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  1. Mostly been looking into move mechanics but this seemed relevant here. I'll repost my (very basic) notes of first mon memory addresses from smogon here. They are very similar to vanilla but just offset. Interesting that the blastoise in that video a few posts above has the fade in effect when sent out. ALSO in your response to the SGB borders being different... you can get those vanilla SGB borders to load if you have a save file present. Not sure why, but it's something.
  2. """Zable""" is some guy's fakemon, has nothing to do with anything official.
  3. Sounds similar to the items in Underground Path, I've seen some people saying they appear and some they don't depending on game progress. EDIT: This guy mentions both but there's no answer to his question. https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/304739/whats-the-deal-with-frlg-hidden-items
  4. Not sure if this is feasible. Seems to me like the swarm glitch is just putting random data into the swarms. There could be tons of possibilities, the NidoranM thing may just be one personal experience.
  5. I would not take this guy's video or content very seriously at all. He seems to be very similar or the same person as "The OFFICIAL Meloetta Channel" with his walls of text about hidden events in Gen 2. All the footage in that and some of his other videos is stolen from this Japanese video, which is just a hack released for fun around the same time as HGSS. Here's the original video.
  6. Just noticed this thread and wanted to note another translucency problem. Pheromosa's hair is translucent ingame, but models have the blue Pokedex background in it.
  7. Geez, from my experience, minimum level 10 Octillery will be really frustrating to get as well. I've personally settled for a Level 12 Octillery after going through the tedious horror that is Remoraid chaining. I did not realize beforehand that Remoraid has the measly call rate of 3 when I started, and I had really close calls with Struggling. Some of these problems were only because I'm using my ingame team right after the Fire trial though. I started from a bubbling spot in Melemele Sea with a Level 10 Remoraid and found SOS Remoraids that were level 22. 22 is the maximum for bubbling spots but not for normal spots, so maybe starting a chain from a normal spot will give you better odds with a lower level range. At least only Larvesta/Volcarona and Remoraid/Octillery have that extremely low SOS rate out of the new additions.
  8. In addition, here's a warning. Don't save/load with these invalid mons in the party or your game will be bricked. Luckily, this is reversible if you edit the mons out of your party. Admittedly I've only tried this back in ORAS when I was impatient and wanted to reset out of Contest testing. I don't think they would change this behaviour for SM, but who knows. If you have the means to inject these in then you should be able to take them out anyway, so I guess this wasn't as big of a warning as I thought. Hopefully trading isn't possible so that these mons can't be spread around locally. In my ORAS testing, Pokebank froze when viewing one of these glitchmons iirc. I've seen a video with invalid moves with contest animations or battle intros sometimes, but I don't know if that would be very interesting in SM.
  9. Probably because PKHex updated its legality checks over the time you last tried this. If you take the advice about changing the origin game, it should work.
  10. When inspected in PKHex, KENYA the Spearow has a met location of "Can't Tell" and a met level of 0, which PKHex specifically can't match. For comparison, SHUCKIE the Shuckle does pass the encounter check with the same parameters. 021 - KENYA - 5E08.pk2 213 - SHUCKIE - C744.pk2
  11. Maybe it would just reset the mystery gift count every day. Could the Stadium 2 Mystery Gift work for testing?
  12. I went through my boxes/caught stuff, and I made this full list of my underleveled Pokemon that I have in X/Moon that need to be traded. X: L30 Galvantula, L30 Forretress, L30 Camerupt, L30 Sawsbuck, L30 Bronzong (Friend Safaris) Gen 7: L3 Metapod (Route 1) , L19 Sharpedo (poni breaker coast), L16 Slowbro (Kalae Bay), L16 Magmar (wela volcano park), L17 Gyarados (Melemele Sea), L11 Seaking (Malie Garden), L27 Garbodor (Malie City)
  13. I did some more research and found some other underleveled examples. Some other underlevelled pokemon include: Gen 6: Garbodor/Swanna/Sawsbuck L30 (Friend Safari) Gen 7: Electabuzz l26-29 Blush Mountain/Route 12 (SOS), Magmar l16-19 (Wela Volcano Park SOS), Garbodor l24-27 (Malie City SOS), Seaking l14-27 (Brooklet Hill/Malie Garden SOS), Wailord l10-39 (wailmer Poni Island fishing SOS), Pangoro l24-27 (Route 10/11 SOS) EDIT: It seems like some corrections on earlier pages have some of these.
  14. I have another dump request, this time for Gen 6. I have the Level 30 Forretress, Bronzong, and Galvantula in my X game. If anyone can trade and tradeback that would be great.
  15. The Arbok is in postgame, on Route 3 before Mt. Moon iirc. EDIT: It might have been Poke J with the gen 2 mons. They were made on August 26 and the contributor list doesn't say any other names.
  16. VBA-M seems to have the savestate problem, but the original VBA seems fine. VBA-M might be working on the issue too. There is also a safari zone trick on Bulbapedia that guarantees 0% escape rate. Might be the same one mentioned. Also, the Level 10 Arbok in Gen 4 is SoulSilver exclusive.
  17. Heyo. I was lurking and found this thread. I have the Level 41 Kommo-o/a Level 12 Whiscash/Level 9 Butterfree in Moon if needed and don't mind to trade/tradeback to someone who can dump them. EDIT: HaxAras is helping and the mons have been backed up! I also think I have an underleveled arbok in SS though have no way to check right now/transfer it up. Bulbapedia says it is an SoulSilver exclusive too but it's a 5% at least. to be edited with image Sorry for potato quality. The pk7 files have been uploaded but better late than never for the images.
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