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  1. But I think the game allowed us too little space to level such that we can match up against the gyms. That may be the reason why some of us may find our Pokemon underlevelled.
  2. I'll try to save the Master Ball for some 'final' Pokemon like Ho-Oh or Lugia.
  3. Thanks guys! Just defeated Red! Now I can focus on completing the Pokedex!
  4. Well I think strategy helps as well. You need to build your deck for a theme, or revolving around a certain strategy for winning.
  5. Can I just ask if by getting 1st in all 5 courses once is enough to have one more star on the Trainer Card?
  6. Might give it a try there, meanwhile just trying to complete some of the side quests. By the way, for the trainer card to gain one star from The Pokeathlon, we simply need to get 1st for all 5 courses regardless of score right?
  7. Seems like it might be possible for Black and White to be on the 3DS as well, can't really eliminate that possiblility, judging from the discussions.
  8. Having just Johto Pokemon in the wild seems great.
  9. Great. I guess I'll go for Riolu. How about Tyranitar, this seems a great choice as well!
  10. Maybe everyone should just not argue about whether is it good or not, and just enjoy the games when they come ?
  11. That's what I think as well. The DS population is too massive now I feel, to even consider about making Black and White 3DS exclusive. I mean of course, there'll be players who are willing to spend on this console just for this game. But there might be a majority who wouldn't.
  12. Wow, judging from the leaks from Seribii, the graphic improvement is very tremendous!!
  13. Hmm.. Pokemon would still be fun regardless if it's slated for release on an old console like the DS or DSLite or DSi. So I guess even w/o taking advantage of the 3DS's capabilities, it'll still be enjoyed by most. =)
  14. In fact, it's all over the place for my boxes in Platinum.
  15. I think at the same time I need some super effective moves to take down the Pikachu and Snorlax as well. Perhaps I should trade some of my good fighting Pokemon from Platinum to counter that Snorlax. Thanks!
  16. I believe it's just a minor glitch in the program.
  17. Thanks CamoCharge, but I'm having slight difficulty in facing Red. Somehow just can't take down the Snorlax. =(
  18. 16 badges done. Left Red. Here is my team: Gengar Lv 62 Alakazam Lv 61 Typhlosion Lv 60 Ampharos Lv 59 Pidgeot Lv 49 Gyarados Lv 59
  19. Bump up this thread. Mods, should this be stickied? =)
  20. Yeah I'm pretty sure this will be valid for HGSS as well. As to loading them up to boxes, just select Load Box in the Storage Edit in Pokesav, and select all the PKM files in the folder I labelled in Pokedex Number, and all the Pokemon will load in exactly the same National Pokedex Order.
  21. Thanks for that =D. I'm having difficulty to defeat Red though, should I start importing Pokes from my Platinum? =/
  22. Ha I don't think there's any code. Try improving your luck =)
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