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  1. Slowbro I am not quite sure, but if you saw that it might be allowed already, Gmax Rillaboom isnt. You can give it a max soup and it will be allowed. Not quite sure then on the slowbro .
  2. Well, then he is lying. Gmax starters are not allowed yet. https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/rankedbattle/series4june.shtml at the bottom, banned Gmaxes
  3. Gmax galar starters are not legal yet. Thats the reason for rillaboom. Not sure if galarian slowbro is legal? But I would say it isnt, as it wasnt around when this season of ranked started
  4. Dude, if you cant help me just stop lol. I am not looking for advice on updating the game. Thanks for trying to help, but it is not helping.
  5. Hey, can anyone upload me a savefile from sword/shield with IoA Expansion?
  6. Loopy

    PKHeX Square Shiny

    I always press shift + click on the shiny button and it transforms into square shiny
  7. Can only question 1: I personally havent heard of a proven ban from genned mons. Especially not a switch ban. In general the most important things to consider are: - Use the newest version of PkHex - Check if PkHex says the mon is legal. I use a lot of genned mons myself and have no trouble using them .
  8. Does anyone know when the movie shiny celebi will be distributed?
  9. Most likely the mons will just not be able to enter any online battles or trading and are not able to be transferred onto home (and if they do, they turn into a bad egg). I have never ever heard of someone getting banned for having hacked mons.
  10. Stupid save editing = Have pokemon with abilities they cant learn, give them attacks they dont learn, have them have more than 508evs etc. as long as pkhex tells you legal, you are good to go.
  11. I will check it when I am home if no one else can help you
  12. I can't download the file right now, but is it female?
  13. The shift left/right trick doesnt work for me.... (and yes, i checked that i have every mon). I have all 1250 different forms registered + 890 + all alternative forms as a living dex and cant get Magearna.
  14. Do you meant that there could be 5 mewtwos with the same trackernumber on 5 accounts? But not 1 mewtwo and 1 mew with the same tracker number?
  15. Its Gamefreaks fault, not the PkHex guys
  16. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/In-game_trade#List_of_in-game_trades you can check here
  17. From what I understand: yes, as all relevant values for the PID are predetermined.
  18. Why wouldnt it be ok to use Pokemon that dont have your OT? Trading is an essential part of pokemon + Event pokemon usually dont have your OT but a set one. So you'll be fine either way if the pokemon is legal in pkhex. Even if hundreds of people have the same mon, what can Nintendo do? They wont delete those.
  19. Alright, thanks for the quick response!
  20. Hello, I downloaded the following save file: When loading it into my pokehex, it shows me nearly all pkmn as invalid console region. How do I change it to be my correct region and not showing the error? BR Loopy
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