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  1. Various Mew findings: 2 LINKW, 1 AUS and 1 MARIO Mew, just check the entire post: https://imgur.com/gallery/NvMiWfW This user on reddit (u/Haspada) claims to have 3 Mews: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamecollecting/comments/acmkj7/my_3rd_official_nintendo_1999_event_mew_guess_i/ https://www.reddit.com/r/gamecollecting/comments/acmeyc/since_everyone_liked_my_authentic_event_mew_so/ https://www.reddit.com/r/gamecollecting/comments/acawoc/i_still_have_my_original_pokemon_red_save_data/ And this user have other two saved on Stadium: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/9wtf28/one_of_my_two_coa_for_mew_nintendopokémon_summer/ Another distribution Red Cartridge: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamecollecting/comments/aftxb4/1999_pokemon_red_toys_r_us_distribution_cartridge/ Koolboyman has a LUIGIW Mew: https://twitter.com/Koolboyman/status/1135931810271989760 A Blue cartridge with Mew: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gameboy/comments/cdms97/backup_an_old_pokemon_blue_save_file/
  2. In this Twitter are some restored sprites in a very accurately way: https://twitter.com/helixchamber
  3. Just used that save file on bgb, and catched a Shiny Celebi using soft resets. I'm also adding the save state when I catched it. As for the changes in comparison to that save, the ID/OT has been changed, most of the team was also saved on the Box 1, a Shiny Togepi was added to the Box and the clock has been reseted and changed 24 hours later + the time trying to catch Shiny Celebi. 251 ★ - CELEBI - AD03.pk2 Pokémon™ Crystal Version [QBRA].sn5
  4. The first one was captured on VBA emulator, the others were captured on bgb, I used save states instead soft resets, haven't counted how many times I've tried but it was 4 non-consecutive days. No Gamesharks or glitches involved. 245 ★ - SUICUNE - 9270.pk2 I'm also adding a Shiny Entei I've catched recently, it took me exactly 1 hour of trying. 244 ★ - ENTEI - 154F.pk2 Here is my second Shiny Suicune: 245 ★ - SUICUNE - D9E8.pk2
  5. I did an attempt to replicate Red's Team from Crystal. I used Gameshark codes to catch them: Steal Trainers Pokemon 01012DD2 (Enable only on Battle, otherwise it could potentially crash the game) Red is Always At Mt. Silver 01005EDB Since not all data was copied when I catched them, I had to modify some things on PkHex, like adding their movesets, changing the TID to 22796 (which is based on Red/Green release date) and the Met (Based on the encounters from Pokémon Yellow). IVs/EVs seems to be right, but I'm not 100% sure of this. 003 - VENUSAUR - 8707.pk2 006 - CHARIZARD - CF62.pk2 009 - BLASTOISE - D928.pk2 025 - PIKACHU - DC9E.pk2 143 - SNORLAX - 2C51.pk2 196 - ESPEON - 92AD.pk2
  6. No cheats, glitches, ACEs or Gamesharks were involved, it was played on an emulator. What does it contain?: -Pokédex complete, all badges, Elite 4 complete. -Most of the overworld trainers and items and 1 Snorlax are untouched so after beating Elite 4 you can still play part of the game. -Also you can still perform the Mew Glitch in Cerulean City. -YOSHIRA Mew at Level 100. (Traded from the save file from this site) -All team at Level 50. -Abbbbbbk( and AA-j from Twitch Plays Pokémon. -Abbbbbbk( was traded from a save state before it was "released" at Level 34 (according to the Twitch Plays Pokémon timeline), now it's a Level 50 Charizard. -All legit traded/evolved Pokémon, most trades are from my Red save file. Beyond that, there's no great IVs/Evs or any Shiny Pokémon that you can trade back to Gold/Silver/Crystal, maybe next time. Pokemon - Blue Version (UE) [!].sav
  7. *First of all, make sure to save states, so you don't lose any progress. *Enter the Debug (On the Silver/Gold Screen Version press Select) *Press A on the second option, the character will shrink and start the game on it's room. *Catch any Pokémon from Kanto (you have x30 Balls on your bag), leave the Johto Pokémon on the PC, you can find a PC on the south-west house in the first town. (You can also find 3 random Pokémon inside the PC sometimes) *Go near the GATE where Silver is and the Demo ends. *Press B to walk through walls and run, go to the doors of the GATE without facing Silver. *Go through the GATE, now you're on the second town, the Pokémon Center is on the East. *Inside the Pokémon Center, go upstairs (on the left side). *Start Link with your emulator(s) on Pokémon Red/Blue/Green on Japanese, doesn't work with English versions. *Press B to walk through the door and access the Time Machine, then go where the Nurse is. *Try to start the Trade in the Time Machine until it works. Trade is a little buggy sometimes and it takes some tries to make it work properly, also some Pokémon traded can crash Red/Blue/Green, but don't be scared, this can be fixed. (I recently traded a Shiny Vulpix which crashed everytime I looked into her Stats, but this was "Legality problems" easily fixed with PkHex)
  8. I recently started shiny hunting on the Silver Demo, and I found out that it's possible to trade from the Demo to Pokémon Blue in Japanese. So I catch a few Shiny Pokémon and traded them over to Pokémon Blue. Then I came to PkHex and saw that everything was ok except for Pidgey, it had Thunder Shock. I thought it was some kind of mistake, but then I went to an earlier save state from Silver (a backup before trading) and found out that it wasn't a mistake. Proof (the pk1 file is the Pokémon untouched traded to Blue, and the .sn4 is a bgb save state) 016 - ポッポ - 0489.pk1 Pokémon Silver - Spaceworld 1997 Demo (Debug) (Header Fixed).sn4
  9. Thanks for the correction, it's been a while since I've played and I could have forgotten some things.
  10. Thanks a lot, I needed this so much! Now I can have a good clone and even restore him back to it's initial level. Here are the pk2 files from Crystal in case anyone wants it, in egg, initial level and current level (The last time I've played that save file, around 2010-2011) 175 ★ - EGG - 6D58.pk2 175 ★ - TOGEPI - 6CB1.pk2 176 ★ - TOGETIC - 8CEE.pk2
  11. I think I've found it: It's super effective against Dratini (Dragon), not very effective against Magnemite and Skarmory (Steel), I suppose his Hidden Power Type is Dragon but: When I attack with Hidden Power to a Snubull or Jigglypuff (Fairy) or a Gyarados (Dragon) it doesn't says nothing, just hits it normally. Possible IVs (If Dragon): 3, 7, 11, 15
  12. Thank you, I'll check his Hidden Power right now. His current stats are: HP 148 Attack 82 Defense 125 Sp. Attack 117 Sp. Defense 144 Speed 76
  13. Sadly, the earliest save state I've got is one where is level 39, the last one is on level 54. I suppose my only solution at the moment is leveling him up, but still I need to do perfect EVs. In this video, for example, uses arbitrary code execution to level up to 100 fast with perfect IVs/EVs, this is the most closest solution of what I'm looking for, but still I need the IVs to be untouched, other way my shiny Togetic could not be shiny anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEOOCpNTx88
  14. According to the creator's site, the save file can only be restored from version 2.0 upwards, my phone can't run version 2.0: http://arktos.se/meboy/version160.php Also I can't access the internal memory of my phone (it's an LG ME970 from 2009), I've tried installing various Java explorers for my phone to look the internal files, without success. So I suppose the files could be inside the internal memory (which I can't access easily), or inside the Java application. Unless I could contact someone who can disassembly the phone and the internal memory. But I think is way too complicated, that's why I've decided to make a clone of it.
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