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  1. Hi, according to this thread, I should be able to allow all legendaries in PWT and Battle Subway. I'm new to editing Pokemon roms, but after some research, I managed to edit the HEX values of the ROM using HxD Hex Editor. But after seeing that it doesn't work and after trying again, again, and again... I can't find out how to edit the ROM. Can someone please help me figure out why my edit isn't working, and if possible, guide me on how to do it? Or if anyone has the time, could you please do me a favor and edit a Pokemon White 2 ROM to allow all legendaries in PWT/Battle Subway?
  2. Sorry for Necroing, but what Hex Editor did you guys use? EDIT: Found it out, no need to reply!
  3. This is kind of a stupid question, but is there some download link for all the pokémon cries to put in the "sounds" folder?
  4. But how can one use Xamarin in order to make PkHex.Mobile work?
  5. Same here, I don't know how to install/build it on mobile. Shame, would spare time-loss of going on a Computer and edit the stuff.
  6. So i want to use PkHex for mobile to avoid having to switch back to PC to edit my save. With this in mind, i stumbled upon this github file to have the said app on mobile. In order to do that, i need to use Xamarin Forms 4.0. But i have absolutely no Idea on how to use this software and how to build PkHex with it. This is why i'm asking for help. If someone knows how to use Xamarin in order to have PkHex mobile properly installed on my Android Device, i'd greatly acept their help.
  7. Hello, I also need help to restore my save file. First of all, a quick sorry if I reply to a subject this old. But let's get to the point. My Pokémon Moon save file has a tiny problem : My Avatar model won't load/appear and this makes the game unplayable. The world is still loaded, but unplayable. Currently in the game, i'm in front of the player's house, before the battle vs. Hau at the Lili'i Town arena. Here a screenshot of the game to help : It happened after i edited my save to add a Type:Null among other things onto my team. My save file : main Any help Welcome!
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