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PKHeX.Mobile github


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Hello guys, I am actually new here. Could anyone help me build this github project? Yes! It's finaIly on android. It's called PKHeX on mobile. Here's the link.




I can't do this on my own since I don't know coding and stuff,IMG_20200413_052836.thumb.jpg.f259eb8c097bf9a131b05d7a28fbcdaa.jpg so if anyone can help me that would be great, feel free to reply or message me. Thanks!

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I suggest to use Visual Studio. Install it with the Xamarin extension.

Clone the repo and open the .sln. Take your smartphone and activate the debug settings in the developer settings, then plug it in the PC and allow the USB debug.

Your phone will be displayed in the run option.

Select PKHeX.Android, build and run the project.


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Has anyone used PKHex on IOS? I can’t find any videos or pictures of anybody using PKHex on IOS. I really don’t want to go through the messing around with creating a dev account, building etc. if it’s not really great to use 

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On 3/28/2021 at 12:19 PM, flarewolf56 said:

ive built the app and deployed it to my phone but none of the options do anything and when i choose cache save i pick my save file then the app crashes idk why?

Try this

  • Move your savefiles to <Internal Storage>/Android/data/com.ProjectPokemon.PKHeX/ (I used the app "Files by Google")
  • Now open your savefiles from <Internal Storage>/Android/data/com.ProjectPokemon.PKHeX/, you might now be able to save changes without changing anything from the app

ctto: ChristopherHX

This works for me. I'm using an Android 10 phone.



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On 6/21/2021 at 6:18 AM, Kingpin-LDN said:

Thanks for the upload bro. But doesn't work my device. I get blank white screen. 

Note 20 Ultra Android 11 No Root


13 hours ago, Shackkk said:

Sorry, but it just shows white screen

Like this blank white screen? Or nothing at all? I guess maybe you need to inject the game to your phones using visual studio. That's how I get mine. 



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Not every apk works on every device. If you want one that works, compile it yourself.
Also, it is more ideal to use PKHeX on your PC.

I was gonna leave this thread alone, but there's too many beggars begging for oh no this version doesn't work for me help. With much sorrow, I'm locking this thread.

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