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  1. Both IVs (Individual Values) and EVs (Effort Values) are hidden stats those affect to stats of pokemon. IVs are randomly default index formed immediately when you encounter a wild pokemon and they will go with that pokemon as ever (can never change). IVs make the individual pokemon to be nearby unique in his/her species, while there almost are no other individuals have the same IV-set to him/her. That's why they called "Individual Values". When pokemon reach to 100th level, each 1 IV-point will add 1 point to stats of pokemon. EVs are index formed when you are training your pokemon, gained when your pokemon beat a wild one. EVs make your pokemon have growing tendency to follow certain stats that you want, make that stats to be higher than natural, make your pokemon stronger than other individuals in his/her species. That's why they called "Effort Values". When pokemon reach to 100th level, each 4 EV-points will add 1 point to stats of pokemon. For example: Stats of a lv. 100 Pikachu with high IV-set and full 510 EVs: Stats of a lv. 100 Pikachu with zero IVs and no EVs: As you see, the Pikachu with higher IVs/EVs-point have higher stats, and of course, is stronger than other one. Spc.Atk stats with 31 IV-points and 252 EV-points is 199, while Spc.Atk with 0 IV-points and 0 EV-points in only 105. The range 94 points between 2 Spc.Atk stats: 105 + 31 + 252/4 = 199
  2. @Delta Blast Burn: I'm back to tell you that I have explored the codes to modify stats of party pokemon. I was right when was thinking that I used the wrong master codes. I had to use Action Replay MAX codes (AR34) instead of using Codebreaker/GameShark codes. Here the right codes I used: Master codes AR34: E6A003D6 8110DDD5 A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86 Modifying 1st party pokemon stats (it's a Pikachu to me): 343 current HP 820242DA 0157 343 max HP 820242DC 0157 319 Atk 820242DE 013F 232 Def 820242E0 00E8 459 Spd 820242E2 01CB 328 Spc.Atk 820242E4 0148 299 Spc.Def 820242E6 012B It worked fine even when I turned off the cheats and moved to every locations in the map, switched pokemons' positions, healing pokemon at Pokemon Centers, etc. The cheating stats of my Pikachu were still going with him. However, when I put my Pikachu to Computer system, his stats are reseted to normal. It's bad to me. 'Cause I want those cheating stats always go with him whatever I do, even trading or net battling. Anyway, thank you bro! Hope to cooperate with you laterly.
  3. Hmm... It still doesn't work. I'm supposing I used the wrong master codes, (event I tried all master codes at gamehacking). There are many master codes that each ones fit to different codes. But anyway, thank you brother, for helping me. I'll try it again and maybe ask for your help later.
  4. Thank you bro! I searched on gamehacking.org before posting this topic but I didn't notice this, just 'cause I dont know about offset operator. But... your codes seem not to work to me. I did it in many ways yesterday, tried to replace 022 by 822, 820, 202,.. but it was failed. Reconsider your codes, pls! Or if you dont mind, pls guide me to learn about offset operator, I'll make it myself. (I have read offset operator on wiki but not much understanding.)
  5. Hi everybody! I need your help. Anyone have cheats that can modify the stats of pokémon in Fire Red? I may have easily found out on the internet the gameshark code for max all stats of party pokémon in FR - LF, but which I need is code for max each stats of a pokémon. I searched out max each stats only in Ruby, but not in FR-LG. 1st Pkm max all stats in FireRed: 38A014382724 3FF453949219 => This code set HP/Atk/Def/Spc.Atk/Spc.Def/Spd of your first pokémon to 999 points 1st Pkm max each stats in Ruby: 830043B8 03E7 (999 HP) 830043BA 03E7 (999 Atk) 830043BC 03E7 (999 Def) 830043C0 03E7 (999 Spc.Atk) 830043C2 03E7 (999 Spc.Def) 830043BE 03E7 (999 Def) => With 03E7 in hex is 999 in decimal, I can modify the stats of pkm as I wish in Ruby. I need the similar of this code in FireRed. More details: In FireRed I want to mod my Mewtwo's stats as follows: 584 HP 674 Atk 494 Def 996 Spc.Atk 549 Spc.Def 734 Spd Could anybody help me to solve this?
  6. Hey bro! Have you learned the offset for Trainer Stikers? I'm trying to make a perfect Fire Red Trainer Card, just like you. Now, I have 4th star, but I can't get high level card star for my save file.
  7. Hmm. I think you can not only to view the roamer, but also to edit it whatever you want with PKHeX. You can edit it's species (I have chosen Mew), it's PID (to get shiny), it's IVs.
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