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  1. Two-shotted Dialga lol. Yes, that's what I tought, Dialga. Yield before the unfathomable power of Violent Seed + Dig. That was fun. Will reserve the postgame for full 2.0.
  2. Btw small "bug"/typo: when coming back from the future, Grovyle mentions that he got sent to Eastern Forest. Whereas iirc during the Time Gear search before/after Northern Desert, Eastern Forest was renamed, with the brownish coloring hinting that it will be playable (I think it was Flyaway Forest or something like that). So his mention of Eastern Forest should be renamed too. Other small bug: after the stockade autosave, hero and partner get to keep the items they had equipped before entering the future. But I don't think they still have an effect, and need to be reequipped. Reporting it just in case it could cause problems elsewhere Edit: *Trackless Forest. Found the subsequent mention
  3. The same applies for special episodes? I held off on them until now, but if some of them are 2.0 complete I will try them
  4. By the way, does Level Scaling reshuffle enemy movesets to include higher level moves? Or it only upgrades stats? I'd assume not since I don't see enemies using more powerful moves than default, but wanted to make sure it's not a bug. Or could it be that movesets are hardcoded per dungeon?
  5. Pondering if I should continue my save or if the full version is so different that it would warrant a restart.
  6. Decided to try out the demo until Quicksand Pit. And yeah, as expected, QoL, design, difficulty (played in Expert + SC) are exquisite. As opposed to some other difficulty hacks, it seems dungeons are carefully crafted to provide an intelligent difficulty instead of outright kaizo. It's very enjoyable to find resources on the ground and having to use them creatively to survive. Mindless grind is eradicated from this hack. Those field effects are such a cool addition for bosses, I felt I was playing later games. Got caught off guard by Quicksand Pit's boss after recruiting great supports from the same dungeon, but managed to beat it deathless nonetheless Random remarks: - Not sure if it's an Expert-only thing, but it seems nothing in the dungeons prepare to the fixed rooms of Waterfall Cave and Apple Woods. I full cleared previous floors multiple times to be sure, but never found any items that would provide the basis for a strategy there. In my opinion orbs should drop somewhere, at least in Waterfall Cave, to not enter the realms of unfair difficulty at this level. Still passed them thanks to careful Manual mode positioning but yeah. - Beach Cave (or another resupply dungeon), should have a floor chock-full of Max Elixirs. They definitely are the rarest resource, not having a Wynaut trade recipe. Nectar Forest could be repurposed as a sort of Drunkard Forest for example, with Nectars mixed with Max Elixirs. - Porygon has a bug where one of the later ranks listing is accessible from the start (but not usable). Anyways, anyone should play this hack. I think many kids dreamt of having this kind of experience back in the day. I surely did.
  7. Holy sht this is extremely cool. Alright I'll do two Alpha red challenge runs. (Bye my free time) I didn't expect this level of endgame content. There is an ungodly amount of hype stuff there! Refreshing to see actual ideas worthy of calling this a DX hack, unlike things like Skies. Thanks for answering. I'm reassured to be honest, I really thought this project was dead. Now that I know it's in a future, even years ahead, I'm happy and hyped as fk. Best news since the new mystery dungeon game. Enjoy life man. We'll be there when you're ready.
  8. Good news and wow great stuff there. Looking forward to it but yeah take it easy. Seems it's a deep passion project, respect. If you're open to random feature requests, since you add a lot of qol. Maybe those already exist: - A way to see current challenge progression would be cool. Like in Recruit 'em all, seeing % of recruited mons. Maybe being able to directly send recruited ones to guild. And maybe disable recruiting duplicates if its evolution/form is recruitable elsewhere. - Level scaling option is defo cool. But is it balanced against dungeons that reset your level to 1? - Solorun challenge is nice, what about solorun random (random leader I mean, you could get a random leader each new day). Bruh the replayability of that would be insane. - Is there a sort of "ultimate balanced" dungeon that resets you to 1, 99f, features a broad variety of items on the ground and some shop exclusive/sealed room exclusive (maybe new surprising items rarely found elsewhere could be randomly found too, like those new ginseng and stuff), with varied themes, tilesets, music progression? So it would test your ability to do with what you find and adapt. Replayability of this one would also be insane. I would see myself trying to complete such a dungeon with many different/random mons. Inspired by Wh0misDS and Pikasprey runs of Purity Forest with every mon, or Mystaldi challenges. No dungeon similar to that really exists in Sky. - What's currently left on your to-do list? Anyways, take care
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