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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Pro Edition

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Pro Edition

Hack of: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team (Europe)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Pro Edition is a hack of PMD Red Rescue Team which aims to make the game much harder. This is achieved through lots of gameplay-related changes, such as changes to enemy rosters or changes in the learnsets.


Currently implemented:

  • Higher difficulty, especially later on
  • Faster EXP progression (To level out the insane power some enemies have)
  • Overhaul of level up data, including movesets
  • Overhaul of move data
  • Changes to item offers the Kecleon Bros. make
  • Bigger variety of enemies within most dungeons
  • Slightly altered damage calculation
  • Usage of other tilesets and music in many dungeons, expect to see a tileset change at least once for nearly every dungeon
  • Modified guaranteed recruits
  • More Friend Areas available from the start
  • Introduced item limits to some more dungeons

What isn't implemented yet:

  • Changes to trap occurances
  • Changes to item occurances in dungeons
  • Alternate version without Reviver Seeds

Tools used

  • MS Excel: Used for a variety of features. Couldn't name all of them off my head, but the most important ones are the edits to level up tables and learnsets. It's also used to convert data into hex for use with HxD.
  • PMDe: Made most of the smaller changes with this. PMDe is also used to double-check the enemy rosters for the dungeons.
  • HxD: Hex editor of my choice. Some modifications were done with this when they wouldn't require a spreadsheet program nor PMDe.
  • DoPX: It's main use is to compress newly created level up tables. If anyone wonders; The switch combination used is -l 3 -z -q
  • Xdelta patcher: Used to create the patches.

Research purposes only:

  • UnPX: Used to decompress AT4PX containers present in the ROM. Made the level up tables from the ground up so there wasn't a need to decompress them first except for research!





Aurum: Responsible for PMDe and it's source code! Very helpful for both figuring out how to make working extensions to enemy lists and most of the simpler edits!

Drayano: Created the Pokémon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver hacks, which this hack drew heavy inspiration from when talking about learnsets and abilities of all the Pokémon.

psy_commando: Made the DoPX and UnPX tools which were used to research and replace the AT4PX containers holding the level up data!

romhacking.net: Used some of their notes, mostly the Pokémon and move ID lists!

If someone isn't mentioned and belongs on this list, feel free to PM me!


The full changelog is included in the readme! Note that versions 1.0, 1.01 and 1.02 were exclusive to the r/MysteryDungeon subreddit!


Version 1.1

 - Changes to enemy Pokémon appearing in the following dungeons:
   - Oddity Cave      - Remains Island   - Marvelous Sea    - Fantasy Strait
   - Joyous Tower
  - The four event dungeons each got two themes; One they share and another one
     that is special to each dungeon
  - With this all dungeons are hacked when it comes to enemy Pokémon, hurray!
 - Improved item rosters for the Kecleon Bros. in Pokémon Square
  - Tier 2 item list in this hack is likely to be as good as the Tier 4 item
     list in the original
 - Changed recruit rate bonus awarded by level to match the following rules:
    1. If level > 20: bonus = 0.3 % * (level - 20)
    2. Otherwise    : bonus = 0.0 %
 - Changes to tileset and music usage in some dungeons, mainly Waterfall Pond
    and the dungeons which recieved changes to their enemy roster in v1.1
 - Changes to pricing of Orbs, HMs, Wide Slash and Vacuum-Cut
 - Removed the ability to recruit Pokémon from the four event dungeons
 - Changed minimum IQ requirements for almost every IQ skill
  - Note that when updating from v1.0x to version 1.1 and above, some of the
     previously available IQ skills may be gone and others may be added; If so,
     then it isn't a bug but a connection to this change
 - Wish Cave can be entered without HM Surf
 - Buffed the Skarmory fought as a boss
 - Gave Mewtwo higher stats at levels 80+
 - Fixed some issues regarding level up moves
 - Gave Regice Sturdy as it's 2nd ability
 - Changed some of the ridiculous base EXP values legendaries had

Version 1.02

 - Fixed a bad pointer which made Uproar Forest into a hellhole full of Lv90
    Kecleons (Everyone knows how much fun that is, especially with it's SIRO
    header fixed! Haha!)
 - Increased levels of Lugia and Ho-Oh to their intended values

Version 1.01

 - Added Kecleon's SIRO header back in; It was overwritten by accident in v1.0

Version 1.0

 - Initial public version


This patch must be applied to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team (Europe) (SHA-1: AFEE3B060DD5FD4A68AFB1B003456AEF3A2AF073)        

Download: Version 1.1

The archive includes patches for the base ROM and ROMs which are modified with a v1.0x patch already. Furthermore, included is the xdelta patcher (Windows only, Mac uses Multipatch), a readme giving more detail on general changes, the notes which give the structure of the changed data and a documentation giving more in-depth information on various changes regarding the Pokémon themselves.

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I've been using your tool for almost 2 years now and it is awesome. Tho it lacks some features you could have implemented (editing item rosters, move flags, stat and exp gain,...) and the entering conditions are flawed, namingly the required Hms. Dont get me wrong, I am glad to have it, but I also wanted to give advice if you planned to improve it.

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@ZappedAmpharos Ok, I just tried with a 100% Recruit code: the code works but I can only recruit Pokémon who were previously recruitable. No effect on fully evolved Pokémon nor on Moltres so I guess something went wrong when you changed their recruitment rates. Could you check?


Edit: sorry for double post

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Ok found a fix!

We can't recruit Moltres and other birds because we don't have their Friend Areas. Normally they are supposed to be unlocked when recruiting them, but here their recruitment rates seem to stay way below zero, even with a Friend Bow. To fix it just use this Action Replay code to unlock all Friends Areas (EU version): 


Now recruiting them is possible, but that problem with recruitment rates being extremely low is still there. Fully evolved Pokémon have the same problem. The only fix I've found is to use this 100% Recruit Code


IN CONJUNCTION with a Friend Bow. Without the Friend Bow you can recruit any Pokémon who didn't have their recruitment rates modified, but to recruit legendaries and fully evolved Pokémon (and any previously impossible to recruit Pokémon), you'll need to combine this code with the Friend Bow.

You have to activate this code BEFORE climbing the stairs, else it won't work. You will then be directly led to the room which contain the stairs, which sucks, but everything will be 100% recruitable on that floor. So I recommend activating it only before climbing the stairs where lies the Pokémon you want, if you don't want the game to become too easy.

So yeah, we go from a 0% rate to 100% but thats the best tradeoff available now since this hack seems unfortunately abandonned.

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