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  1. Cool stuff as always, but... I still don't understand why I and even @theSLAYER weren't able to find them. ? PS: It seems like FR/LG are less documented then R/S/E as for the flags and this is the reason why i'm loving this thread... it is growing day by day. ?
  2. Do we need to do something (talk to someone or other...) before we can find the Heart Scales? I used the Itemfinder in the spots where the scales should be, but nothing was found... I'm sure I didn't collect them already ?
  3. Hi, for the Big Pearl at Trainer Tower you need to unset flag 1185 As for the Heart Scales, i can't find them... in every island of the Tanoby Ruins the Itemfinder didn't find anything, but they should be there ?
  4. Maybe i have what you want: Hoenn Dex is complete but the pokemon are not really in the PC. The character is in her house just after the Wallace battle. The two saves are identical exept for the trainer id. MAY1.SAV MAY2.SAV
  5. Cool! I hope you'll find every event flags and implement them in PKHeX One last discover (but you sure know it already ahah): Old Amber (Aerodactyl): unset 0086 (for the OW to re-appear) unset 0606 (to trigger the gift)
  6. I tested the other legendaries and everything worked: Mewtwo: unset 0129 Articuno: unset 0130 Zapdos: unset 0093 Moltres: unset 0082
  7. I'm an idiot! Only 93 is required... I loaded the wrong save when testing ?
  8. There is nothing you guys can't do! Really impressed! I just compiled the latest build of PKHeX and used the FlagDiff Researcher to test Zapdos re-battle. Unsetting flag 93 and 703 makes Zapdos appear again The strange thing is that even if you unset only one of the flags above, it will reappear anyway
  9. I think this part is fine ahaha You're doing a really amazing job! I'm almost ashamed of my research... I found the flags for trainer card stickers ?
  10. I just tried to change only the constants, only the flag, both constants and flag... Guess what? No Zapdos re-battle ? I copied 85 constants individually in PKHeX for nothing! ? I think that there is something bigger to understand in 3rd gen flags than i know... I hope someone will find the answer. Thanks anyway for the reply @theSLAYER!
  11. Last update: December 10, 2018 Complete (or almost complete): Trainer battles Static encounters In-game trades Move tutors Items Hidden items Missing (or almost missing): Trainer re-battles In-game events Others Original post:
  12. Table with found Flags and Constant (it's not empty, just scroll down): I appreciate any help or report of errors. Original post:
  13. Simply using pk3DS, I have dumped two text files with trainers and pokemon from the Battle Tree. Every pokemon has a number and next to the trainer there are the numbers of the pokemon that he/she can use. Maybe it can be useful. Tree Pokemon.txt Tree Trainers.txt
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