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  1. if pokemon home allows to trade faraway i can give you a melmetal from my pokemon go...
  2. that actualy is a good idea, thanks i will create a new profile x3
  3. hi, was thinking to restart Let's GO Eevee savedata, i send few pokemon from GO but if i do that, it deletes GO park?, i am realy not sure about it.. thanks in advance.
  4. probably nothing, probably become bad egg maybe, 50%-50% chance lul
  5. click on download section and chose the sword shield file...
  6. helo, can anyone help me trade a mew i atached it here(? need in pokemon eevee is all i need to complete the lets go pokedex , pwease help me... thanks in advance.,,, 151 - Mew - 1933CB42B168.pb7
  7. i know this is old, but i recently get Let's GO eevee, mew can be transfered from GO to Let's GO?
  8. you can click in read info and open file there too
  9. you can search in download gallery section, then gen 3 section, and then you search colosseum / GoD pokemon files wich you can inject into Ultra Sun / Ultra moon savedata
  10. you can use the living dex from this site just change name or anything inside the legality check you need
  11. maybe PKHeX is not updated to show as legal(? happens many times with new content~
  12. if you try that method to send gen 8 from gen 7 pokebank to home they will become bad eggs in home
  13. can i use japan codes in my usa account, game?
  14. glitched one was the normal non colored magearna, lvl 15 i think, and many ribbons.
  15. oh cool im hype i cant wait to get new update and new mons hehe
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