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  1. Mine are: 1. White Kyurem 2. Zygarde(100% Form) 3. Dawn Wings Necrozma 4. Rayquaza (Mega Evo) 5. Raikou 6. Charizard (Charizard Y/Gigantamax)
  2. Is anyone to know how to replace Silver's original Battle Theme to LANCE/RED's battle theme!? I try to use this code before I fought him in Indigo Plateau but it doesn't work.
  3. Yes I search many times but no luck sir/madam Admin I post here it is because I want to replace Silver's battle theme into LANCE/RED's battle theme and also Yes I want to change one specific trainer however I don't how to find the codes. And hopefully some1 can help me
  4. Hello everyone in Original PKMN GSC Silver in Indigo Plateau's RED/LANCE's battle theme was there, then I play the DS remake and I encountered Silver however the Battle theme has change into his original battle theme so I'm so disappointed so I asking how to replace Silver's battle theme into LANCE/RED's battle theme like the original GSC and where I find the codes to change it?!
  5. Hi guys I have question is this mew compatible in SM/USUM game?!
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