. Anyways, like I said, mostly every Pokemon, with the exception of for the postgame Relic Castle part, has been changed and edited. There's a written guide about the Wild Pokemon included in the download. It shows the spot for every Pokemon. Now, on Version 3 you receive the Super Rod at the very beginning of the game...from your mom. Tho, I guess I should tell you that NOT every fishing route has been edited...Well, you'll learn more once you open the Wild Pokemon guide. Not to worry, you'll still be able to catch wild starter Pokemon and stuff. They're scattered throughout Unova....Just use the guide to find where they're located. New Starter/Speical Event Pokemon: On Yin Black/ Yang White Version 3...Depending on which version you're playing, will determine which starter Pokemon you'll receive at the beginning. On Yin Black, the starters you'll get to choose are the same as if you'll were playing the regular game. Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy. And on Yang White, the starters you'll get to choose from are, the lizard trio; Treecko, Totodile, and Charmander Also, on Yang White, the starter your rivals will chose also be different...It won't be any of the starters you had the choice of. Completely different. The battle guide will show which Pokemon they'll use depending on which starter you pick. Speical event Pokemon like Zekrom and Reshiram or the Fighting-Type Trio; once encountered, will be on a higher level...If you've played version 2.5, expect those levels. Items as far the eyeballs can see: New items can be found on the overworld. Or given to you from NPC players. Like for example, instead of getting Flame Charge from the Battle Girl, she'll give you Sludge Wave instead. Here's yet another example: it's now possible to find the Air Ballon item inside a Poke'ball...Yeah, so basically stuff like that. Anyways, getting back on Flame Charge, it can be found on Route 4 (Before beating Burgh, so you can use it on him) There's more, like some gym leaders giving you new TMs. Brycen gives you Ice Beam. Don't worry, old TMs and items are still obtainable, it's just up to you to find it...or whatever. Version Differences: What's in Yin Black? What's in Yang White?: LOL Not that much. But, depending on which version of the mod you're playing, some of the Gym leaders you'll fight will use different Pokemon. Example: If you're playing Yin Black Lenora will use these Pokemon: Chansey, Spinda, Herdier, Linoone, and Clefable! If you're playing Yang White Lenora will use these Pokemon: Vigoroth, Dunsparce, Herdier, Furret, and Cinccino! Which do you think is harder? Also, when battling N and your Rivals, they will use a slightly different team. Once again, this all depending on which version you decided to play. Some of the speical trainer battles; ya know, like Triple or Rotation, will be different. If you encounter a trainer with a rotation battle...chances are on the opposite version, it'll be a triple battle. But...Yeah, I think it was like that anyways... There's only one item change. Instead of getting Moon Stone from Lenora, if you're playing Yang White, she'll give you a Shiny Stone instead. I think you know why, right? Pretty obvious. Smarter Trainers = Tougher Challenges: I tried making trainer battles as hard as humanly made possible, but occasionally they WILL do some retarded shit, just ignore it. ...The computer's AI seems not know how handle certain Pokemon attack...For example they love spamming attack that takes two turns to hit...I had to revamp awhole lotta important battle, cuz I noticed this pattern. Anyways, in this, mod trainer's Pokemon will get as high as to Level 100, which is the level of the Game Freak's dude's highest leveled Pokemon. I also, added a few triple and rotation battles in the mix. Most can be found in the arenas in Numbasa City or on varies Routes. But like always, important battles with trainers will always be harder than usual trainer....Well, this is me hoping anyways. Basically what I mean, your battles against your both Rivals, Gym Battles, N battles, the Elite Four and Ghetsis, which obviously the hardest. Trainers around the ending of the first part of the game and the second part of the game will use Pokemon that will have a preset Moveset...Hopefully it keeps you on yer toes. Cuz right, I'm telling ya, don't expect no Gym Leader rematches or teams based off the manga, cuz there's none here. Dialogue Changes: I also add a few new dialogue here and there throughout the game. You'll mostly find them when getting a new items from NPC. I thought the dialogue I put there was pretty neat, to say the least. I also added, well, basically just for effect, re-named Pokemon attack move. There's only two attacks with new names. Razor Wind becomes Maelstrom; it still work the same as if it was Razor Wind, however. And Flame Burst gets renamed as Spit Fire. Just like Razor Wind, the move effects are exactly the same as before, couldn't think of anything. And just for fun, I've renamed every natures given to a Pokemon. Just think of it pointless dialogue change...Especially considering it's still easy to distinguish a Pokemon nature by looking at thier stats from their Summary. Screenshot Station: Here, I showcase some screenies of my game. These first couple of screenshots shows off the menu dialogue change and a few Pokemon battle, including a triple battle. Also, it shows one of the new Pokemon types combination I made and one of the natures I renamed. It's should be interesting enough. It also should be noted that these first screenshots are from V1-V2.5...But the changes are still on the current version. And now. Are some more recent screenies of the hack. Stuff that was JUST added...With the exception of the Brycen Ice Beam thing...It's been on da game since version 2. Anyways, they're just some of the new stuff added in, mostly pics of the new obtainable items and new TMs and stuff of that nature. If you wanna be spoiled, just click da spoiler button. These are the programs I used to make this mod possible. A Hex editor (Cygnus Free Edition): For the Wild Pokemon, Level up moves, attacks, item change, and stats editing (for editing the TMs learn moves). Twistedfatal's Stat editor program. Kazo's Trainer Editor SCV's PPTXT for the Dialogue Change. No$gba 2.6a Emulator NitroExplorer Kiwi.ds (For remaking the Narc file I edited) Neltazero's Wild Pokemon Editor V5 (I used this and the hex editor) CrystalTile2 (For changing the TM/HM data) A few special thanks are in needed. Without these guys...Probably wouldn't had been a game, huh: Drayano: For telling how to do pretty much everything, when concerning the item change and the moveset editin. It was very easy for me to follow what his instructions. elementking: For teaching me where to find the TM/HM data. Me: Because without putting in the work, I'll probably wouldn't got anything done. Things I plan to do...One of these dayz: Gonna add some vidz of me fighting the Elite Four on this mod. They should be up...Soon as I reach the Pokemon league. LOL Maybe add some more dialouge...Ya know, some new dialogue to the gym leaders or to your rivals...Ya know, like in Neo Soulsilver. Also, add some sorta banner or something...I dunno, the bold dialogue with moving Pokemon sprites...is, and at the sametime, tacky and sweet...My opinion. Things you should probably know: When patching, make sure you patch this mod with an Europe Black or White rom. Also, for some strange reason, it can also patch with a pre-patched rom with all the Anti-Piracy crap gone. The rom I used to make the changes were a pre-patched B/W rom, so that's probably was one of da reason...I dunno. Anyways, don't forget to report any bugs you find to Pokemon Yin Black/Yang White thread. I'm sure there are some things I've overlooked...or just forgot to add. Until my next update...Someday...Cya!
  7. Hi guys! I'm making a ROM edit called Pokemon Horror Black! I'm nearly finished. If you want to know what is good about keep reading. EDITS If you choose Boy at the start you will play as Reshiram. If you choose the girl you will play as Zekrom. Zorua will be disguised as Mew when activating the event. More location changes. Different wild Pokemon. I'm also taking ideas on what to do in this game! Pokemon Horror W.patch
  8. POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE 2 WILL BE (ROUGHLY TRANSLATED) into ENGLISH once it's out and when the tools are available. If they are available day one I will start right away. Please understand that all menus and such will be almost exactly as a normal USA release, but what trainers say may, or may not be 100%. We were really close on the original Pokemon Black and White version if you were following, so you know what to expect. POKEMON BLACK/WHITE STORY TRANSLATION!!! YAY!!! So. The project is officially started. I have my tools. I have my support, and more importantly I have my passion. I am currently working hard on translating the entire story of Pokemon/Black and white. It's going to be tough, but we've made some serious progress. Current Progress: Catching up on whats been done, have the entire EVENT/STORY Scripts, doesn't contain random events though. Report any major bugs if found so we can fix them. These are effective after 10/21/10 Releases: Will be included on the official thread from now on Betas/Bug Finding: NONE Current Activity: Idle (Going to work on trying to get a GIT up to make life easier)
  9. So, with the discovery of how to edit the palette files of 5th generation Pokémon sprites, the production of Pokémon Multichrome has begun. The completion of this version will eventually lead on to the production of Pokémon Monochrome, which will hopefully be a full edit including new, original Fakémon, but first let's get this one finished. See attached an edit that has already been made to the Feraligatr chain, as an example of what I'm looking for. Changes I plan to make (list subject to change): Type Palette Abilities Movepool Evolution method Egg group Wild encounter location Wild hold item New items/item locations What I would like is help from you guys to use your creative brains on me, to give me suggestions for the following: Type Changes Bear in mind that I'm going to try to keep the proportions as unchanged as possible - I don't want to increase the number of any one type by too much. As a general rule, if you change a Pokémon to Fire-type, choose an already existing Fire-type to have its type changed to something else. I'll update soon with a proportions list showing how many of each type there is, and any ideas for type changes are welcome. Along with the type change, please feel free to suggest new moves for the movepool to match the type, or anything else relevant to the type change, but when you're picking moves, remember to use the logic of the game - don't stick in a move that the Pokémon wouldn't be able to physically use were it in real life. Note that I'm planning on changing the types of all of the starters to made catchable elsewhere, which leads to my second point: Starters I don't intend to make any of the starters obtainable at the start of Multichrome actual starters. I want non-starter, three-chain Pokémon who have had their types changed to Grass, Fire and Water. Throw your ideas for these out there. Try to choose Pokémon whose final evolutions have total base stats of about 525-535, as these are the boundaries for third-evolution starters. The Pokémon don't have to have stats within these boundaries, just as close to them as possible, OR if the Pokémon has lower total stats but has them in strategic places, aka Speed and Attack/Sp. Attack, this is fine too. I can always change the stats if they don't quite fit the boundaries, but I don't want to do too much stat editing in this game, at the moment (although stat changing may happen at some point in the future on this). Evolution Method Alternatives It seems that with an edit like this, it would be totally feasible to trade to and from this edit as long as the other version was the same version of that edit - neither game would know anything was wrong. However, I can understand that not many people would be playing this and it would be a little silly to stop people from getting a Gengar just because nobody else they know is playing Multichrome. So Pokémon that require trading to evolve should have their evolution methods changed. On this note, I'm also open to having new evolutions added on to an already existing chain (aka Ponyta evolving into Keldeo through some method, for example). This might be helpful in allowing all the Pokémon in the national dex to be obtainable in the game, which is something I'd be interested in doing. Complete overhauls Alternatively, if you have one particular Pokémon in mind that you'd like to change, you could also do a complete overhaul on that Pokémon in particular, if you prefer. Include its new type, evolution methods, egg groups (although I don't expect many of these will change), movepools (including level-up, TM and egg) and abilities. Try to pick a Pokémon that will work well with its currently existing stats. You can make as many overhauls as you like! As of yet, this is all I need from you guys, but feel free to make any other suggestions related to the edit that you have in mind. I'm also looking for full-time project partners who are interested in working on this with me. Creative brains in gear! :] Edit: For those interested in helping, I've compiled a small, user-friendly help pack for you to use (attached). It's not totally complete but for now it has all the basic information needed at this stage. If anybody has any questions about anything, email me or add me on Windows Live Messenger using the address shiny.sheimi@live.co.uk. Help Pack is for .zip
  10. EXTREME E4 CHALLENGE Ok so this is my first rom hack! (So don't expect anything like woahh) This rom hack is basically an edit of the elite four in Pokémon Black and White. The purpose was to make the elite four a little bit more challenging. This version that I am releasing Beta 1. Only Shauntal is edited. I plan to give every member at least on legendary pokemon for there team. Hopefully I can release another version today! You will need xDeltaGUI to patch the Rom. I have included xDeltaGUI and the steps in the download. Screenshots - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38774058/EliteFourHack%20V1.rar Credits- KazoWAR's BWTE
  11. As of: 1 of august of 2011, me and ivantuga2, decided to end this project without any prediction of restarting this project. MOVIDO PARA O GBATEMP.NET http://gbatemp.net/t299192-pokemon-black-white-translation-to-portuguese **Note from SCV**: Talking in portuguese is permitted here as the thread is about translating BW to portuguese . This is a thread for portuguse people I'll manage all of the project here. Então passemos a falar em portugues: REGRAS Nada de pirataria, nem de algo do genero. Links so ke ajudem o a traduzir. Quem nao vier ao forum durante 2 semanas passa a "Sem Noticia", depois passadas 3 semanas é excluido da lista (se nos avisarem que vao sair ficam pendentes) Não utilizem português do Brasil, pois este patch é apenas português de Portugal LINKS UTEIS traducaobwpt@gmail.com Youtube Caso queiram entrar no grupo oficial do msn falem com o ivantuga2 Para quem esta na tradução Para quem não está a traduzir Como patchear a rom: Downloads>> ACTUALIZADOS 15/2/2011 versao actual: beta 5 Pasta dos Patches Imagens Encontraram erros de tradução? Se estão no projecto metam isto na assinatura: English to portuguese BW translation official thread Pokemon-Black-White-Portuguese-Translation[url*]http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11516-Pokemon-Black-White-Portuguese-Translation[/url] http://nathanj.github.com/gitguide/tour.html
  12. -Currently in v10b -This patch was continued by the people at the romulation forum. - http://www.mediafire.com/?h5yde0aetbymf6j 1-Includes patches for both versions 2-Includes xdelta and xdelta gui
  13. Hello everybody, I am currently working with my team on a Dutch version of Pokémon Black and White. I know there already is someone busy with this, but he's not far and it looks like he stopped translating. So, that's why we started! The files we have currently translated: Main text: Dialogues: Green = Finished (and tested) Red = Being worked on, not finished yet Also, behind each text file between the ( )'s is a description of the text file. Thanks for reading and supporting everybody! We will keep you up-to-date in this topic.. >Please don't forget to use the word ROM, Download or Piracy not too much!< >Talking in Dutch in this topic is allowed!< Our website is finally done! Check it out here: pokemonzwartwit.servegame.com Credits: mptje - Translating almost every file, testing game Harmtaro - Translating some files and making Logo, testing game Dlaor - Translating some files jasperp - Testing game Kevin Richter - Translating some files Mathijs Romijn - Translating some files david23 - Adding logo in-game http://www.wix.com/theguardiansoul/bw-nl - For additional information Projectpokemon.org - For the English translation of the game Kaarosu - For additional help/information And everybody else who helps and supports me!! Download V0.1 nu snel op onze website!!
  14. TRADUCCIÓN NO OFICIAL DE POKÉMON BLANCO Y NEGRO AL ESPAÑOL V2 Índice: 1. Introducción 2. Web 3. Características 4. Descargas 5. ¿Por qué contribuir? 6. Fallos en el juego. 7. Compilación 8. Avisos 9. Agradecimientos 1. Introducción 2. Web 3. Características 4. Descargas 5. ¿Por qué contribuir? 6. Fallos en el juego 7. Compilación 8. Avisos 9. Agradecimientos Por último, todos podéis ayudar. Ésta misma tarde colgaré la Beta 2.5. ¿Cómo podéis ayudar? Muy sencillo: EJEMPLO: 210.txt NOTA: Si alguien siente que se falta en los créditos, no os preocupéis. A MEDIADOS DE NOVIEMBRE, ME ENVIÁIS UN MP TODOS LOS QUE HABÉIS AYUDADO. LO INCLUIRÉ EN LOS CRÉDITOS DEL JUEGO. ¡¡GRACIAS, y, A AYUDAR!! EDITADO 31/10/2010 16:10 --> BETA 2.5 TANTO BLACK COMO WHITE YA PUBLICADAS. EDITADO 08/11/2010 ---> PRECIOSO, muchos de nosotros taduciendo, y un mísero Ghostx que no da ni las gracias y encima pueblica cosas sin dar creditos.. precioso... --> ARREGLADO
  15. Hi everyone. I'm new on this forum, and I want contribute for a french translation patch. 'cause we are a lot of people playing B & W here, and the frenchies who can understand japanese are few
  16. Attualmente il reclutamento è aperto a tutti! Lista files da tradurre: Esclundendo alcuni files in giappo, insieme ai no data e ai test message, mancano -54 alla fine della traduzione storia Quindi abbiamo tradotto circa +419 files per un totale del 89% Regole per tradurre/far parte Allora, come tutti o quasi sapranno, io Naxx, faccio parte del team di traduzione in italiano di Pokémon Versione Nera e Pokémon Versione Bianca, (forse l'unico team di traduzione in italia a parte Cinnabar). Quindi, fooorse potrebbe essere la nostra, la vostra unica possibilità di giocare a B\W in italiano prima dell'uscita ufficiale.. ecco, questo se andiamo avanti così NON può realizzarsi per i seguenti motivi: 1° siamo in pochissimo (3 al massimo) 2° c'è qualche deficiente (scusate la parola) che si aggrega, traduce qualche file importante e se la fila, lasciandoci con i suoi file o tradotti male o pieni di errori e di bug inguardabili. Ora, se qualcuno vuole unirsi a noi, ben venga! Siamo a disposti ad accettare qualunque persona a questi requisiti: 1° Deve sapere piuttosto bene l'inglese 2° Deve avere molta logica e intuizione 3° Deve conoscere bene i metodi di traduzione (come dopo tot lettere bisogna mettere un a capo, cioè \xfffe, bisogna salvare in UTF-8 ecc...) 4° Dovrà sottoporsi a un periodo di prova di 2 settimane, inviando i file tradotto al sottoscritto, a David23 o a Melo-hk, che lì correggeranno ed eventualmente applicati o gettati nel cesso (scusate il termine) 5° Deve conoscere i linguaggi specifici dei giochi di Pokémon, e adattare di conseguenza la traduzione. Bene, questo è attualmente l'elenco dei traduttori (attivi); qui sotto aggiungerò alla lista anche le "reclute" che hanno superato decentemente il periodo di prova: Gruppo correzione storia david23 JJ Metal Gruppo correzione menù Naxx Max2348 Gruppo traduzione storia Black CDD The Gamesking Gruppo traduzione Menù Marcotti IAL32 (altri) TRADURRE I FILES Per tradurre i files è semplicissimo: basta che mi chiediate a me o a david il link e il permesso per modificare i files su github (una modifica online), e andando su quel sito ci saranno i vari files.. A breve una guida completa. (ovviamente bisogna registrarsi sul sito e passarmi il nome utente) Siamo autorizzati a bocciarvi senza preavviso, siamo autorizzati a giudicare il vostro lavoro e siamo eventualmente autorizzati a eliminarvi dal team e a segnalarvi a chi di dovere
  17. This first post is only a rules post. The following two posts will be reserved by me for updates to project coordinators as need be. Please read the first 3 posts often, as they may be updated periodically and contain useful information for people seeking information and assistance. Project Pokemon Rules. Third translation thread Second translation thread First translation thread Welcome to the Japanese to English translation thread for Pokemon Black/White. This first post is ONLY going to cover the rules because frankly, a lot of you aren't following them. The second post, by Kaarosu, is constantly updated on the latest research shindigs, and the third post is a FAQ. Check all three every now and then because they may be updated. There is to be absolutely NO discussion about piracy!. What this means is: Do not ask for links to ROMs Do not give links to ROMs Do not say you downloaded a ROM. Do not give "subtle" hints on how to locate ROMs. I can't speak for all staff, but I'm just going to ban people for 2-4 weeks right off the bat from now on for doing any of this. If all you're doing is asking for updates or generally being an annoying leech who contributes nothing to this project, expect to get a hefty infraction and/or a temporary ban. Finally, if someone in here is breaking the rules (trolling, piracy, or any of PP's rules) or you THINK they might be breaking a rule, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM! It only encourages them. Use the Report button. The Report button is the triangle with the exclamation mark inside it. It is in the lower left corner of every post. REVIEW. Do not ask, brag, link to, or give advice on how to get ROMS. Follow all other PP rules. Read the first three posts of the thread, and the most recent page or two of the thread before posting, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE ASKING FOR HELP! Check the first two posts frequently for updates. This is a research thread. Off-Topic conversation should be taken to the appropriate forum, or to Private Message. Similarly, annoying questions such as "when is the next patch released" or "will X be in the next patch?" and other useless chatter may end up with your post being deleted along with possible infraction points. If you think someone broke a rule, do not respond to their post or private message. Just hit the report button. Also, please don't PM me questions about the translation project. I just moderate the thread. Please direct those to Kaarosu.
  18. Hello, PokemonWordBlog is very engaged and he can't update the thread, Can one moderator delete the over thread? Bene, ciao a tutti Come scritto sopra Pokemonwordblog è impegnato e non può seguire la traduzione, ha chiesto a malfurion di sostituirlo ma lui adesso ha diversi problemi di connessione quindi la traduzione va un pò a rilento... Chiunque volesse aiutare nella traduzione è ben accetto (basta non fare copia e incolla da google translate che non ha senso). Ricordo di salvare i file in UTF-8 e non ANSI Inviate i file a me via mp qui o su central o via mail a davidcomo@live.it melo-hk non ha molto tempo per montare la rom, allora io raccolgo i files e li controllo e poi vedrò se montarla io o farlo fare a qualcuno del team. File da tradurre: https://github.com/Koolayde/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/tree/master/0000/ I file da tradurre della storia sono questi: quelli con scritto 1/2 sono fatti a metà, quindi li sistemeremo io e naxx, c'è già da fare con gli altri comunque Aggiornamento: rilasciate le rom v3!!! DOWNLOAD PATCH NERO v3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VZ6VYJGB DOWNLOAD PATCH BIANCO v3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P6S287LH Se vi dice che il file non è temporaneamente disponibile ricaricate la pagina Cartella di mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?dpsxwz7ddc7mp Patch disponibili nella cartella di mediafire. Come patchare la rom: 1) scaricare la patch ed estrarre la cartella 2) Copia la tua rom nella stessa cartella di Xdelta e Xdelta GUI 3) Apri X Delta GUI 4) Su select patch seleziona la patch 5) Su select rom seleziona la tua ROM 6) Premi Apply patc e attendi che il bordo del bottone diventi da arancione ad azzurro 7) Troverai una rom chiamata (Nomedellarom)_patchata 8) è la rom patchata Crediti per questa patch: David23 JJ.metal Naxx zahrino (prova) CDD (prova) .:°Black°:. (traduttore per la prossima patch) Ho tolto chi non ha più tradotto, aggiornerò con chi si è aggiunto all'uscita della prossima patch. NOVITA': -Italiano o inglese v7 con i menu italiani come lingue disponibili -Correzione di tutti i bug segnalati (spero siano stati corretti tutti) -Progressi nella traduzione della storia -Aggiornati i files inglesi screen:
  19. FILES DA TRADURRE: http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/tree/master/0000/ Here I Am! I'm an Italian User and i'm looking for people that can help with this Project, at least for the Italy Translation! Anyway We'll translate from your English Updates. Eccomi, sono un utente italiano e sto cercando persone che possano aiutarci con questo progetto, per la traduzione Italiana! Comunque tradurremo man mano che i files.txt inglesi verranno rilasciati. Se volete aiutare su un forum/blog italiano del circuito blogfree, lavoriamo su phw.blogfree.net Coordinatori: Pokèmon World Blog(Vincent) Collaboratori: Dany Malfurion Roxas75 Conferma la presenza! melo-hk Jolly-Joker Mike_ David23 Se non vi trovate nella lista, potreste essermi sfuggiti. Ditelo! Ed a Vala un ringraziamento per i preziosi consigli Translation Files / Files da Tradurre: Cartella / Folder 0000 Files da Correggere : 0000 - 0030 Errori / Problemi riscontrati nella traduzione: Piccole imperfezioni e proprietà di linguaggio usate convenzionalmente nei Giochi Pokèmon. Esempio: Uomo per Ragazzo (Testo Corretto) o Donna per Ragazza (Testo Corretto) Download Files da Correggere : http://www.mediafire.com/?7aih7m4ed1t24zd Testo Corretto in lingua Inglese ( Disponibili nella cartella online): http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/tree/master/0000/ Translated Files / Files Tradotti: Cartella 0000 [93/272]: -0000 -0001 -0002 -0003 -0004 -0005 -0006 -0007 -0008 -0009 -0010 -0012 -0013 -0014 -0015 -0016 -0017 -0018 -0019 -0020 -0021 -0023 -0024 -0025 -0026 -0027 -0029 -0030 -0032 -0035 -0036 -0037 -0038 -0043 -0044 -0046 -0049 -0051 -0053 -0054 -0055 -0059 -0060 -0061 -0065 -0073 -0074 -0075 -0076 -0077 -0079 -0080 -0081 -0082 -0086 -0088 -0089 -0090 -0092 -0140 -0141 -0148 -0158 -0159 -0161 -0166 -0167 -0168 -0172 -0173 -0177 -0179 -0180 -0181 -0182 -0185 -0187 -0191 -0198 -0199 -0202 -0204 -0207 -0208 -0211 -0234 -0237 -0238 -0239 -0240 -0254 -0261 -0269 -0271 -0272 Miniguida: Come usare il comando \xfffe Sarà utile a molti. Il comando \xfffe serve a far andare a capo nel TextBox (Box di Dialogo) e appunto serve per non far "uscire dai bordi" il testo. Per cui, come usarlo: Quando traducete un testo, cercate di contare il numero di "blocchi" (Per blocchi si intende uno "spazio" che può essere una lettera o uno spazio) e porre un "limite" quando incontrate il comando \xfffe Esempio pratico. Prendiamo come esatta la traduzione dei nostri cari compagni Inglesi, per cui, mi metto a contare il numero di "Blocchi" nella frase (0 sta per 10): Ok, in questo caso il numero massimo di blocchi o lettere, spazi (A voi la definizione che più vi aggrada ) è 21, per cui quando tradurremo porremo il comando \xfffe quando il testo supererà il numero prefissato, il che vuol dire, che il testo non uscirà fuori dallo schermo. Per cui: Ovviamente, se ci sono più \xfffe bisogna controllare anche i successivi nello stesso modo, non limitatevi solo al primo. Solitamente, i blocchi massimi prima di andare a capo oscillano tra i 25/30, ma per evitare il maggior numero di errori possibili, attenetevi a quelli già dati. Inoltre il 21 è riferito all'esempio, per cui non preoccupatevi se sono maggiori o inferiori. E se usate questo metodo, ricordatevi di eliminare i numeri indicativi. CONSIGLI GENERALI \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe. Cos'è. Come tradurlo. Il comando \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe si riferisce ad un qualcosa di specifico nel gioco. Può essere un oggetto, un Pokèmon. Analizziamolo nel contesto: In questo caso, si riferisce propriamente ad un Pokèmon, con cui grazie al comando \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe la frase viene estesa a tutti i Pokèmon. Come tradurlo dall'inglese. In questo caso, la 's si riferisce al Genitivo Sassone (Spero non abbiate bisogno di questo link, ma per chi non sapesse a cosa mi riferisco : http://www.nspeak.com/newbasic/grammatica/genitivosassone.htm )per cui, per tradurlo in italiano dobbiamo seguire le regole imposte dalla nostra lingua, spostando dunque il comando: Per farvi meglio capire, sostituiamo il Comando con il nome di un Pokèmon (Non Fatelo quando traducete) <- QUESTO è SOLO UN ESEMPIO, CHARMANDER è AL POSTO DEL COMANDO \xfee\xf000\xfe00\ <- IN ITALIANO Per cui, ecco un esempio pratico, con il comando nella frase: INGLESE: Il comando si trova all'inizio. ITALIANO: Il comando segue "L'attacco di" Codifica del Testo Tradotto Al fine di non perdere alcuna formattazione del testo, salvate il file modificato in UTF-8 anzichè ANSI. A volte potrebbe comparirvi un messaggio di conferma, che vi chiederà come salvare il testo. Scegliete annulla e selezionata UTF-8 dal menù a tendina prima di salvare. Questo per noi "simbolo" : 봅 non viene letto correttamente dalla codifica ANSI, perciò nel momento in cui andrete a salvare il file.txt, il Blocco Note vi chiederà se salvare perdendo i Dati e quindi scegliere OK (NO!) oppure salvarlo con un altra codifica e quindi scegliere Annulla. Vi si aprirà la finestra di Salvataggio, in cui dovrete selezionare dal menu a tendina la codifica "UTF-8" (Vedi immagine sottostante):
  20. [bYes, the project is complete. 95+% of the game is translated, including the entire plot. Feel free to hire your own private translator to get the rest translated[/b] I will infract people who respond to potential rule breakers. Don't respond, hit the Report button or contact an Smod or Admin. A list of staff can be found here. Project Pokemon Rules. Second translation thread First translation thread Welcome to the Japanese to English translation thread for Pokemon Black/White. This first post is ONLY going to cover the rules because frankly, a lot of you aren't following them. The second post, by Kaarosu, is constantly updated on the latest research shindigs, and the third post is a FAQ. Check all three every now and then because they may be updated. There is to be absolutely NO discussion about piracy!. What this means is: Do not ask for links to ROMs Do not give links to ROMs Do not say you downloaded a ROM. Do not give "subtle" hints on how to locate ROMs. I can't speak for all staff, but I'm just going to ban people for 2-4 weeks right off the bat from now on for doing any of this. If all you're doing is asking for updates or generally being an annoying leech who contributes nothing to this project, expect to get a hefty infraction and/or a temporary ban. Finally, if someone in here is breaking the rules (trolling, piracy, or any of PP's rules) or you THINK they might be breaking a rule, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM! It only encourages them. Use the Report button. The Report button is the triangle with the exclamation mark inside it. It is in the lower left corner of every post. REVIEW. Do not ask, brag, link to, or give advice on how to get ROMS. Follow all other PP rules. Read the first three posts of the thread, and the most recent page or two of the thread before posting, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE ASKING FOR HELP! Check the first two posts frequently for updates. This is a research thread. Off-Topic conversation should be taken to the appropriate forum, or to Private Message. Similarly, annoying questions such as "when is the next patch released" or "will X be in the next patch?" and other useless chatter may end up with your post being deleted along with possible infraction points. If you think someone broke a rule, do not respond to their post or private message. Just hit the report button. Also, please don't PM me questions about the translation project. I just moderate the thread. Please direct those to Kaarosu.
  21. I've started this thread because nobody did it. I dont know how to put the files back, so when we're done I'll ask Kaarosu if he wants to make a patch of it -Progress- Done: 0000.txt 0001.txt 0002.txt I guess that this is the right directory, PM me if I made a mistake, this is the first time I'm doing this stuff http://github.com/bjfh/Pokemon-Black-White-Dutch-Translation-Files Try to not use the word ROM too much, and the subject ROM everyone who knows Dutch and English/Japanese is welcome. Translate the English stuff in the 0000 directory, then place your commits in the 0001 directory, so we can make a double sectored game I guess that it will be better if we just translate the stuff that is already translated too English, because most of us don't have enough Japanese knowledge. (Including myself) You may talk in Dutch, but only in this thread.
  22. Here is where the Progress will be shown on a German translation. For now it will be a place holder.
  23. **Note from SCV**: Talking in spanish is permitted here as the thread is about translating BW to spanish. This is a thread for spanish people I'll manage all of the proyect here. Sobre Mí Repositorio Español: Todo lo referenta a el sistema de juego (batallas, objetos, ataques…) Todo lo referente a la historia del juego ¿Quieres ayudar?: Pues entra en un Repositorio de los que te facilito arriba, entra en la carpeta 0000/ y buscas archivos que no estén traducidos al español, copias TODO el código, lo copias en un editor de cualquier tipo (que puedas ver oriental y occidental) lo traduces y lo pones en spoiler en este mismo tema, yo mismo lo subiré al repositorio del github Créditos Iniciales: SCV KazoWar Kaarosu Otros componentes del proyecto original Edgar_94_ (yo) Hideky92 Danmc Sergititob Alucad12 Nicash Wolfen Kurayami Lone joanmpsamc toon25 cuchacani Jaluma Iré añadiendo progresivamente Tildes Ya se ha corregido el error de las tildes, el compilador ahora compila las tildes, ahora sólo hay que esperar a que podamos hacerlo todo. Pronto imágenes. Progreso: Edgar_94_: Pokémon Blanco Beta 1.4 Descargar - Mediafire 03/10/10 2:00 A.M. (ESPAÑA) ESTABLE Sergititob: Pokémon Negro Beta 1 Descargar - Mediafire Cómo Parchear Si no sabes cómo parchear, te da error pero a los demás usuarios les funciona aquí tienes unas instrucciones: Mediafire - Gracias Damiajuansalas Muchas gracias por vuestra atención.
  24. Alright guys last thread got locked due to piracy getting out of hand, I ask that you please read the rules. Do not ASK about downloading ROMS, do not SAY you downloaded a ROM, do not give advice on how to locate ROMs. Otherwise you'll be banned. Rules in a Nutshell Don't need to remake an intro to this as you should know what it is. So I'll just copy and paste what we had in the last thread. Contributing to this Project For this project we have decided to set up a git repository to make contributions easier. The link to the repository is here: http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files. The procedure is the following. If you want to contribute, fork the project on github, translate the text in a file, then commit your changes, all commits will be revised and the ones deemed adequate will be pulled into the master branch of the project and used in the patch. To install git on windows you can follow the instructions here: http://kylecordes.com/2008/git-windows-go orhttps://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.ph...InstallMSysGit a recommended git gui tool is git-cola but feel free to use it through command line or any other gui tool. Help for github can be found at http://help.github.com/ or you may ask in our our #projectpokemon irc channel. Translating to languages other than English: Spanish: Spanish Thread Italian: Italian Thread French: French Thread Portuguese: Portuguese Thread The use of the native language to those threads is allowed but restricted to those threads. IF you don't see your language thread here and want them up, PM me. Thanks. Update: Release V3 is Out Now V3 Changelog: v2 Changelog There are other random updates but these are the only ones I got around to actually writing down. Credits: Translation contributions in no particular order: Troubleshooting! Union Room If you want to use the Union Room but can't apply Rudolph's v2 patch to your game: http://gbatemp.net/t217811-rudolf-s-child-s-play-patch-pokemon-hgss-and-b-w Save Issues Desmume To use your old saves with this translations in this emulator try the following: Make sure the .save file name is the same as the .nds If it's still in Japanese, in-game go to Options and change 'Button Mode(5th option down)' DSTT Errors?: Check this helpful post: Click Here Patch Instructions: Obtain a clean ROM (Dump it yourself or find it elsewhere don't ask us or anyone in here for it) Obtain a copy of xDelta GUI (Decided to be nice and link the one I used to make the patches: http://www.mediafire.com/?b7em3n4sn7hhmtr Open xDelta Gui Click "Select Patch" and choose whichever patch you downloaded for your version Now choose 'Select ROM' and navigate to the clean ROM Now click on "Apply Patch" wait until it's done Try it out and give some feedback? Known Issues: 16.txt still needs localizing but it's more bearable now P.S. Please use http://kazowar.pbworks.com/Submit-Errors and http://kazowar.pbworks.com/Submit-Typos to better keep track of these thanks! Downloads: BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING YOU NEED A CLEAN DUMP OF THE GAME *******DO YOU NEED THE EXPERIENCE PATCH? IF NOT JUMP TO #2******* Apply Rudolph's Child's Play patch to your clean dump to remove the Anti-Piracy BlackV4 - Download WhiteV4 - Download [*]Choose one of the following patches that appeals to you the most: Patches Folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?l5fmxrle7p5w5 Mirrors: Megaupload
  25. **Note from SCV**: Talking in portuguese is permitted here as the thread is about translating BW to portuguese. Eu vi o projeto de tradução pro inglês e tive essa ideia de traduzir para o Português Brasileiro. Depois de alguns contratempos, consegui começar aqui. Qualquer pessoa que quiser ajudar será bem vinda! Aqui está a nossa página do github: http://github.com/Netto-kun/Pokemon-Black-White-Brazilian-Portuguese-Translation-Files Progresso atual: Traduzido quase completamente arquivo 0191.txt (classes de treinadores) Traduzindo também o 0017.txt (mensagens da batalha) e 0190.txt (nomes dos treinadores)
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