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  1. so i gave my pokemon the battle ready symbol in pkhex so it can be used in ranked, but the symbol doesnt stay when i go into game(see picture 1 & 2)
  2. i get errors, then, thought their would be a easy way
  3. love it, the only thing id love is a "delete all pokemon in box" kinda button. as iv a few box's with pokemon i dont want
  4. so picture 1 is the mark i need, is their a way to change/give the mark to another pokemon(picture2)
  5. anyone have a list of pokemon allowed in ranked (sword and sheild) and not allowed? a new season satarted yesterday and i cant find a list. thanks in advance
  6. so i foound out, yes you do have to talk to a guy amd he resets the pokemon moves. but gives the pokemon a reginal mark. in pkhex is ther a way to give a pokemon a regional mark?
  7. i transferred these pokemon via pokemon home from pokemon sun. i no theris a guy in sword you talk about usuing pokemon in ranked from past generations.. but do you really have to for each pokemon? or is their another way? because when you talk to hi he restes the pokemons moves etc
  8. Version 1.0.0


    the new slowbro form and Rillaboom gmax (both battle ready) their lega but cant be used online
  9. i did see the new slowbro form, il screenshot next time i see it
  10. nope, seen others use them in ranked
  11. i made them legal in pkhex but dont know why they arnt in game
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