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  1. Ah, I see. Well, I tried to edit Snivy in such a way, as you'll see a little further up. All I did was change the shape of its tail from spiky to a sort of quarter-clover shape, and it never appeared. I'll give your method a shot but it's not much different from the other method. Perhaps you should consider posting a tutorial on the specifics of how to edit etc?
  2. This is great, Khari, but what you seem to be teaching us to do in this tutorial is simply change the colours. This is something that the community has already perfected - in this very thread! - using ConsoleTool. I think the ConsoleTool method is far easier, less complex. What we can't do with full effectiveness yet is edit the actual pixels of the sprite, aka change the shape of the Pokémon, so that complete Fakemons will be possible. I believe that currently we are able to do SOME things with the pixels, but what we're currently struggling with is finding a way to completely change the shape of the Pokémon while still keeping the animation intact. I think that we're going to need some information on how to edit the OAM etc. I don't know much about this sort of thing myself, though, so I wouldn't be able to help with that. Although I do see that you only posted this tutorial about 6 hours ago, so maybe you are going to make me look like a complete fool by uploading a full tutorial soon after I post this!
  3. I've never used the editor, but it sounds to me like the "attack effects" part is referring to a different kind of special effect, such as status ailments etc. I think that two-turn moves come under a different category. Could you link me to the editor so I could have a closer look at it?
  4. What you need to do is replace the pixels when you're editing using colours that already exist on the palette for the sprite you're replacing. Don't use any other colours at all, and make sure the colours you use are all exactly the same as their colours on the original image. Then, after you've done that, you can edit the palette file itself to get custom colours. Or, at least, this is how I'd assume you'd do it - the Pokémon battle sprites work this way. For example, if you want to make a character in the place of the female protagonist and you want them to have a green hat, or whatever, then you create their hat using the shade of pink that the existing protagonist has on their hat, and then you edit the palette file to change the pink to green. You can use ConsoleTool3 to edit the palettes. The only information you'll need to find out from somewhere else is where the palettes are located. As soon as you know where they are you can edit them in CT3. If you have any problems or want help using CT3 then PM me.
  5. Dunno if this has anything to do with it, but sometimes I get troubles opening things in CrystalTile and in ConsoleTool whenever the file extension has changed; usually this is when the file extension has changed from .NDS to .nds. I have to change it back for it to work again. This particular problem I only had with ConsoleTool but I had similar problems with CrystalTile.
  6. I think that completely replacing the Pokémon would be a total waste of your time. There are definitely people who can find the hex data, it's just a matter of finding them. Did you try contacting Andibad?
  7. Remember that the Encounter data needs to be Egg/Pal Park/Event etc for any and all Pokémon in a Gen V game, regardless of whether it originally came from a Gen IV game. This is because the Encounter data in the hex is basically nonexistent for Gen V and as such the Encounter data is always 00 00, which just so happens to correspond to the Egg/Pal Park/Event option.
  8. Are you sure? I'm sure I could help you out with it!
  9. There are easier ways to change it to a Mew than that. Somewhere in the ROM is a piece of data that tells the game what Pokémon is roaming, and if you were to find the piece of hex governing that, you could change it from the hex code for Thundurus to the hex code for Mew. There might be other editing to do, but it won't be necessary to change all the stats etc. In fact, you might encounter problems doing that, because B/W Pokémon sprite editing is a lot more complex than in previous games - the hacking community only just figured out how to edit them fully a few weeks ago, and even now we're still getting the hang of things - and you might find that swapping Thundurus' sprite for Mew's would cause a glitch or crash. Unfortunately, I'm not a big expert on hex and on the locations of the data in the ROM, so you might have to wait for somebody who knows a little bit more about it to pass by this forum so they can tell you where to find the data for the roamers. Try asking Andibad. He's good with that kind of thing.
  10. Could anyone link me to a download for AAI2? I did a search and couldn't find anything reliable.
  11. So, am I right in thinking that OAM is to do with the animations? Do you need to be familiar with OAM to edit animations, or is there some sort of user-friendly program for it? I looked at Tinke but it was a little vague - there were a lot of buttons and no obvious way to use them to an animation amateur like me. Is AAI2 any better?
  12. Haha... Is... Is there an English version? ._. Edit: Oh, whoops. Found the language tab. Sorry!
  13. Like I already said in the post, Snivy isn't any different from female to male - both female Snivy and male Snivy use the same sprite. There is only one Snivy frontsprite (parts) file and it is the one that I edited. Hence my confusion.
  14. Okay, so, I've arrived with another problem. Sorry for hogging the thread. So, I did everything as per the instructions and everything went smoothly. Edited Snivy in Paint and imported the image etc etc. I edited it to have a slightly different shaped tail. I wasn't entirely sure whether or not it would work, because I have the feeling that a lot of the animations depend on there being set borders, if that makes sense? I would also like to know a bit more about how the animations work - does anybody have any idea? I thought maybe each part had an anchor or something that the game used to place it, but I'm no expert on that kind of thing. Some people have evidently managed to edit a Pokémon (and edit pixels outside of the original borders of the sprite) and the animation still works, but I want to know if there are any restrictions with this, or if anybody has figured out how the animations work, generally. Anyway, so, back to the problem. I edited Snivy's tail to be a different shape, as you can see here. I reinserted the image (and double clicked it), exported the file, compressed it, imported it (and double clicked it, just to be safe). I then used Nitro Explorer to reinsert the narc to the ROM. I then ran the game on an emulator (DeSmuME) to see the results in the first battle (I picked Tepig so I'd battle Bianca with Snivy first), and I found that nothing had happened. It was as if I hadn't done anything at all - Snivy's tail was the same shape. I thought maybe I hadn't saved it properly, but when I went back into the ROM to see what the tail looked like in the file, it was exactly how I left it. So I thought maybe Snivy had several different sprites and the one I edited wasn't the one being used in that instance, so I went back and checked for other sprites, but no, I couldn't find any of them. Snivy doesn't have any alternate forms and doesn't look different female to male or anything like that. So, after all that, I'm left at a total loss as to what happened. I'd be a bit less frustrated if the sprite had glitched or something, because at least then I'd know that I'd changed something and that it just wasn't possible, but right now I'm just confused as to how Snivy's original tail shape is still existing in the game despite the fact that those pixels no longer exist on the ROM. Please, somebody ease my frustration!
  15. Alright, cool, I'm getting there. Slowly. I changed to tile mode and managed to get the image open, but even after changing the dimensions it doesn't look right. This is Blaziken's sheet, by the way, not Pikachu's. Are the dimensions different for each sprite? I played around with the dimensions but I'm stabbing in the dark. Edit: Never mind, I figured out what the problem was. I'd been a bit of an idiot and had opened the static frontsprite file instead of the parts file. Solved it now, and it's working. Thanks for your help, though.
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