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  1. Well, throughout all my adventures in sinnoh I have always chosen piplup. Piplup has just always seemed the better of the 3. However, as I look deeper into the game and the different gyms I start to rethink and go Hmmm.. maybe someone else could have done the job better. Well I think that in order to come up with the best choice you have to look at aspects like gyms, wild pokemon, and type strengths and weaknesses. So that is what this guide will touch on and based on that you will be able to decide for yourself which one you think is the best. The choice is yours this was just here to help you. Have fun with whatever one you choose! (press the show button to view guide)
  2. Drifloon Eevee (platinum only) rotom haunter vaporeon So awesome! I love drifloon!!!!
  3. Well then why dont you make one Turtlekid2. If you do can you tell me where it is because really EVs and the math around it isnt really my pokemon strong point. So if you do make a guide tell me so that I can use it and reference it in some of my guides. So if you think the current one isn't at its best maybe add to it in the same thread and if you do tell me. Please!
  4. Yes, this conclusion I have drawn from my net research and my own personal experience,you can encounter them in battle if using that code,because I too have used that code. I do believe that as long as you avoid catching, hatching, and messing around with bad eggs you are safe from its lethal effects. Your post was sum what confusing so I'm not exactly sure if that was a question. If it was a question I hope I answered it. THE NEXT SECTION IS LUCKY EGGS AND IT IS COMING SOON
  5. Yes there is a way to get the pokemon you want without using the ever wonderful !!Pokesav!! and breeding pays a big part in this. Also other things like EVs and IVs play a huge part in getting the pokemon you want. I hope that this guide helped and you all could understand it. Remember don't give me EV questions because that is not my strong point. The reason IVs didn't show up in the guide is because I don't know much about them. So maybe you could get someone else to help on that. Anyway I did the best I could here so please comment or add to what I missed or left out because I am deprived of information in that section. It would be appreciated! Just in case you dont know click on the actual spoiler button to show the guide. If you want to use a spoiler just go like this ["spoiler] text text text content content text ["/spoiler"] just minus the quotation marks and the text text content stuff, that is supposed to stand for the stuff you show in the middle. Hope it helped! *comment please!*
  6. Yes NSR it does, at least I hope it does because that is what I'm doing for my beloved DRIFLOON It should work EV training is a wonderful thing for people who don't use Pokesav.
  7. Glad to know my work actually helped!
  8. Um, you know that spoiler thing turtle kid. Well um cats I kind of well....don't exactly like them.
  9. I like the change but I really didn't use the last site that much so I dont feel as grieved.
  10. DS for it gave me my love for pokemon!
  11. indeed, I agree about the dramatic entrance
  12. Yeah I know. It is my favorite pokemon I even have him in plush form. I worked forever in my pearl game to get a good drifloon through breeding to put onto my platinum game. I know someone who has a DS so they help me trade over.
  13. How do you contribute to the sight? Or is the forums all normal members can do? Could you help me please i want to contribute really bad. I've posted guides on the forums but I want to know if I can do more? Check out my signature!
  14. Alright instead of just an intro in one post and then the rest in several others I'm going to try and get it all into this one post. Pokemon Eggs: Hatching Well hatching eggs is simple really however depending on the pokemon inside the egg it could take some time. Each pokemon while in the egg takes a different amount of steps to hatch. I feel so lame saying this but I actually didn't know that hatching an egg took steps so flying around doesn't count! Now if you have a lot of eggs you can only hold 5 in your party because you have to have a pokemon to battle just in case. So now that you have 5 eggs or less in your party you can go begin the hatching. Wait, no you can speed it up you just have to have the right pokemon. You see if the pokemon in your party has the ability flame body or magma armor the number of steps it takes to hatch an egg is cut in half. Pretty useful. Now, find a long stretch of uninterupted road, or cycling path, and then run or bike up and down the road to gain the steps. Riding on the bike in cycling road is the fastest way I know and you should have a bike by the time you get an egg. So that is the most efficient way I know to hatch eggs. If you want to know around the exact number of steps your particular egg will take to hatch then go to this link... http://pokemon.marriland.com/diamond_pearl/pokedex/list And search on the pokemon you know is inside the egg. The pokemon in the egg is always the female's or non ditto's species. If you receive it from a friend or in game then you might not know. FYI that link is for a diamond and pearl pokedex here is one for platinum: http://pokemon.marriland.com/platinum/pokedex I hope this has been helpful! Please post feed back and use the poll! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pokemon Eggs: Bad eggs Bad eggs are terrible things and one should not ever try to obtain them. Bad eggs are the result of a code gone wrong or to many codes used. At least that is what I have read. So maybe if you were trying to get a pokemon from your AR and you misentered the code well then the pokemon would probably result in a bad egg. Can they hatch? Yes I do believe they will but they will turn up as a question mark and everything will be question marks either that or they never hatch. I do believe that they take 30,000 steps to hatch which is good because you never want to hatch them. They could crash your game. These eggs should be put in a pc immediately and never messed with if you cherish your game data. Why do they exist exactly? I have read through my internet research that it is somewhat of a vengeance. The vengeance of Missingno. or something like. This (identity) created something that to many codes resulted in a bad egg. (atleast with 3rd generation games for sure) Or maybe a code gone wrong or incorrectly inputted. They can crash your game which is part of the vengeance. Plus when they hatch they turn into question marks and that is all the pokemon you will ever see if it doesn't crash your game. Question marks. Codes gone wrong? These are incorrectly put in codes this could result in a bad egg. Plus I do believe that bad eggs can appear in double battles if you are using the one hit KO cheat. This, after the foe is defeated, could result in a bad egg appearing, although it is invisible it will use the moves of the previous pokemon and if wild it can be caught but don't catch it! BAD EGGS ARE JUST LIKE THEIR NAME BAD! DON'T EVER HATCH ONE OR ACCEPT ONE IN A TRADE, REALLY JUST STICK IT IN THE PC AND LEAVE IT ALONE! THEY ARE A CREATION OF PURE DEVIOUSNESS. BE CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH THESE EGGS THEY ARE NOT NORMAL AND CAN BE LETHAL TO YOUR GAME! I CANT STRESS THE FACT ENOUGH THAT THOSE THINGS ARE BAD AND DANGEROUS TO YOUR GAME! DON'T HATCH THEM OR IT COULD BE THE LAST EGG YOU EVER HATCHED!
  15. Well as readers should know I love the pokemon drifloon. Maybe now I have inspired you and you want to catch one now, but you just dont know where. Well your quest for that is over for I am going to tell you here. Or on the other hand you might not know why I love drifloon and why every trainer should have it. Well I'm going to tell you that too. Ok well for starters Drifloon can only be caught on a friday. I know you might be thinking this... Oh Darn! It is monday I dont want to wait that long Well there is good news you dont have to. Just change the date on your DS. However, this only works once per day the changing thing so dont do it multiple times, I've tried it just doesnt work like that. Now where you catch it is in the valley windworks depending on the game its level should range from 15-22. It will be floating right outside the main building it should be pretty obvious. Go up to it, talk to it, it will say Floon!, then the battle will begin. Dont kill it be very cautious. However, be careful too it is a pretty tough pokemon and could take you down. Atleast that is what happened at a 22. I used a master ball eventually because I have the 999 masterball cheat. I'm going to tell the rest later I have to go now! Alright, now for the rest. I think that drifloon is awesome because... It can learn the move hypnosis It is adorable It can learn stockpile, spit up, and swallow It can learn dream eater So many good moves like these, ominous wind and shadow ball Fantina from the show has a drifloon Its a tiny cute balloon so adorable so balloony and floaty Yeah that would be all I really like drifloon I hope you do too
  16. Where? *By the way to readers if you have any questions on a certain pokemon and their egg moves or where to find a pokemon's move pool just shoot me a message or post it here* Thanks!
  17. OMG! Yes that would be awesome. I know that I looked forever on EV training and what EVs were. Serrebi net was my answer but the more information this sight has the better!
  18. Yeah, you can get that with breeding. When I was hatching drifloons to get the right one I forgot to take my pokemon out of the day care and they just kept making eggs. I'm not sure if that is what your talking about but you have to be careful with breeding
  19. Cool Hi I plan to be active too! I'm just obsessed with pokemon and I know things sort of a lot about it. Pokesav is somewhat confusing. Technology really not my thing.
  20. Well, I'm obviously a fan of Pokemon and I know a decent amount about pokemon. I wanted to share my knowledge with other Pokemon fans so that they to could benefit from the research of others like myself and compare their results with that of mine. I needed an outlet to share my knowledge and I wanted the sight to be less developed I didn't want to join a sight that had everything already because what was the point. This sight looked interesting and it intrigued me when I saw that projects of a less confusing nature would always be worked on and the administrators seemed pretty informed on the happenings so I found my outlet and now here I am!
  21. I'm not sure if I posted this thread in the correct place but anyway this is where I am going to inform about egg moves and other things about breeding. It is one of the things in Pokemon that I know a good amount about. Plus, I feel that the community may have been deprived exactly of how egg moves work. Although I think bulbapedia has some good information on this stuff sometimes their site doesn't work plus they aren't exactly always accurate and I've gathered a plethora of information throughout my web research and my own personal field testing. I will elaborate in another post, because isnt this just the info on the actual thread. Sorry I'm kind of knew to this. I hope I have helped so far, make sure to post your comments and questions please!
  22. Well in similarities I think bakugan would relate more. They throw them sort of like pokeballs onto the battle field. There are good and bad guys, bakugan also features the fact that when they come out of ball form they transform into their monster form. Sort of like pokemon. However, the monsters are more like yugioh then pokemon.
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