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  1. Is this the first chance at shiny Celebi? Well, first chance...in a really long time?
  2. I just use the jksm manager to export save, pull out the sd card, make my edits, put the sd card back in 3dsxl, then import the save using jksm manager. I don't copy and paste anything. I am using the old 3ds XL, so that probably is the difference.
  3. I'm not an expert, but I would probably not do this. I think it would be best to edit US & UM individually. I guess worse case scenario, you just have to delete the cart main save file.
  4. I want to read everything, but I can't do it yet If this is the last game on 3ds, I'm going to cherish one full play though before I read anything.
  5. Is this one not suppose to pass legality for origin of game?
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