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  1. The date of receipt isn't a problem - it's completely possible, for example, that you bought the game when the gift was first available, received the mystery gift but didn't claim it, and only just claimed it now. There are no reported bans to my knowledge - it seems to be fairly safe.
  2. Understood, thank you! What are the implications of doing it locally? i.e. if I inject it to my save file (NOT via BCAT injection), stay offline, and then host a past event raid for a friend with an unmodded Switch?
  3. Hey all, just a couple of quick questions: If I want to inject a previous Poké Portal event (e.g. Blissey Spotlight), how do I get rid of the event when I'm done with it? Does it automatically run out after X days or do I need to manually remove it from my save file? This seems to be partially answered in this thread but it does lead me onto my second question... If I want to host said event online, is there anything I need to do? The thread above suggests that by going online in-game, I'll "automatically update to the latest Poke Portal News", but at the same time I've seen people mention in the past that they've managed to play injected raids online, so I'm not quite sure how that works - everything I can see suggests that I need to connect online, then save my game, then back up the save, but surely when I start the game back up it'll need to reconnect and therefore overwrite my injected raids? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you! There was one thing I forgot to ask in my initial comment - the post here states "the wonder card itself is presently not usable by users, as SWSH no longer stores wonder cards in saves". Is this now a non-issue? The post was made in 2021 so I'm not sure if it's still accurate. Many thanks
  5. Hi, Thank you so much for this tool! I've read through the thread and think I have my answer, but I just want to be 100% sure. I'm looking to unlock the Kimonos in Arceus and Leon's Cap etc in Sword/Shield. Would it be as simple as using the .wa8 file provided on the GitHub in comparison with this tool and then opening the game? And if yes - and I think I know the answer - will I be banned? From what I can tell, the answer is likely no, but just confirming I've read everything correctly before proceeding.
  6. Has anyone received a ban for doing this on SysCFW? I know I asked about the risk previously but thought we might have some solid info now
  7. Would using this method online on sysmmc result in a ban, or would it be fine given that they're obtainable legitimately?
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