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  1. Could you please check CRC32 and SHA-1 values of the patch? Maybe the patch is corrupted and you may need a fresh copy. I'll list CRC32 and SHA-1 below for you to check. CRC32: F575E147 SHA-1: 30B505C5D317C2CED998C0F5A6E54AF933E115FB
  2. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Pro Edition Hack of: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team (Europe) Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Pro Edition is a hack of PMD Red Rescue Team which aims to make the game much harder. This is achieved through lots of gameplay-related changes, such as changes to enemy rosters or changes in the learnsets. Features Currently implemented: Higher difficulty, especially later on Faster EXP progression (To level out the insane power some enemies have) Overhaul of level up data, including movesets Overhaul of move data Changes to item offers the Kecleon Bros. make Bigger variety of enemies within most dungeons Slightly altered damage calculation Usage of other tilesets and music in many dungeons, expect to see a tileset change at least once for nearly every dungeon Modified guaranteed recruits More Friend Areas available from the start Introduced item limits to some more dungeons What isn't implemented yet: Changes to trap occurances Changes to item occurances in dungeons Alternate version without Reviver Seeds Tools used MS Excel: Used for a variety of features. Couldn't name all of them off my head, but the most important ones are the edits to level up tables and learnsets. It's also used to convert data into hex for use with HxD. PMDe: Made most of the smaller changes with this. PMDe is also used to double-check the enemy rosters for the dungeons. HxD: Hex editor of my choice. Some modifications were done with this when they wouldn't require a spreadsheet program nor PMDe. DoPX: It's main use is to compress newly created level up tables. If anyone wonders; The switch combination used is -l 3 -z -q Xdelta patcher: Used to create the patches. Research purposes only: UnPX: Used to decompress AT4PX containers present in the ROM. Made the level up tables from the ground up so there wasn't a need to decompress them first except for research! Screenshots Credits Aurum: Responsible for PMDe and it's source code! Very helpful for both figuring out how to make working extensions to enemy lists and most of the simpler edits! Drayano: Created the Pokémon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver hacks, which this hack drew heavy inspiration from when talking about learnsets and abilities of all the Pokémon. psy_commando: Made the DoPX and UnPX tools which were used to research and replace the AT4PX containers holding the level up data! romhacking.net: Used some of their notes, mostly the Pokémon and move ID lists! If someone isn't mentioned and belongs on this list, feel free to PM me! Changelog The full changelog is included in the readme! Note that versions 1.0, 1.01 and 1.02 were exclusive to the r/MysteryDungeon subreddit! Download This patch must be applied to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team (Europe) (SHA-1: AFEE3B060DD5FD4A68AFB1B003456AEF3A2AF073) Download: Version 1.1 The archive includes patches for the base ROM and ROMs which are modified with a v1.0x patch already. Furthermore, included is the xdelta patcher (Windows only, Mac uses Multipatch), a readme giving more detail on general changes, the notes which give the structure of the changed data and a documentation giving more in-depth information on various changes regarding the Pokémon themselves.
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