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  1. sometines when i do edits, and i save it properly. some of the pokemon are gone in game that i made via the newest pkhex
  2. since i seen alotta people play pokemon sword today, when will pkhex get a update? hmm will it prompt for update hmm
  3. hey, does anyone remember the R4i usb dongle for ds game and 3ds game you could just plug into your pc and transfers the save file that way? it was so handy, i wish their was one for switch games
  4. has anyone seen a sword and sheild rom hack thats out their for download?
  5. theirs a way to pokegen with switch now
  6. when is pkhex gonna get a update so as to gen Pokemon sword and shield Pokemon?
  7. what???? yes switch lite will be able to play it.. duh. yes it will be dear lol
  8. will pkhex get an update when sword and sheild comes out?? will genning exist when sword and sheild is out??
  9. still have to rcm etc, i seleted sysNAND but doesn't boot it by default
  10. so just put sysNAND on my switch aswel whats the story with that? the CFW launch automatically with sysNAND? or do you have to out into RCM etc
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